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    Do you support wider use of technology in investigating crimes?

    In this modern era, technology plays a vital part in all departments and it is extended to investigating crimes as well. Some people say that relying heavily on technology will lead to the destruction of human intelligence and so technology should be used wisely whenever needed only. But some people say that the use of technology will reduce the time of investigating crimes as is seen in developed countries.
    What is your opinion on this? Do you go with technology or do you go with human intelligence? Please share your comments on this.

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    When one window gets closed than the other window come into the picture with this being applicable to all the situations & circumstances including the crimes & therefore if one feels that due to highly technological advancements the crimes would go down then this is just a misconception on their end but this needs to admit here that the technology has assisted a lot in solving many complicated crimes in the lesser possible time then expected.

    In the meantime the human intelligence & the technology are working in a team but soon the human intelligence would be more dependent on the technologies & this is due to modern innovations on varied accounts.

    For me these two are ok in their own areas & can't ever be replaceable permanently & this would be good when these are carried within their limits.

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    The human brain with the support of advanced technological aids can investigate crimes faster.

    Earlier days, to get important information about the movements of the accused, it used to take (talking) a lot of time. But these days, using GPS, we can easily find out the movements of the people. The fast developments that are taking place in the communication field have made investigation easy to the concerned.

    Advanced technology alone cannot do the job completely. The human interface is always required in society. The information we get and the data have to be analysed for finding out the actual person(s) who are involved in a crime.

    In this world, no work is possible without human interference. Robots are trained to do works by people only. These robots will work in that particular area only. A small change and the Robot may fail to work.

    So we can't imagine any work completed without using the intelligence of the human being.


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    it was talking a lot of time not the correct sentence it should be it was taking a lot of time typed mistake

    (It was talking a lot of time is not correct. It should be 'it was taking a lot of time'. - Editor)

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    Technology is never above the human intelligence. It is only a tool to get our work in a fast and effective mode. Technology helps us to do what we could never achieve manually. Right from the development of technological processes in the world these were being utilised in various areas for increasing the productivity and achieving the goals of yuma civilisation.

    Detection and investigation of the crimes is an area where technology has immense usage. Forensic sciences have evolved in this area for investigating the mysterious crimes and their innovative methods used by the offenders. Technology is very much used to ascertain the time of the crime and to isolate the misleading things from the genuine and related proofs of the case. More and more use of technology is being inducted in the espionage and spying work in getting the strategic information from the enemy camps to take mileage out of it.

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    Technology plays vital role in investigation and solving cases of crimes. The concerned agencies are already using technologies like Mobile Nos, IMEI no. of the mobile, CCTV, Forensic reports, DNA etc. Use of more advanced technology will help the concerned departments towards faster detection of criminals.
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    So far when the technologies are helpful in investigating the crimes, should be ok in every manner. The human intelligence equally play an important roles with an exception that the expectations can go to high and low levels in accordance to the requirements. However, when in combination there performance will be to its best.

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    In developed countries the advanced crime detection methods and techniques are already being used in the routine crime detection work. It is only the developing and backward countries that these things are not being done on a regular basis. Using the modern methods for crime detection will always be beneficial.
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