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    Which one you prefer - home made food or outside food?

    Today the business of hotels, restaurants, eateries and roadside food stalls is thriving and prospering as more and more people are going for outside food not occasionally but routinely. So, there is a option of getting the food from outside at a short notice. Still some people may like to have only home made food due to various reasons while some are happy with the outside food also.

    With more and more ladies going for jobs it is becoming more and more popular to get the food from outside. People have different choices and food habits and accordingly they order the food. In this situation what is your take on this - whether you like only the home made food or comfortable with the outside food also. Have you got any reservations on this account or you are ready to take even the outside food regularly. Please share your view on this.
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    When I was bored of eating Homemade food relentlessly I want to go for outside food (Hotel) as I was bored of eating Outside(Where my wife is on summer vacation) I want to eat Homemade food. But Outside food we can't eat more than a week.
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    Many people accept that homemade food is healthy and better for us. It is true also. Outside made food is like a ready-made dress. You have to select as per your likings and taste. Homemade food is like a tailor-made dress. It will be made as per your requirements and taste. We know what quality ingredients are being used in homemade food. But outside food we will see the taste and decide whether it is good or bad. But we never know the ingredients and their quality. Definitely, outside food makers will not go for costly ingredients and try to make the food tasty with less costly material also. So eating outside food regularly may have a say on your health. But homemade food is that way not harmful.
    But these days the time is the important point. In many families, both wife and husband will be working and they will not have sufficient time to get the food cooked. Those people are forced to rely on outside food. They should be careful in selecting their food outside and should try to have good hygienic food.
    I prefer going for food outside once in a while to a good restaurant but not on a regular basis

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    There are vast differences in the quality of home made food and outside food in terms of taste, quality, hygiene and health. Home made food can be prepared in different ways and can be customised to all the family members depending upon their age and health. Outside food comes in fixed flavours and proportions and sometimes might be more spicy and hot and could be harmful to the health.

    I think occasionally and for a change or in emergencies outside food is a good choice but on a regular and routine way it is not an advisable proposition. People who have no time and are away from their families have no other choice than going for the outside food.

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    Homemade food is best when it comes to comforting oneself and as far as prioritizing health over everything is concerned. I do not regret eating outside food. It is tasty. I feel that homemade food comforts the soul and outside food comforts palate. Thus, eating outside occasionally is acceptable but doing it frequently depletes the soul power. It is why I personally get bored if I have to eat outside for a long time.

    I enjoy eating outside while traveling. Tasting something new and getting to know new cuisines seems fulfilling in those times.

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    I want to add here that in some cities some housewives in order to earn some extra money are delivering home made food or tiffin to the needy persons on a reasonable rate and this food is far better than the food in outside eateries. These ladies are not putting much oil and spices in their preparations and they are targeting the couple where both are working so if in your area you find such an service then occasionally to get food from them will be a good idea.
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