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    Job posting rejection issue regarding source of content

    Dear sir

    I have started posting back on ISC after a long time. Sure there are lot of new rules and updates to comply with Google search policies. So I think I need to learn few new rules.

    Reason for rejection:
    More details with exact post link should be provided in the job post without which job posts will be rejected without assigning any reasons.

    Need clarification on job source reference url:



    So I have two types of url for source which one should I use for approval.

    Small help and clarification on above doubt from moderator would be highly appreciated.
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    The 2nd option mentioned in your thread is essential.

    There is not much major changes in the job section providing the exact post link in the job posts exists since years in all the job posts you have provided the URL of the organisation.

    Further many job posts made by you today had short contents which is also not acceptable as per the guidelines avoid making such job posts if there is not much content provided at source.

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    Dear Editor,

    I have posted 10 job posts out of which 5 are rejected.

    Reason being insufficient content. I have given full details available in official notification, so how can I provide more details then available in official notification.

    Also my posting rights are disabled. Can you assist on this issue further.

    How can I get my posting rights back.

    Indian Government job updates

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    Your query is specifically to the editors but as a member I take this opportunity to suggest that if the details are not available in the job notification in the newspaper or internet then refrain from posting such job posts. The reason is if more and more of your job posts are rejected, ISC will block your rights to post. Of course that is a temporary measure and you can make a request post to them that you will be posting detailed and authentic job posts only and they will revert your posting rights. This happens frequently here that if a member is posting some material which is getting rejected time and again or it is against the policies of ISC then he is debarred to participate in that section for some time. It is the usual thing and do not take it to your heart. Try to give complete and exhaustive job postings and everything will become normal. It is not only in the job section, it applies to all the sections here.
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