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    Regarding earnings on my posts that crossed Ad Sense revenue sharing period with ISC

    As we all know ISC allows members with Ad Sense account the opportunity of earning through their posts submitted in various sections of ISC. In toal earnings 90% of revenue goes to the member and 10% to ISC for a particular period of time depending on member's active participation in ISC. So here I would like to know what is the period of my Ad Sense revenue sharing with ISC and after crossing the period do I get page views and other information related to that posts in my Ad Sense dashboard ..Thank you
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    Sorry, we overlooked this thread. For the majority of members, the sharing is for one year only, starting from the date of posting the content (an article or forum thread or an exam paper or school or college or AE thread, etc). For long-term members who have been contributing regularly, the Webmasters give a further extension of one or two years. For this, they can send the URL of their profile account to the Webmasters via a message and request for the extension. If they have been consistently contributing quality content, then they may get the extension.

    To know the period of your AdSense revenue sharing, go to your Dashboard. Then scroll down to the box of Revenue Settings and click on 'Manage Payment & Revenue settings'. Scroll down that page and you will see 'Revenue sharing period' and a little box in which a figure will be seen with a specific number of days. Thus, if it is one year, it should show as 365.

    One way of automatically getting an extension (this is for articles only) is to republish old articles. This feature you can see at your article page. However, note:
    (i) Do not republish articles which fetch no traffic. Check your Statcounter account to understand which articles are fetching traffic or create channels of your articles in your AdSense account to know if they are getting page views.

    (ii) Once you republish, you must tune them to meet current guidelines and correct English if these were overlooked earlier. For example, previously we would accept short articles of even fewer than 300 words. Now we allow short articles of min.350 words only for topics like admissions or results. For all else, we do expect some depth to the article and informative content. Similarly, we expect good usage of HTML tags for headings, points, etc.

    That said, the best thing would be to write afresh on new, unique topics to get good earnings. Even current trending topics can get a few earnings, such as admissions (now is the ongoing admissions' season, so make the most of it!) or some sports event.

    Let us know if you have any further queries.

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