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    Is road divider a man-eater?

    The dividers that come up suddenly are a big cause of accidents. Many times, due to the high beams of oncoming vehicles, we may be temporarily blinded and fail to see a divider starting on the road. Also, in our country, there is a high degree of theft and vandalism of reflective tapes used to indicate the start of dividers. Plastic divider blocks with in-built reflective tape provision are also an effective option for dividers. Due to the present Road dividers, many people are dying when hitting on that? Do you think plastic road divider blocks are an alternative to present road dividers? Please share your comments.
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    Naach na paaye aanken teda - a Hindi proverb. When one cannot dance, should not blame the stage. This is happening mainly during the nights only. If the driver has a bright light with clear vision and good sense, and cautious with normal speed, no road divider would become a man-eater.
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    Yes, it happens in nights only when the driver is in over speed and is absent-minded. Otherwise, if the driver is cautious then the probability of occurring such accidents is low. At nights people should be extra careful due to low visibility. Using reflective tapes and plastic dividers will definitely reduce the number of lives every day we lose due to the accidents caused by hitting of the vehicle on dividers. But more than that we should be more careful while driving especially at night.

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    Some times this type of incidents may happen. But the main problem comes with high speed. If seat belts are used and the speed is within the limits the damage may not be very severe. If the speed is very high the damages are more.
    Otherwise, road dividers are good for preventing accidents with the opposite vehicles. Indian drivers are not very famous for following safety regulations and traffic rules. If there are no dividers they come in all the directions and they never dip the light for the convenience of the vehicle coming in the opposite direction. The chances of accidents will be more in such cases.
    The facilities provided for preventing accidents should be carefully utilised so that we will not be at risk while driving.

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    For me this has nothing to do with the Dividers. All ( Drivers or one who drives) need to be blamed.
    1. OVer speeding - No one has patience & hence try to rush through a small gap.
    2. Headlight - Many use high beam headlight which actually make the other person (Opposite side) blind.
    3. Safety - People neglect the safety precautions ( Sign boards , Seat belts, etc)
    4. Music - Many a times people play loud music & gets fully into it.
    5. Mobile - People tend to use mobile while driving, which tend to distract them.
    6. Drink & Drive - This also plays a major role
    7. Latecomers - Many times, we start late from home to go out & to reach on time, we tend to over speed.
    8. Personal / Office issue - While driving, if we are worried or tensed due to family problem (fights) or Office issue) , we tend to get distracted.

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    Dividers are placed for making the traffic to flow in a disciplined way in a smooth pace. It does not create accidents. They are created by the faults of the drivers who have no control on their speed and are not disciplined in driving trade.
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    Road dividers are constructed with a purpose. The absence of road divider likely cause more accidents. The drivers are required to be familiar with the road signals. The concerned authorities have placed appropriate road signals at the required places. But unfortunately the drivers have either no knowledge of the signals or have no patience see those signals and drive accordingly. Road safety has to be ensured by each and driver on the road.

    Main cause of majority of the accidents is rash and negligent driving. Aftercall it is our life and we have to suffer the consequences. Why not take proper precautions instead of blaming the authorities or the Government.

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    A road is a wide stretch giving ample space to the vehicles. Sometimes there will be parked vehicles on one side, sometimes there will be parapets on the sides, sometimes wall will be erected on the sides of the road depending upon the landscape and sometimes the curves and bends will be there and of course dividers will also be there at places. All these things are prone to accidents and a number of accidents happen because of these physical things present along the road. If we go into the finer details we find that these things are in fact to guide the drivers and are not meant to create accidents. A driver has to use these things to help himself to drive accurately and safely within those boundaries. If a driver feels that he can negotiate a bend even at an alarmingly high speed he is doing a blunder and risking not only his life but also the passengers sitting in his vehicle. Same thing is true with divider or any such boundary along the road. We should not kill ourselves with the things which are made to guide us or help us.
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    The road dividers are almost a victim of circumstances. Poor planning, inappropriate knee jerk placements, inadequate notice or information over new road dividers that come up overnight. Lack of luminous or reflective paints. Lack of commonsense among some road users while overtaking, breaking speed limits or following simple rules. Lastly, overcrowding and unregulated traffic at some places leads to too much of volume of traffic at a point of time. We need road-dividers but also we need to learn how to make them useful without being a man-eater.

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    The "Road Dividers" are the uses for us only so as to get the clarity on the directions to which we need to move on to & therefore blaming this for the accidents & mishaps are just an excuse for the blunders that only we are responsible for.

    We often have raised threads on the road accidents & safety precautions with the mentioning of their own experiences onto this context. The fact of the matter is that even after having evident of serious implications when not following with the traffic rules, we still are not ready to apply this to ourselves. Installing plastic road divider blocks as an alternative could provide a good basis for the identification of divider & at the same time not a lethal threat when missed but still an ineffective to control the accidents.

    The fact of the matter is that if we don't have control on the speed & at the same time not following with the traffic rules than we are more prone to the accidents & mishaps with no matter what we come-up with the excuses.

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