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    If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody.

    Whenever we help someone we derive happiness. The help can be in different form. A helping hand to a visually handicapped person or a person of old age to cross the road, providing a meal to a needy person, Sponsoring a poor child's education etc., These kind of help gives us happiness and satisfaction.
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    True. One should help the needy. The help need not be financial help but it can be of any type. If you have some books you can give them to the students who can't purchase by themselves. We can donate our clothes which are tight for us and can't be used to a Orphanage home so that they will become useful there. You can teach a subject to a poor student who can't afford a tuition. These helps may be small from our side but they will be very useful to the other person. If you donate food to a person who is really hungry, you will be blessed by him.
    My grand father used to give free medicines in his village to poor people. Even today after 4o years if I meet any person from that village they will appreciate my grandfather for his helping nature.
    Really we will feel happy when a hungry person eats food given by you and feels satisfied.That is the greatness in helping others. Giving food to a person who is really hungry is the greatest help you can do to an individual.

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    Helping the needy is the most enthralling and satisfying act in our life. Those who help the fellow beings know its pleasant effect on our mind and soul. We should try to help the people if it is within our means.
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    The world is full of needy, poor and downtrodden people. They require help for their basic needs. Many people are staying in orphanage. They can not go anywhere. They do not have physical strength or skills to do any job. They are totally dependent on donations and helping and charitable organisations. In such a scenario any help which we are doing either directly or through NGOs or other charitable organisations is of utmost importance and can bring smile on the faces of the destitute and poor people. Helping the fellow beings is a divine gesture and a great leap for the humanity.
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    Help someone because it is the right thing to do. Don't help someone because you seek happiness or derive happiness from it. That equates to expecting something in return, right. Giving should be a selfless act, without any expectations. Giving and helping those in need should come as an automatic gesture, out of the goodness of the heart. That is how I feel about helping someone in need. I am not opposing the goodness factor attached to helping others. I believe it is a beautiful gesture.

    I also believe that it is incorrect to use the term 'donation' to describe the giving away of old clothes and other used items that we no longer have use for. Yes, someone else can make better use of what we do not need, but it cannot be equated with a donation.

    Charitable organisations ask people to 'donate' old items because they know not many will part with new items. We don't give old items, as a gift to a newly married couple, but a charitable drive, which is expected to give us 'punya' will have us digging into the depths of our cupboards, in search of old stuff. That is the sad truth.

    A similar discussion had taken place a few years back, and my view had been similar. You can check the discussion here.

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    We must help someone who genuinely requires help. Occasionally we try to help people just like three adolescent school children helped an unwilling blind man to cross the busy road full of traffic. This type of help must be avoided.
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    We should help people who require help, we should not extend our support to the people who are capable of doing things of their own.

    There are all sort of people in the world who make other's fool by asking monetary help. I remember once a beggar came to my house I saw his clothes were torn so I donated my old T-shirt to him as I thought that would help him but what I saw the next day that t-shirt was lying in the garbage on the road. I was upset and thought this was my fault as I could not judge that beggar. Actually, he was a professional beggar who just needed money from me which i did not.

    No doubt we get a sort of a happiness when we help others and somewhere God also sees it and send some one to help us when we are in need that's my thinking.


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    We all are searching for happiness. Is it because we all are unhappy, to some extent we are and that's why trying to find many ways to remain happy. We must help others who need it and it's good to see when others feel happy. Fulfilling other's expectations is a kind of joy which makes us realize many things. Realization is always important and when we begin to realize the pain of the needy, it translates into the action of helping others. All our noble gestures come from certain realizations and it makes us happy from the core of our heart.

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