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    How to Start my Earnings

    Just registered to this website, Someone let me know how to start my blogs & earnings
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    Welcome to the site. There are lots of opportunities to earn from the site.

    1. You may write articles and as per the quality of content you get cash on them. Also, you can write responses to other's articles for which you will get cash.

    2. On the forum section, you get cash occasionally on your posts and responses if they are unique. Also, there are contests every week. There is a TOW contest where the best thread is awarded.

    3. There is Ask an expert section where you get cash for the answers.

    4. Also, there is a job section where you get cash for the job posting.

    5. At the end of the month, members get Revenue share bonus as per the points accumulated to the top 20 members as per the number of points earned.

    But before starting your journey you should read the guidelines.


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    Welcome to this online education portal ISC which gives a chance to learn a lot and simultaneously earn some money. Before stating your journey on this site, you should read all the help topics. On the home page on the blue bar you will find More. You click on that a list will drop down. In that you will find help topics. You will go to that section and read the rules and regulations. Then read the articles which are there on the top of the article index especially articles related to guidelines for posting articles on the site. Similarly you can also read the threads which are pinned and on the top of the index of the threads which will give you some idea about posting threads. Once you completely understood these points you can start posting replies to the threads and then your own threads.
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    If you have interest in writing and you are ready to learn and improve your english language then you are at the right place. In the beginning just forget about the earnings and explore this site by visiting the help topics and then the various sections where you can contribute if you have interest in those activities. Once you start contributing and start taking part in various contests, you will start earning some money also. Once your cumulative earnings reach a threshold say more than Rs 500 then you will get a notice through a common post to fill an invoice so that the amount is transferred to your bank account. Please note that the new members generally get their first payout in a few months time if they continue posting quality stuff in various sections and contests.

    So take it easy. Learn while you earn. The motto of this site, which is incidentally a knowledge sharing and educational site, is Learn to Earn, Earn to learn.

    So, stay, contribute, learn and earn in the process.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Welcome to this site which is famous for its conducive learning atmosphere and potential of some earnings on the sideways. What are your interests? Is it forum discussions, article writing, job posting, information submission about schools and colleges, career making suggestions, answering the questions on various subjects, information regarding various exams or question papers? Whatever it is there are different sections to cover these contributions in this site.

    I will suggest you to start your contributions in the sections of your interest and try to keep the quality and content as per the best of your capability. Do not attempt to copy and paste any information from anywhere and write the things in your own style. This is very important as there are some apps and softwares which quickly find the copied contents and you will be in problem if it is so.

    My advice will be that you stay here for a long period and learn the subtleties of this site and learn and improve your knowledge here and slowly you will be earning some money also here. All the best.

    Knowledge is power.

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