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    What if the beggars too start using Paytm?

    No matter what but few will always be lacked of money & at the same time we have others who are always looking for charities. So far the both these have gone through with the traditions ways but now due to digitization of the transactions in context to payments too this may be seen on a different perspectives on both the ends.

    I am taking this on a lighter note & not in any ways intended to intensify this but is it possible & whether this is going to benefit to both the parties that in case of lack of small denominations the Paytm & other digitization transactions can do a hassle free good job?

    How do you see this whole on a broader perspective?
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    Today this is on a hilarious note but can become true also. Beggars are also capable of using new technologies for their benefit. It will vary from country to country. I think some of them are already having old second hand or stolen mobile phones.
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    We should not underestimate beggars. Their income is quite higher than many who are employed. Why not they use the Technology for begging. As long as people are there to give money why not take them. Use of Paytm will help the people who wish to donate money.
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    It is very much possible: they can use new methods for money even I think the time is not far away when instead of the traditional way of begging they will start telling people; ki Paytm Karo.

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    We have seen many whatsapp videos where when a beggar ask for money, the person in the car says, she has no money but only card, He takes out the swipe m/c and ask to pay. Just imagine how things have changed. Now a days, Beggers are more tech savvy than most of us(Don't get me wrong). They have many groups & are self sufficient.
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    Can we send 1,2 or 5 rs from Paytm or other methods? Then beggars will surely try it out. But it's a huge maintenance. Data pack. Smart phone. Minimum bank balance. Its a mess. And thanks to Modi's aadhar linkage, payments can be tracked I believe? So it's hard for the fake beggars who are monitored by organisations to make few pennies. But this goes directly against our mind. Why would we lend alms to someone with a phone? So no. Beggars are not going digital any soon.
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    Any thing is possible. Nowadays I am seeing some beggars also with mobile phone. I don't know whether they are smart phones or normal mobiles. Soon a day will come they may have smart phones also. Many beggars in cities are having bank accounts.With the advent of Jio phones the mobile phones became very cheap.
    These days begging is also a business. There are some people who are maintaining a mafia. They take money from the beggars and give them a portion of the money these beggars obtained on that day. By making payments through PAYTM or officially through bank these people will have a problem.

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    I don't think they will use it. It is assumed that if the person is using the technology then why will he beg. He will work somewhere and will earn. I won't give an alms to a person who will ask me to transfer through paytm.

    As rightly said these days too we find lots of people who ask for money on the name of their diseased kid or something else on Facebook or on any other social media. Such people are using technology to beg but I suspect how many of us give them, at least I don't.


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    Well, it seems we need to define what begging is at this juncture. There are beggars in railways stations and at some road crossings who are handicapped. They won't be able to handle those smart devices and in that case, I don't think it is possible. After watching various videos and reading many jokes on this topic it seems these types of things can happen in the future, but I doubt how practical it will be. As Aditya has rightly said in his reply are we really going to give alms to a 'beggar' carrying a smart mobile device? More precisely are we going to call him a beggar? Of course, the situation will be different if Paytm offers cashback to users when paying alms to the beggar.

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    When a technology is introduced then first the people who can afford it, use it. Later with mass production or increasing service base these things become cheaper and cheaper and even the poor can think of using them. So there are all sort of possibilities of the technology to be used by the poor class. It is only a matter of time that when they will be able to use it. I remember when I was in class XI, I first time in my life saw a person talking on a mobile phone (which looked like a big device in his hand) and some of us followed him with curiosity as how was he able to do it and what was that thing in his hand. He just smiled when he saw us following him as his face was lit with some pride also. That time we never imagined that that will be so common and ordinary thing in the future.
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