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    Justice differed based on their economic classes do you agree?

    As we studied in social studies justice before the law is equal irrespective or regardless of whether it is poor, rich and celebrity(wealthy elite) but it is only theoretical but in real time or practicality it will differ as these words are said by forum good governance secretary Padmanabha reddy as he said The celebrities were bailed out and the case is hushed up. Gullible people were named in the charge sheets for namesake alleges M Padmanabha Reddy of the Centre for Good Governance, who brought the most sensational drugs case that shook Tollywood. Do you agree Justice differed based on their social classes(Upper class.New money.Middle class.Working class.Working poor, Poverty level.)? Please share your comments here
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    Our law should not differentiate people in terms of fame, money, religion etc theoretical but that doesn't happen in reality.

    Consider the example of Bollywood hero Salman Khan who had killed a Nurulah Mahboob Sharif and several others were injured when the vehicle ran into them at speed as they slept on a street in the suburb of Bandra West. He was drunk and had no licence at that time but was cleared in this hit and run case.

    Also, he was convicted for the killing of rare antelopes in Jodhpur but is still not given punishment for the same. Bishnoi community who worships antelopes were angry with Salman Khan but after so many years nothing could be done to him in the case.

    There are several examples where celebrities are given the benefit of being a celebrity. Has it been done by a common person he definitely would have been in the prison for sure?

    It's very sad that justice too is sold in our country.


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    Justice is different based upon religious identity also. I am giving a very recent example. A middle-aged Hindu businessman in Delhi was murdered by the family members of Muslim butchers for opposing their attempts to harass his daughter. The deceased name is Dhruv Tyagi. His son is critically injured.

    The incident took place on Saturday night in Delhi's Basaidarapur area when the man and his daughter were returning from a hospital and the girl was teased by some Muslim hooligans of the locality. The father and daughter went back home but the girl's father and her brother came back to the spot to resolve the matter. It is when the butchers attacked the girl's father and her brother.

    It is ironical that the so-called seculars are trying to hide the religious identity of the accused and trying to save the criminals because of their religious identity. This is another murder on the road of Delhi after Ankit Saxena and a dentist of Vikas Puri by the Muslim hooligans.

    A true example of difference of justice on the basis of religious identity.

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    A very interesting post by the author. How does the justice or the verdict changes as per the individual and his status. Long back I read an interesting thing about the olden times when if kings did some crime then they were punished in a very unusual way. An idol of the king was made with clay and hanged as a symbolic punishment to even the most influential person of the kingdom. Whenever I remember this story, I visualise how the legal and regulatory system still works in this world. It may look like a hilarious note but many times it is the thing that happens in this world and people get differential treatment for the same offence. That makes the job of the judges more and more difficult as they can not go on blindly like robots. They have to take in consideration not only the factual details about the case but many other unrelated but subtle points which can not be ignored in this practical world.
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    The Justice system is same for everyone. But when the people involved in delivering justice are influenced, justice becomes different for different categories of people. Law does not differentiate the people whether rich or poor, religion , caste or creed. The culprits are our law enforcing authorities. Our Legal system is also partly responsible for such a situation. The disposal of the cases in Courts takes years together. The rich class, make use of the lacuna in the judicial system. They delay the cases by appealing to higher Courts like High and Supreme Court. Whereas poor person has to suffer and wait for years for justice.

    The Courts are complaining that Governments are not appointing required number of judges in the Courts and this is resulting in delay in delivering the judgments. Government is required to look in to this and appoint sufficient number of judges in all the Courts facilitating speedy disposal of the cases in Courts.

    There is also a need for the review of judicial system n India. The existing lacunas in the judicial system need to plugged so that people who misuse the system can be avoided.

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    We have seen many cases of crime and offences committed by the celebrities and influential people and also witnessed the long and confusing court proceedings against them which sometimes lingers for such a long time that the culprit is almost free in the society till he is actually sentenced to the jail or other financial punishments. So this is really a strange situation that the court cases are dealt in different ways for different people.
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    Religion - politics - money power - muscle power. These four keeps the judiciary away from justice to a great extent. The judiciary fears and obliges.

    Religion - If a person from a particular religion is booked, he is backed by the religious group. Judiciary is helpless.
    Politics - If a politician is booked, the party to which he belong backs him. Judiciary is helpless.
    Money power - If a wealthy person is booked, he bribes to get away from the case. The Judicary accepts.
    Muscle power - If a Goonda is booked, the judiciary is threatened with severe action. The fear shivers the judiciary.

    The middle and poor class suffers much in the hands of judiciary with no one for their help and rescue.

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    Unfortunately, this is the reality. Justice, basic rights etc in the real world is modified by money, political contact, influential people in one's social circle, ability to threaten and intimidate the lawmakers.

    We have seen this in real life and in movies. There may be few exceptions wherein the common man stands up for his rights and justice and gets it in the end (at a high personal price).

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    No doubt in that. The law says it will be same for all irrespective of religion, caste, financial position and social status. But practically when we see the things will be just opposite to that.
    YSRajasekhar Reddy's son is well known for his mischiefs and we know how much money he accumulated during his father's tenure. CBI conducted enquiry and ED attached some properties of him. But all of a sudden the enquiry stopped and the person who was conducting enquiry was transferred to his parent department. Now he is thinking he will be the next CM of AP. This is what is happening practically.
    All citizens of the country are not having similar rules and regulations. There are a few differences.
    As long as money, religion, caste and politics are given importance we can't say that Law is the same to all and it will work in its own way.
    We all know that Law has only ears but no eyes. It will hear what is told but can't see what is happened.

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