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    Political ideology what is your take on this?

    As India has never been a Nation to fit in the Eurocentric definition of a nation with the same language, same religion, colour e.t.c. but a unique country in itself with so much diversity.
    This is why politics in India has also not been like in Europe working on the binary of Right and Left thinkers. But In India, we have a mixed breed you can find left ideology people in right and right ideology people in left. An intermingling of ideology so there are no such extremes in India to be directly based on this. There are many positive aspects of this kind of intermingling but also there are negative ones.
    Though there might be seen some more extreme and some less extreme but all the parties in India have some elements of socialist, communist and even fasict ideas mixed up within the parties.
    It is the leaders who shape the ideology here according to their point of view more than what party actually thinks.
    What is your take on this?
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    Ideology in politics has lost relevance. In the present day politics people try to win the election by hook or crook. Majority of the regional parties are based on caste. Changing of parties by the politicians is just like changing their dress. A person who have been criticising another party can be found in the same party next day. Politics has become commercial. We can find only handful we stick to the ideologies of the party.
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    A very interesting thread and what is found in today's politicians is a mixed ideology. The left and right have mixed together because all of them are switching sides at random and it seems they have chosen a middle path. Their goal is the same and that is to garner more votes and make allegations against the other. All of them preach secularism and nobody is secular. We all are disgusted with the politicians, at least a large section of the population says so, but we still vote and hope for a change. The ideology has taken a back seat long ago and the leaders are leading from the front. They have to capture the topmost position through money and muscle power. These days ideology doesn't get the preference, rather making more money is the only thing that remains in the mind of the politicians.

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    True. Binary thinking cannot be implemented here. Although most of my ideologies meet with left, there are some ideas of right, such as open business model and against abortion; are of my liking. India always chose a mixed path. Socialist and capitalist middle grounds is what we followed economically. Now all of a sudden extremist ideas are being adopted by people. It is impossible for them to admit that I can be in center. Accepting a bit of both ideas. All those fancy European terms are for nothing in India because all parties are almost conservative here. But also are pro-globalization and liberalisation. So it's never in the nature of our nation to settle for binary thinking.
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    The goal of the present day politicians is only to be in power and make money. There is no question of party or ideologies. In last time elections an MP won the seat on a particular party. Later on he shifted his loyalties . This time the same person is contesting on a different party. There is no party, no morals, no ethics, no other consideration except to win.
    For them it makes no difference whether it is mixed ideology or binary ideology.
    The voters also are thinking about the caste of the candidate but not his nature or other issues. They also think more about their personal interests rather than the nature of the person.

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    Following a particular ideology was the idea behind a focused approach and concentrated working for the benefit of the people and the country. Unfortunately due to vested interest to grab the power things started changing with time and ideology was kept on a back seat and opportunities and fight for the position became primary. The lust of money and corrupt practices added fuel to the fire and the public also could not do justice to the good and honest leaders as the public was more and less had affinity with the local or their own candidates. The state politics took a different shape than the national politics and things started to move in haphazard directions. In such a situation there is no fear of law and order and neither the fear of the central authority. So if a party in this situation talks of the ideology then they are only talking it to take advantage in the election and nothing more than that.
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