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    With whom do you share your secrets?

    We all have certain personal matters and even some secrets, whatever trivial they might be, and sometimes we want to share them with some confidential person. He could be a friend or associate or colleague or a relative etc. The confidential or personal things are generally not supposed to be shared with anybody but we are human beings and each of us has some weaknesses and in the aftermath of that sometimes we want to get rid of the weight of those things on us by sharing them with others.

    Do you also feel like that and sometimes want to share certain things with others. If so, with whom you prefer to share - a childhood friend or a recent friend or a family member or someone else with whom you feel more comfortable? Please share your views on this.
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    I will disclose all the secrets to my wife. I will not keep any issue without telling her. From the beginning, I got habituates after we started our journey of life jointly. Even the issues which are related to my profession are also shared with her. She will also discuss all the issue with me. She is busy always in her housework and whenever she gets time, I will try to share the secrets with her.
    I never disclose any official secrets to anybody else except my wife. In the office, I will discuss the issues with only whom I have to discuss not with anyone other than that, I have some good friends and we meet regularly but any confidential matters either from office or from the house will never be discussed with them.
    Sometimes if we share the confidential matters of the office with somebody, it will get spread and reach the persons whom it should not reach. So it is wise not to discuss with anybody. It is better even not to discuss with wife also if we are staying in quarters along with other colleagues. I never stayed in quarters or colony with other office colleagues.

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    The personal secrets can be shared only with whom we have utmost confidence. We need to decide what kind of personal information should be shared with whom. Wife, Children become the core group with whom we generally share our personal details. In addition there may be few close relatives and friends with whom also we share certain personal information.
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    Usually, personal secrets are not to be shared with anyone even if he or she is your best friend. This is what I believe. It's very hard to find such people whom you can trust. There are people in the world whom you think are faithful but at some point, you may feel it and repent for disclosing your secrets to them. This is my theory.

    But certainly, people trust their friends or a family member which depends on the bond they have with them.

    I usually analyse what should I share with family or friends as one can't share everything with them. It's an old saying that you should not disclose your secrets even to your wife. It may be harmful to you at any stage.


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    Until and unless it is necessary, my secrets remain a secret. If I disclose it to others then where is the secrecy? Trust is a factor to disclose secrets and also the situation. The person to whom I would like to disclose anything secret can depend on the situation too. For example, some secrets of the war plan should be disclosed to somebody who is aware of the war. The trust and situation are very important and only if these two matches I plan to disclose any secret.

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    It is true that personal matter can not be shared with everyone until unless we are very close to the person. The pressure of our personal matters and even the secrets have a undeniable pressure on us and create stress also to some extent. In that situation releasing them works like a venting off operation and the person feels a bit relaxed and unburdened. That is the reason why people share the delicate matters with others.
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    I don't have any secrets I am open to all and it is not wise to have secrets...
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    #121 Bhushan if a person says that he or she doesn't have any secret that means the person is lying as it is not possible.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
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    It depends from person to person.
    The person I am comfortable or attached with today can be enemy. Its well said that an unknown enemy is far more better than a known enemy cause he knows about you and can vomit at anytime.

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    It is ideal not to share your life secrets with anybody, especially with ladies. Even a wife cannot be trusted with secrets. It is a curse from Pandava King Yudhistra that no females on this earth would be able to retain any secret with them. He said it because his mother Kunti kept the secret birth of Karna the eldest of the Pandava brothers. She never dared to disclose it until the death of Karna.

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    It does depend upon the type of confidentiality along with the type of relations with others that I may be carrying with me. This is OK that we need to release our self but at the same time I have to take care of something that this may led to hurt others.

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    My elder sister. She is like a mirror to me. She understands even my flaws. She is my troubleshooter, my mentor, my counselor, and my personal diary.

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    Just after a couple of talks, I disclose my secrets to anyone. It's partly because I have fewer friends and many strangers in life. Strangers are easy to talk to because you lose nothing. Worst thing possible is that they will lose interest in you.
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    ofcourse with my wife. I'm very comfortable i can believe on her blindly. because she always keep secret my secrets. and the other side some secrets of my life i will never tell someone.

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