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    Are the necessary changes reflecting or we remain happy just by pressing the EVM button?

    It's not their fault; rather it is the usual practice. This is election time and everybody is making allegations and counter allegations. Every other day there are headlines pertaining to serious allegations and the news channels are always breaking some news. We are discussing and debating about the allegations, the same thing is going on in the news channels on television. This is going on for years together. It's good to debate and discuss. A fruitful discussion helps to bring changes. Everybody is talking about changes, change in the behaviour of politicians, change in the ways of highlighting and articulating things. Actually, people want a complete change in the political environment of this country.

    Changes are taking place, but not in the political environment. Changes are taking place in the formation of the government, which is quite natural for a thriving democracy. But what about the changes in the political atmosphere that people all over the country are talking about for a long time? Are we tired of looking for the desired changes and wish to remain reluctant by just performing some basic duties? Do the results stored in the EVMs reflect the real changes we expect in the political environment?
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    Every person in the Country is looking for good Governance and development of the Country. We hope that decision of the people will facilitate the formation of a Government consisting of right people who will work for the development of the Country. Irrespective of the political parties. we look for a corruption free Government.

    It does not matter for us which party comes to the power. Our expectation from the new Government is that they work for the people and take our Country to greater heights. It is our ambition our Country also become a developed Country like many other Countries in the world. It is very sad to note that India with all its resources still struggling eradicate poverty. Tiny countries without much resources gone much ahead of India. Where are we lacking?. We look forward to the new Government with more and more efforts in these directions.

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    I feel a big change should come in the attitude of the people also. Nobody should think about the caste, creed and religion of the person who is contesting in the elections. The candidates should be corruption free and they should be able to serve the public equally. Then only we can have good governance. But unfortunately, in our country, caste and religion will play an important role in politics. A voter votes to a candidate based on the caste of the candidate or the religion of the candidate. Once that person comes to power he will try to see that his people will be benefitted. An elected person should see all the voters equally or they can give preference to a poor member than a well to do member. But these days in our country the opposite is happening.
    Really a good person comes to power also, he will not be allowed to function freely and many problems will be created to him by the opposition leaders and other politicians. Ultimately elections are happening, governments are changing but when we look back after 5 years, the expected results are not coming. I think it will continue like this only unless otherwise, all parties will encourage good governance irrespective of their affiliations.

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    The idea behind selection of a new team or electing a new Govt is for change only. It is altogether a different story that it is not happening in a way as desired by the public. There does not seem any solution also.
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    Welfare & the improvements are the continuous process & is good when taken on a broader perspective & not limiting to any particular entity as in the current context of forming a government of our choice. Few facts are that the creation & the implementation of policies are taking place through the established governing bodies at various levels but making a success of it is our jobs & we can do these responsibilities to our capabilities on the ground level & can set an example for others to follow suite.

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    How necessary changes will occur when political parties choose candidates on the basis of money power, muscle power, caste, religion etc. Candidates from every party included candidates with criminal cases and there is no place for honest citizen of India can win this elections without above factors. People can have one chance that they can change another government in hope of some better change.

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