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    Do you agree that “awards” can’t be the credible evidence for perfect judgment of one’s personality?

    The definition & the interpretation could be different for all of us but still we are liable to get imposed of with slightly good impression when confronted with their achievements in terms of how good the numbers are in the mark sheet along with the numbers of awards that one has been presented with during the course of their life.

    But on the other way round there would be many who don't believe on this with a note that the "awards" can't be the credible evidence for perfect judgment of one's personality on aspects of good or bad or in case the same being compared in reference to the performances.

    My conclusion to this is that to some extent that when your works are recognized & the same being not recognized are the two different scenario of a same coin but then this will not downplay the importance of that coin. Means the awards does mean something when you are presented with.

    What's your take in here?
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    The main philosophy behind giving awards or rewards is to motivate the individual or a group of people for their future efforts as well as appreciate for their good work done so far. It is one of the time tested method of encouraging and pushing the genuine people ahead in their endeavours. Awards are everywhere whether it is sports or academics or industry or any other area. They are designed by the administration and the management in certain ways to honour the outstanding persons in an organisation.

    When there are many contenders then it is not possible to award everyone but some of the topmost workers or performers are suitably rewarded. There could be many ways in which a person can be rewarded right from monetary award to other indirect benefits. Sometimes even the deserving may not get the award but that is all in the game of career and life and we must not bother for that much.

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    Awards are to motivate the people for performing better and doing better work. It is a recognition of the work done by an individual. When we send an article for publication in a journal if it is accepted for publication we feel very happy. If the same article is declared as the best article you will get very much inspired and you will try to send another article to the same journal.
    But if we are not getting awards we need not get demotivated. It is not at all an acid test for your merits and work. Again the jury which is going to decide on the awards will have their own point of view and they will judge the work in those lines only. But your work may be a good one in another area and when the specialist in that area are the judges they may select your work as the best one.
    Awards are required and getting awards is a very pleasant experience but it is not the only ultimate for a hard worker and achiever.

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    Sometime I think that some people who should have received a particular award, missed it. Example: Maxim Gorki did not get the Nobel Prize for literature. On the other hand, some people getting the award may astonish common people. For example, there may be some Bharat Ratna awardees about whom very few people know.

    So, the answer to the question is not so easy.

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    The value of the prizes is not important but the inspiring element is one is being recognised for his contribution. This will create positivity ultimately for ones involvement.
    To create motivation among the employees for stepping up production or encouraging aspirants to write a better essays - in all such areas this tips would do wonders.
    At the same time, it is important to train the performers to take their own initiatives. So that they contribute the best every time in their assignment and their assignments are above any financial gain. If a performer is tuned to perform well in every circumstance, they won't work for money but they would appreciate the work to be done. This will create a healthy temperament among the performer.

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    Awards have nothing to do with one's personality. Awards are presented as a mark of recognition in any field. A person or a group of people is selected for an award by a selection panel. More precisely, there is a judge or a panel of judges who decide the awardees. The judges set the parameters themselves to select the awardees and based on that awards are given. Now, people may question the capability of the awardees depending on many things and awards do not mean that the person who won it is best in that field. For example, a student may get an award in school after scoring high marks, though he might have cheated in that exam. Now people who know the student and his special capability of cheating can always question how the student won an award. Here the problem is the award was presented as a recognition of scoring high marks and not based on how he scored the marks. Awards are just recognition of a particular achievement at that moment.

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    Generally awards are given for outstanding or exemplary work. Everyone can not get the awards until unless he is on the top side of the ladder. There will always be controversy in the aftermath of announcing the awards as those who do not get it start making hue and cry.
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    Awards are presented to people based on their contribution and excellence in different fields. We cannot judge the personality of a person based on the awards received by him or her.
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    An award to a person can only suggest his contribution in that awarded field. It says nothing of his personality. We always have terrible people getting awarded with Oscar and Nobel prizes. These are rewarded for their contribution in their field and not for their personality. Personalities can't be judged. And neither can they be awarded. People are just people, with different identities. We must accept them such way. But then come the people who overshadow their mistakes by showing their awards and accomplishments. One such example would be, our honorable PM. TIME magazine back then sported his image on cover page twice. Lauding him. It was the time when he made hasty and huge decisions like demonetization. But this little achievement overshadowed all the mistakes that happened back then. So sadly, people with awards can show their awards and escape their defamation through faulty actions. But no, awards don't say about personality. Or do they? Our PM stands supportive of evidence that, no awards, but praises by Indian and foreign media can indeed affect a person's personality.
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    In the simplest form awards are a form of an acknowledgement for doing a job or task that makes the person stand out from the rest of the crowd. For instance, the best performance award, the best outgoing student, employee of the year etc. Awards does not reflect on the personality of the person, it's a fact which helps people to build a favourable image of the person in question. To me awards are not mandatory facts or criteria to assess a person professionally, it becomes a desirable criteria or an additional fact that carries some weightage.

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    Can we summarize this as an acknowledgement & appreciation of the efforts but not carried with any kind of declaration of an overall personality.

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    In an organisation sometimes our coworker or a subordinate works good and we praise him and say "thank you" that's what we call appreciation. In spite of saying thank you, we give them awards just to recognise the good work of a person and to motivate him and others so that they may continue/start doing good work. Giving an award to a person doesn't mean that other than that person all of them didn't perform well. Award is given to the person because he was the best among all. It's not that others have not done well.

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