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    If your study desk is not in the proper order that means you are studious. Do you agree?

    As we see many of the book lovers study desk their books are not in proper order because they usually refer the books for doubt or study the books late night and just place them in an improper order.As the Analogy is that If your study desk is not in the proper order that means you are studious. Is this Analogy is right? Even if the books are not clean or having wear and tear then also you are regarded as studios. Do you agree with this analogies? Please share your comment
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    It is difficult to conclude like that because keeping the study desk is a personal habit of keeping things in order and is entirely a personal trait of a particular student. I know many meritorious students who keep their desk always in order.
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    I think there is no relation between these two. A person who studies hard will keep his desk also in order. But a lazy student may not study hard and he may not keep the desk in order. I have seen many lazy students who never keep their books in an orderly manner. They will have some books in their school bags, some on the table and some in an desk. They never know where the book is and they will spend lot of time in searching the books that are required at that time. At the same time the people who study deeply and very hard will keep the books in order. All depends on the mentality of the person.
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    It is a personal habit pattern and trait that determines how a person keeps his things in proper order. Some people are very methodical in their approach to orderliness in the life while many take it very casually.

    So if a student keeps his desk in an orderly position it is a good habit as he will not have to struggle for looking to his things.

    It does not seem to have any relation with his seriousness towards the studies.

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    I don't agree. It's based on assumption that someone will be too tired studying that the person would leave the study desk unchecked. Untidy. But there are some disciplined students who like order. They organize their desk before resting. I am not really studious yet my desk is filled with all kinds of rubbish and paper work. I am not very well organized. So I can state that the idea is wrong.
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    I don't agree. Keeping things in order doesn't imply that a person is studious. It depends on how a person is taught to keep his or her things.

    Most of the serious people keep their books in good condition as they care more for them more than others. But that doesn't mean that they are studious. It's just a matter of habit they inherit from their parents.

    My son is not studious and his books always remain in the worst condition and his study table always remain in an improper way. It's just a myth if you have read it somewhere.


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    Studious and well organizer cannot be related to each other. It is not at all important that if an individual is studious will keep things in an unorganized manner. It is a matter of personal choice. It is just a belief that students who study more seem to be using their study desk frequently. Thus, one can see books and other things not so organized on their desks. Since they read more, their books will look old.

    Those who do not study will rarely visit their study desk and thus, it will seem well organized all the time. Their books will seem as if they are newly purchased even at the end of the term. However, it is not true. One can easily find studious students keeping everything neatly organized whether it is their study desk or their books.

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