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    Do not always look up. Sometimes, look down too.

    There is a natural tendency among all of us to look up always and aspire for better. But when we do not reach where we aspired to reach we will feel unhappy.

    Parents always compare their children with others and say other child has secured 95+, Secured seat in NIT,IIT,IIM , Secured placement through Campus etc.,. We start comparing our child with few who have performed better than our child. But Parents rarely appreciate their child that he or she has performed better than many others.

    There are many people who struggle for three meals a day. When we look at them we feel that we are blessed. Therefore in our life we also need look at people who are below us rather than looking at people above us.
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    An excellent post by the author. Being ambitious is ok but to become sad and frustrated in that pursuit is no good. We must aim high but we must keep our face down to the realities of this harsh and cruel world where people are struggling for basic things.
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    When we look up and see who are much better than us, we will get disappointment. We will go on thinking how to reach those heights. At that moment if you see down and start thinking that you are much better than many of them, you will get the lost peace back. In our lives we should have desires but we should not always compare with somebody and worry.

    Same is the case with students also. All can't get same marks. Some may get one mark more or less than our child. We should not compare our children's performance with others and we should not demoralise them. If we do that the children will get disappointed and their performance may go further down. So we should encourage our children by motivating them and telling them that they can do better.

    Once the child his best, the result will be according to his hard work and intelligence. We should understand the limitations of our child and we should not make them down by saying that you are useless.

    We should learn to enjoy the achievements of our children by comparing with the children who are not doing better than our child. As a parent it is our responsibility to see that they will not get demotivated.

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    It is normal to look up and try to achieve progress in the life. It is a usual thing in the society and every person is busy in that. So it is natural that when we lose the battle and fail in our endeavour we feel sorry about it and it is a setback for us and we are much worried and stressed due to it. So the result is finally the increased level of stress which is detrimental to our health as well as mental status.

    I agree with the contention of the author that we should also see the practical side of our life and compare ourselves with all those who are struggling for the basic needs and see how well placed we are. Once we realise this there will not be any mental agony due to temporary failures in our life.

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    Look up to others for inspiration and look back to see how far you have come in life. Celebrate your success and achievements, and not how much more you have achieved as compared to others. Count your blessings, even when things seem bad, and not after you compare yourself with someone less privileged.

    Your life is about your successes and failures, and should not be compared with another's successes and failures. The feel-good factor should be about you, and not in comparison to someone. Your setbacks should be life's lessons and not a reason to compare your fortunes with others. There are lessons to learn from each phase of your life, so assess your life and chart your future.

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    A very good thread by the author, but nowadays we see many are constantly looking down. They are looking down to their smart mobile devices all the time and forget to look around them to know the reality. They constantly get updates, about happenings around the world and also about what is happening to their friends and relatives. By seeing the updates about their known persons many think of achieving the same thing. They forget everybody is unique and has her/his own way of doing things. They must look around to know the reality. Success and failure are part of our lives and there is no reason to feel unhappy if someone fails. The problem with many of us is we keep on thinking that we failed rather than looking into the reasons for the failure. There is no point in comparing someone with others. Look up to see where you want to reach, not where others reached. Look down and see where you are right now. Then find ways logically about how to climb the steps to your destination.

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