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    What are the challenges for a creative writer in the internet today?

    Are you a creative writer or a blogger and working in the internet? If yes, you might have faced some challenges like how to write better than others and compete in the vast ocean of the world wide web.

    As a creative writer what are the challenges that you are facing in the net and how do you try to combat with them? We all know that it is the most crowded place and we have to niche a path for ourselves by creating novel and authentic material in a presentable matrix so that it attracts the attention of the surfers or the readers which is also a very large community here.

    What do you perceive as challenges here and how you think that we can mitigate them? Please share your ideas.
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    There are various types of challenges being faced by creative writers everywhere. Creative dissatisfaction is the most major one. But in ISC, the writers have to always remain alert so that their creations don't get deleted within 15 seconds of posting by the terribly intolerant Lead Editor. If this monstrosity is pointed out in the open Forum, the writers will be at risk of earning -10 points.
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    I find the biggest challenge in maintaining the quality and the content of a write up as the benchmarks in the internet are at a very high level. There is a large crowd of contributors present in the net and in that melee of submissions we are also somewhere in the queue. It is really disappointing sometimes to see that before you submit something, someone has already submitted it albeit in his own language and style. It is not easy to be a successful creative writer in the net. Only thing is we have to try and relentlessly pursue our interests in this field. Practice makes a person perfect.
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    This is really a very big challenge. One should be very good in his writing skills and vocabulary for being a good creative writer. With the advent of the internet, a lot of people are trying to create their own blog or site and showcase their works. In this competition, it is very difficult for people to become a successful writer.
    What we write should be very accurate with correct words in place and it should go well with the people. Then only people will like the content. For this, we have to spend a lot of time and what we get in return is never in proportion to the hard work one is putting. Maybe there are some exemptions but many people are facing this problem.
    Initially, it may be talking a lot of time for getting established but once a person is established, the run may be smooth for him. But the question is how much time is required for getting established. The competition is the biggest threat as on now.

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    Creative writing is different from content writing. What we find on ISC, is mostly content writing. Creative writing is an art, and you need an inherent talent to become a creative writer. Then there is language and its nuances that a creative writer must have knowledge of since there is also a play on words involved.

    Creative writers can base their works on fantasy, as JK Rowlings did, or revolve their stories around facts, so they are believable. Even a fictitious piece has to have factually correct references. In my opinion, a creative writer must find the piecing together of facts as the most challenging, because it involves research and has to be accurate.

    Another challenge that a creative writer might have to deal with is society and its reaction to a creative piece. Recent incidents are proof that creativity is gagged and forced to toe the line, through violence and threats.

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    The term creativity it self means some thig new or a innovation. We general share our thoughts on issues based on our knowledge which we have acquired over a period of time. Whereas a creative writer comes out with innovative ideas.
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    I have thought about the issue and feel that for an aspiring creative writer ( myself, for example) writing correct English is a major issue. Lack of creativity is a common problem which many aspiring creative writers suffer.
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    Writing in internet, creative, content or whatever, is challenging because of the lack of originality in writers. According to Javed Aktar, each art form has two main figures. Art and craft. Art is the thought you want to project. And craft is the way you deal with the idea. Internet, as generous as it is, helps us a lot with the craft part. I know how to compose a melody thanks to internet. But I am oblivious of what to compose. I have no original tune in my head. The same goes with writing. We lack original ideas after a time, thanks to internet's immense input. It seems like every corner of every aspect has been explored. And since EU is tightening copyright laws and other organisations are following, writers increasingly are feigning from creating original content.
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