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    Do you agree that eating at midnight is treated as devil act?

    As in movies, we saw the devils at midnight come to the house and ate the food items in the kitchen and some of our elders say eating at midnight or just after a midnight is a devil act and we see some of the bachelors as they roam on roads and eat outside food like biryani and other spicy foods at Midnight. Do eating at midnight is treated as devil act? Do you concur? Do you have a habit of eating midnight? Please share your comments on this...
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    It may not be a devil's act. But it is not good for health. This is what I understand from my knowledge. It is better if we stop eating at least 2 hours before we go to bed. I go to bed at 10 PM. So I will not eat anything after 8 PM. This is what doctors suggest.
    These days many people are getting habituated to go to sleep late at night and they get up late in the morning. Many employees will work in shift. People who go in the night shift may not sleep in the night. Such people may eat at 12 Midnight or even later than that.
    One of my relatives family is having the habit of sleeping at 2 AM. They get up the next day morning around 10 AM. So those people used to take their dinner around 11.30 PM or 12 Mid Night. They got accustomed to that habit. They are comfortable with that. All depends on the individual and how he tunes his body is more important.

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    We need to follow certain system in our food habits. During nights generally we sleep and there is no physical activity and we do not burn calories. Therefore the food we eat during the night does not get digested properly and may cause health related problems.
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    After all, our body is also like a machine that needs rest for over heating, over cooling, food congestion inside the system etc. We have divided our meals with a break of 6 hours 8 a.m (Breakfast) 2 p.m ( lunch) and 8 p.m.(Dinner) and a long rest from 8 p.m to 8 a.m. (12 hours) for the body engine to rest relax.

    However, if a person eats at mid night and takes his next meal after 12 hours, no harm. It is not devil's act. Let your body's food system not say " I am tired of your food habit"

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    It's not good for health to eat at midnight. It's better to have your dinner at least 2 hours before you go to bed to sleep. These days due to the fast life we live we don't get appropriate time to have dinner. Consider me who works in shift and when I am in the second shift I usually reach home at 11:30 pm so have no choice to eat so late but sometimes I realise that due to this my digestive system is getting weak and I should think of some alternate for it.

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    There are some illnesses which make sufferer hungry at midnight. I used to get hungry at 12 am sharp. Now after taking medicines I am good. It also happens to people who are frequently out eating junk. It's nothing devilish. Owing to our corporate lifestyles, we employees tend to stay out late at night. Once it's considerably late, sleep is directly out of question. What would you do in night without sleeping? Eat probably. Boredom of night. Or just exhaustion. Stress can lead to over eating and irregular eating.
    All of these can again point out to night life.
    Eating midnight is not a devil's act. It's an act of an engineer perhaps. An exhausted one in that.

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    We should have some discipline in our life whether it is food timings or sleep timings or other activities. So taking food at midnight may be a fad with young people who want to enjoy life at its fullest, it may not be a good timing as the biological clock in the body may not adjust to this extreme shift in the dinner timings.

    It is always better to take food early in the evening and Ayurveda also advocates for it. Taking food late and then immediately going for sleep is not a good trend.

    If we see the practical side the young people come late from their workplace and then relax for sometime and by that time it is quite late and for them taking food late is a normal thing. Accordingly they go to sleep at late hours and then sleep in the morning till quite late. So their time table is totally different from one that is prescribed by doctors for a disciplined and healthy lifestyle.

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    It is difficult to say whether it is a devil's act or gentleman's but one thing is sure taking food in late night does not seem to be a proper thing as based on the Ayurvedic or modern medical system. None of them vouch for such odd time meals. I have heard about shift going people in shipping industries or other such industries taking supper at midnight but in the normal circumstances it is not a good practice.
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