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    Every man with beard is not a terrorist

    There was a incident in Bengaluru Metro Station at Majestic. A person with beard came to the station and when he was passing through the security check there was alarm and he was taken to sides by the Security Officials. On interrogation he gave same vague answer and the Security Personnel tried to call police by that time he some how managed to escape from them and disappeared from the Scene. Later police located him in some part of the city and interrogation it was found that he came from north India for begging during the Ramzam Month.

    The media has been criticizing the police for interrogating the person. The police became suspicious since there was an alarm and later he escaped while he was being searched. The srilankan incidence is still fresh in our mind and also there are reports that IS is planning for similar attacks in India too. Is it not the duty of the police to interrogate suspects?. Why media should criticize the actions of police.
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    When the appearance of a person matches with the general appearance of the terrorists all over the world then the arising of confusion in the minds of the security personnels or even the general public is a normal thing and naturally the concerned security person may go for interrogation of the person on whom such a doubt has arisen.

    As prevention is better than cure it is imperative that we should clear our doubt in such cases so that if the doubt is genuine the culprit can be arrested before he does any harm to the society.

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    In my opinion, the media is wrong in this case. It's the duty of the police to interrogate suspicious person. Also, the suspicion became strong when he ran from the metro station. The authorities had a full reason for interrogation. These days media pick up such news and show on their channels repeatedly because they know the audience like to view such news and that will increase the TRP of the channel.

    As the elections are going on all over the country it's very obvious that we have to be alert and when the security is tight there are cases when the innocent people are also interrogated by the police due to suspicion. It's not a very big issue I don't think media should make a hype of it. Due to recent attacks in Newzealand and Srilanka, such things are very normal and that's the way the police works. They cannot spare people when they have a dubious appearance.


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    Umesh, the general appearance of a terrorist? Though the text is on a different note, the title of the thread does imply this misconception we (most of us) carry about a terrorist.

    Krishnadas, it is not at all wrong on the part of the police to interrogate any person who they suspect. In this particular case since the alarm went off as the man was passing through the security check and he subsequently escaped during interrogation, the police need to be on double alert and they were absolutely within their rights and ambit of duty to have arrested him and taken for interrogation.
    Keeping the present conditions of security and safety across the world, we need to be vigilant and need to act at the first possible moment to avert disasters.
    That being so, let us not be apprehensive about every man with a beard; there are terrorists without beards too.

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    We should not be carried away by the appearance. What is underneath, is important. People disguise in many forms and it is difficult to decipher the true colour of a person so what is required is a mandatory security check and there should not be any lapse on that account.
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    "We should not be carried away by the appearance. "------------I humbly disagree. We have to discard views which are ideal considering the practicality. Srilanka has banned a particular dress. This is not ideal, but definitely practical. In many western airports, people with a particular style of beard are frisked more thoroughly. This is also not ideal but they do it out of practical consideration.
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    There is no specific dress code or appearance code to a terrorist. But when we see the Photographs of the terrorists more than 90% of them will have a beard. But we need not think that all the people having beard are terrorists. It will create problems.
    In the particular case mentioned by the author, I am not finding anything wrong with the police. The present contest the Law and Order protectors are always on their toes. Anything unwanted happens they will be questioned. Already many alerts are there after the Srilanka incident. So Police should be very careful and we should give them good support for discharging their duties. Why that old man should escape when he is not at fault. This action of him will increase the doubt about him to police. How much time and money they might have wasted to trace him again.

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    This is true to its fact that we still haven't been able to agree to certain hard facts about terrorism. Sadly few of the political parties including the so called the secular media have referred the terrorism to the killing the Mahatma Gandhi & to the killing of Rajiv Gandhi as well but why we are not talking about the motive behind this all then? If we become clear on this then perhaps we wouldn't be left with any doubt / suspicious on any account.

    One thing is absolutely clear that this type of mentality in which any killing can be referred to the terrorist's activities can take place only in our country because the rest of the nations on this planet have understood to its real terms. In addition, we too are well aware of the facts about why this can't be happen in our country but still we liable to show-up with paralysis identity.

    Rest is nothing but the vote bank politics that works behind these.

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    If the beard is a sign of terrorists, then the Indian cricket team would be frisked first. Well, jokes apart, the beard does not signify terrorist. Still, I would say what the police did was legal because the alarm had rung, so it was their duty to interrogate. Media have become very critical regarding everything. Suppose the police did not inquire that bearded man, but later on, a tragedy happened which would lead to an investigation. If that points a finger towards the same man as an accused of the tragic incident, then there would be a massive media trial against the police.

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    Terrorists do not have any particular attire or style, we may have seen the pictures of many terrorists with beards but that doesn't imply there is a link between the beard and terrorism. The election is almost coming to an end and the polling for the last phase will be on 19th May. Maybe there's no significant story to break at this moment and the media found this an issue. The policemen absolutely did the right thing by interrogating that man because they found the alarm ringing and also the man somehow escaped from the scene. Everywhere the security personnel must remain alert and they should take suitable actions whenever there is any suspicion. We are well aware of the situation around the world and along with the security personnel, we also should remain vigil and alert others if there is any suspicious person or object around us.

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    All men with beard cannot be terrorists, but a terrorist definitely have a beard. Because, terrorists have no time to spare for shaving. And wherever we see a photograph of a terrorist, they are found with beard only. Almost all the leaders of the terrorist groups have a long beard. Hence, his followers are also expected to grow beards ( Like the King, so are the subjects).

    Here, the suspect with a beard escaped from the security, and was caught by the police. Media should not criticize the police action, but should appreciate the police's effort to trace the person in a crowded city like Bangalore for action. The same media would blame and criticize the police if the police could not trace the person.

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    Terrorists can't have a definite style or attire. They can take any shape and they can adopt any style. When a terrorist can kill humans ruthlessly, it is easy for them to adopt or fit in any costume.

    Christchurch incident is still fresh and we all know the face of a man who killed people ruthlessly in the mosque. We also know the 26/11 massacre. So, a beard can never be a measure to brand a person terrorist. Terrorism is ingrained in sick minds not on attire or beard, though some people with a beard have also been horrendous and disastrous to humankind branding everyone terrorist is irrational and illogical.

    However, precautions can be taken to avoid any eventuality or any unfortunate incidents that may cost us heavily. There should be no problem to any person submitting oneself for checking if security personal stops you for a check until it is not a frisking or unwanted harassment.

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    With regards to terrorism and crimes, it is not a all or none phenomena. Going by the reports, in this particular incidence, the person was behaving in a suspicious manner further alerting the security personnel ( in the backdrop of the recent Srilankan bombing).

    We criticise the police and security for beard and profiling etc. For a minute, step in their shoes, in the vast sea of humanity at every public place how can they protect us without any red flags to alert them. The red flags would be credible intelligence/tip offs, abnormal or suspicious behaviour and physical identification points.

    Suspect profiling and interrogation itself is a separate topic, as for as this thread is considered, we cannot blame the security/police teams and should not make a big issue about these questioning (unless it is a balant violation of basic human rights).

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    We still judge by the cover and you need to be prepared to be judged so as well, for example for something like that one case. For sure I will be cautious with people with extraordinary looks, it's just obvious anyway. And you should teach your children so as well.

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