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    Discuss - Do our Constitutional terms need redefining ?

    India is a Soverign, Secular, Socialistic, Democratic Republic. In addition Constitution strives for equality, integrity and brotherhood of citizens. - We all know this. In simple this the philosophy of our Constitution.
    But what do we mean by Securlarism, Soverignity, Socalism, Democracy, Rupublic, equalilty, Integrity, Brotherhood.
    In elections we see Congress, BJP and regional parties strongly pitted against in the defenition of these words.
    for eg Secularism is different to congress and BJP. Congress stands for postive secularism while BJP stands for negative secularism. In this context several Supreme court Judgements have lead to confusions over their defenitions. now is it not time that we bring in a defenition for these terms as it will lead to greater clarity on what is right and wrong. Must Judiciary step in?
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    Constitutional amendments are done time to time in order to realign the constitution to the changing times. Though some changes can be incorporated in this way but the inherent democratic theme can not be changed as that is the basic building material for a thriving democracy.

    Some vested interests provoke the public and want to take mileage out of it. They will do it even after the constitutional reforms.

    The pitfalls of a democratic system will also manifest themselves time to time compelling people to compare it with other systems like communism etc. In any country on a public demand of larger magnitude such change in the type of Govt is also possible if a strong leadership emerges out of these revolutionary ideas.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I think our constitution is already in a developed stage and is well suited to a democratic set up. What further modifications we want to incorporate there. If some leaders are not following it in its true spirit then it is their fault and they should be dealt sternly with the judicial probes.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Indian constitution is very elaborate and well written and many times the people in the government are making changes. So I don't know whether it is to be rewritten or not.
    As fas as I know secularism is freedom for the people to follow the religions they like and all will be treated equally irrespective of their faiths and cultures. But I never heard about negative secularism and positive secularism. If anyone can explain on this I can understand the difference,

    always confident

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