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    What is happening in Kolkata?

    A group of people with mask covering their faces entered into the Vidya Sagar College and vandalized Vidya Sagar must yesterday.
    CM Mamta Banerji said that what happened there, yesterday, was worse than the violence took place in the aftermath of Babri Masjid demolition in 1992 and only I know how I kept the situation under control.
    Actually, what happened at this College yesterday?

    All BJP ruled states and non BJP ruled states conducted polls peacefully. Why the West Bengal is so violent?
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    The is quite obvious that this being only the case with West Bengal.

    The silence of a media group along with the peace keeping of the alliance political parties also speaks everything on account of what's going on in WB. In the latest, the Election Commission curtailed the campaign timing in nine Lok Sabha constituencies of West Bengal by 20 hours. The campaigning will end on Thursday by 10 PM instead of Friday evening at 18:00 hours with a note that it was probably the first time that the commission invoked Article 324 in this manner.

    This is not an end here but the West Bengal Home Secretary Atri Bhattacharya along with Rajiv Kumar, Additional Director-General, CID, has also been relieved from duty with the reason that the state home secretary tried to 'instruct' the election commission instead of following its orders.

    But the silence from a section of a group doesn't surprises me.

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    Whatever happened and is happening now in West Bengal is in a bad taste. The local leadership is now not trustworthy of law and order and central Govt will have to take a note of the situation before the things deteriorate further.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The situation in West Bengal is indeed becoming grimmer with every passing day. The confrontational attitude between the party in power at the state level and the party in power at the centre seems to be benefitting no one, least of all the ordinary people of the state.
    The responsibility in the recent case however cannot simply be pushed to the TMC. The BJP has to share a bit of responsibility as well, though to a lesser degree than the TMC. What is disheartening is that even persons like Vidyasagar are not spared in this naked struggle for power.

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    Imagine the scenario wherein if this was a case of some BJP ruled state because than the perceptions & the viewpoints of any of us would have been different.

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    Already that scenario is managed by the BJP government in the form of EC. So many complaints against PM were booked by opposition parties where PM crossing election code clearly at the recorded witness of electronic media. People and news media are able to realize that but EC giving clean chits to PM and EC is becoming a laughable stock of diminishing the value of democracy. BJP destroying all functionaries of democratic institutions and no political party is able to combat that evil force and the only option for them is to come into power to set right the situation.

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    #665265/Ramakrishna Kambhampati, one thing which I don't get is that why this being the case in WB only while the rest of the nation's voting has gone peacefully including that of Uttar Pradesh wherein the SP+BSP alliance is found to be dominating this time.

    One more thing that I remind myself of was during the state election of MP, Chhattisgarh & Rajasthan. Prior to election few went against to the EC more especially the Congress party but after the result declaration the atmosphere got very friendly with the EC along with other governing bodies.

    Why this remains always the case?

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    The reason for this is BJP is losing a large chunk of seats from Hindi belt states. To make up these losses Mr.Shah developed a strategy to gain some seats from non-BJP states by hook or crook. So this is creating a lot of tension in those states.

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    My question is that when the Amit shah was already aware of the results of the above three states including that of Gujrat having close counter with the Congress party & even in Karnataka three Months prior to the Loksabha election than why this strategy of "hook or crook" derailed by him for the rest of the phases?

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    The conducting free and fair election is the duty of the election Commission. The State Government and the Central Government should extend required support to the election Commission. Exercising franchise is left to the individual voters. Why the parties should indulge in violence. This does not speak well in the Indian democracy. The Chief Minister of West Bengal is not behaving like a Chief Minister of the State.

    People who are occupying high position should maintain the decorum of Office. They should not stoop to such a low level and make derogatory remarks against each other and incite people to indulge in Violence.

    "If you don't understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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    The differences between TMC and BJP are increasing day by day. Major problem may be with TMC and there may be some problem with BJP also.
    This is mainly a failure of Election Commission in talking correct steps to maintain peace in the State. The State Government also may not be extending required support to EC.
    Unnecessarily the people are suffering. The things are going from bad to worse. The people in power should know how they have to behave and they should also give confidence to the voters that they can give good governance. But this aspect is lacking in West Bengal State Government. That is why we are seeing such a violence in that state.
    In AP also CM is against BJP. But we have not seen such violen during elections there even though there are some small incidents.

    always confident

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    Political ambitions to grab power at any cost result in violence. Generally these elements are the goons which follow a particular leader blindly. History is full of such violent occasions where it is very common to create unrest by damaging the property, vehicles and shops in a particular area. Damaging the idols and sculptures is another step in this direction. It is also said that law enforcing agencies are also sometimes are hand in gloves with these miscreants for the fear of avoiding the wrath of the top leaders.

    Such things should be dealt very strictly and firmly by the law and order authorities.

    Knowledge is power.

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    BJP is a party with the credentials of a candidate contesting is saying Godse is a patriot and we are proud of him. Previously BJP, Mr.Modi and Mr.Shah encouraged people like them in their party. This is the type of Hindutva, patriotism what they are proud of they are saying through their actions. This type of thoughts bringing violence in election campaigns.

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    The situation in Kolkata is not good. It's strange that students are very much involved in such activities. As per the news " Members of the student union, which is largely dominated by the TMC, had flocked to the front gate of Calcutta University to raise their voice against Amit Shah."

    "On Tuesday, Vidyasagar College and Calcutta University College Street Campus turned into literal war zones for the TMC and BJP student wing workers who were embroiled in a scuffle during Amit Shah's roadshow on the streets of North Kolkata."

    This shows how much hatred they have towards BJP or how Didi influence people to show their hatred toward BJP.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    Here I am missing Mr Partha's comments about what is happening in his own turf.

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    #665303/Ramakrishna Kambhampati, you named "Godse" but than are you aware of about what made him to do so?

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    I want to add that whatever is happening in Kolkata is not in a good taste. India is a secular country and here all the religious idols as well as personalities are honoured. It is really very bad to do such destructive things just to show your enmity or hatred for the other party. The repercussions of all this will not be in favour of West Bengal and these are the things due to which a state does not develop proportionately as compared to the other parts of the country. The public of West Bengal must realise these things and should not support such anti social elements.
    Knowledge is power.

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