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    Gender biased rules are shattering the social structure

    The term gender equality seems to be on paper only in our country. Although I am a lady, I am dead against giving clean chit to the females just because they are ladies. In every family, we have our fathers, uncles, brothers, brothers-in-law, male relatives, male friends, colleagues and acquaintances, are all of them ill-mannered and have bad character?

    It is ridiculous that now and then a girl from nowhere files an FIR against a male and he is shamed and blamed. I think ladies who charge men with false cases like dowry harassment, domestic violence or rape should be behind bars. Such ladies have no morality. They have made it a business of extorting money by keeping the so-called accused's everything at stake. Where is gender equality?

    When there is so much disparity in the society, and the caretakers of law are blind towards it, which is ruining the foundation of social structure. I feel concerned about my male family members, relatives and friends because the trap of the ladies is getting widespread. Time is ripe that we stress on the fact that every male and female must learn to own up. Judgment should be based on all the proofs and not on gender.
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    There was a big debate on this subject in Telugu Channels, I think one year before. The Telugu Desam Women Welfare society President Sri. Raja Kumari garu also raised this point and she suggested there should be a committee to take up harassment cases against gents also as we have for women. I don't know what happened to that afterwards.
    There is no general rule that all males are bad and all females are good. There are some male persons who are suffering because of the false statements of some women in some cases. But when we see the statistics number of harassments that are reported against ladies are more than against gents.
    If somebody is really trying to harass innocent people they should be punished irrespective of their Gender. Then only we can Gender equality is achieved. I appreciate the author for her support for innocent male members who are unnecessarily getting harassed.

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    The laws are formulated to safeguard the interests of the people in the Society. The laws are made with specific purpose and objects. It is true that some persons are misusing the provisions of the law with ulterior motive to achieve their vested interests. Such people should be punished.
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    The statistics say that the number of females is more who face various kind of harassment. There is no denial of it especially in the village, but in urban society, the educated females are misusing the law for their own benefit. It is a crime, and the custodians of law should tackle it very strictly. Men should not become the scapegoat in the hands of some greedy and revenging women.

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    Truth must prevail disregarding gender. One of the mistakes we do is going into a crime scene with perceptions and biased opinions. Two notions are very repetitive among police and politicians in India. "Provocative dressing" and "assault at night/seclusion". We have to understand the crime on the evidences put forth. Just how every criminal isnt the same, every crime isn't. Each crime is committed differently. So going into them with biased notions will do no good.
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    However stringent and fool proof the rules are made there are people who find ways to misuse it. Very few ladies are misusing the law on gender bias. Most of them are really offended and harassed by the males. It is right that such cases must be dealt on case to case basis and the judges should consider the witnesses and proofs before concluding the cases.
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    The problem is our preconceived idea and the author has rightly said that judgement must be delivered based on proofs and not on gender. Rules are basically to protect everybody but when it is misused there must be a suitable punishment so that people will think twice before misusing it. It is because of the misuse of section 498A that the apex court has given some relaxations. There were many cases reported to media where the male members were harassed by their wives under the clout of section 498A. It was a common affair in the cities to misuse this section. Wherever there is a crime, there must be a criminal/criminals behind it. But if there is no crime at all, the complainant must be held accountable and suitably penalised for making false allegations.

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    Some ladies might be misusing this freedom to report the fake cases of offence but there number is significantly lower than that of the harassed lot. In such cases we can not see all the cases with same outlook. Each case has to be seen in is own merits and there lies the effectiveness of our legal system to differentiate between the different cases and give the verdicts accordingly. If this is done the misuses will decrease drastically.
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    Many of the ladies misuse the law which supports them. I have seen ladies who don't like their inlaws family falsely complain that they are being asked for the dowry. Many girls if don't get anything against a boy they don't like, complain that they are being teased by him. It's very upsetting when we know the actual thing when investigated. Ladies should not use the law as a weapon for innocent people.

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