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    Regarding republishing of my old article

    This is Ramprasad , one of regular and active member of ISC until year 2016. But since then not able to continue here for unavoidable reasons. Here I would like to ask Editors to unlock one of my old article so that I can add few points or remove some points. If republishing of an article comes with the new date then is it applies to the Ad Sense association of the member too...Kindly post your views ..The link to my article is given below.
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    As far as my knowledge goes you can request the editors for unlocking your article for updating it. Once you update it by replacing the old data with new one and bringing in the requisite changes, you can republish it and it will be seen with a updated date on the header. Then other members or readers can also comment on it.
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    Ramprasad, your concern has been put up to the dealing editors. Please wait for a response.
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    First of all congratulations on completing nine years as an ISCian! It would be good to see some contributions from you now and then, if not on a regular basis.

    Regarding your AdSense query - yes, once you republish an article, the AdSense earnings-association will automatically get extended, starting from the new date. In case you do return with consistent contributions, you can also request the Webmasters through a personal message to extend the AdSense association to another year. The Webmasters do this, even giving two or more years to those making quality contributions on a regular basis.

    It is also a good idea to rewrite and resubmit some topic on which you had written earlier which was getting some traffic but was not getting earnings. You need not republish it. Instead, work on it anew. A new look article with a new perspective, more in-depth and informative to grab the readers' attention will be good for both, ISC and you. The earlier article can then be shifted to the archives and kept away from search engines, with the new one getting exposure on being approved for search engines to catch.

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