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    Does whipping make horses run faster or simply hurt them?

    As we see recently the Jallikatu a famous bullfight and a traditional Tamilnadu game was banned (due to the Animal cruelty act)and later lifted the ban by the supreme court as in Horse course race also we generally see the rider who got whip his hand hit the horses to run them very fast as in general logic for any living being who can hit by somebody on their body will get hurt and will not run faster. As there is a scientist from Australia says Horse whips do hurt, scientists have proven and whipping horses does not make them run faster. Does whipping will run the Horses fast or hurt the horses? Is this will come under the cruelty of the Animal act or not? What are your comments on this...

    Note: It is even true in the case of Bullock cart race e.t.c
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    In fact, the driver will threaten the bullock or horse by using his whip in the hand. But never hits it with the whip. He will whip on the cart but not on the animal. With a fear that the person may use his whip on it also the animal will get frightened and try to walk or run fast. Anybody knows that somebody is supervising him will work fast and try to complete the work well in advance. If there is no supervision or boss, they work may go at a little slower. The same is the case with these horses and bullocks also. They know that there is a driver and he will not leave them easily till he reaches the destination. So they will try to run fast and reach the destination and hence they start running fast. If the driver is showing his whip the Bullock / Horse will understand that the speed at which it is running is not sufficient and try to go further fast. That is how the whip will be used by the ride.
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    It is a psychological factor created by the rider that the horse keeps on moving faster as he is always afraid of the consequences if he stops or avoids running. So the whip is a tool in the hands of the rider to control and administer the poor animal. Animal lovers may call it the cruelty to the horse but it is all there in the business of the horse racing which is a favourite game of the rich people. If it is classified as cruelty the race course will get closed by the authorities.
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    I've seen jockeys kicking with heels. Horses are the most timid mount animals. A mild inconvinience can set them sprinting. This is what riders exploit. Tying in the middle and pushing or hitting in the back, creates a huge confusion, enough to keep the beast sprinting. But to start the animal gently, as I saw during my visit to a beach, a gentle slap to neck or tightening the reins a bit is done. There are various signals which the riders use. But it's animal cruelty for sure. But a grim reminder will be that, these horses can't live without their owners. There are wild horses. I agree. But their anatomy and behavior is far different from these domestic ones. And you cannot effectively use your horse without a degree of manhandling. It's a rough situation.
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    For me it's an understanding created within the two with resulting through a well-planned training consisting of everything including the cruelties to the tedious jobs so as to get them agreed on a certain terms & conditions which needs to be taken care of by the trained horse when ordered to do so.

    This is almost like a parent teaching their children about what to do & how to do etc. but there is a difference wherein the other has with the business with lack of mercy type treatment. In this way using whipping on the horses or other such treatments are nothing but a sort of cruelties meant for the entertainment purposes or this might also be involved with earning huge revenues.

    What we are evident of during a circus is nothing but a sort of something resulting out of it but if we look to the behind the scene than for many of us this would be unjustified.

    This is inhuman aspect of this society but at the same time the ultimate reality which we all have agreed to but this should be stopped.

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