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    Topic based TOW contest for the month April'19 - 'Salt and pepper' (Winners)

    We have received 16 entries for the Topic for the month end TOW contest for the month April'19 - 'Salt and pepper'. Thank you all for your active participation and presenting your thoughts giving a new dimension to the theme. Now we are announcing result f the contest.

    And the Winner is -
    Sankalan Bhattacharya for his thread - When salt and pepper refused to listen!

    The Special Prize goes to:
    1. Vandana for her entry -Salt and pepper - the perfect blend of seasoning to a relationship?
    2. Aditya Mohan for his entry - Salt and pepper making empires
    3. Shampa Sadhya for her thread - Salt and pepper is a mix and match combination
    4. Venkiteswaran for his entry - Differing tastes of salt and pepper through my ages

    The winner will get 60 points and 60 c.c while the Special prize winners would be credited with 40 points and 40 c.c each. All other entries were given enhanced points and c.c based on their quality. Members, please join with me to greet the winners.
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    Great. I won a special prize this time. After a long time I got an award. This topic was difficult because we were to prioritize both items equally. So treating them as a pair was the best choice and thats what everyone did. Congratulations to winners and participants. The salt and pepper you people added kept the contest fresh and spicy.
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    My congratulations to all the winners of this contest and thanks to ISC for the award. All the entries were of different flavour just like the combination of Salt and Pepper. It was a good one and everybody thought of it from a different angle. My best wishes to all the other participants in this contest. Well done!

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    Heartiest congratulations to the winners. It was a good topic. Hope to see more such contests. Each and every entry was good. Hope to see participants contribute like this.

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    It was really a very interesting contest. This time the topic was also a bit different and a bit difficult also. Still,so many entries were there and it was nice to go through them and see the creative work of the members. Now the results are out and I congratulate all the winners for their respective awards. Well done and keep it up.
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    Congratulations to all the winners. A very well written entries are here in the list of winners. I wish and hope that the winners will continue their good work and get many more awards. I wish them all the best.
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    My hearty congratulations to all the winner of TOW contest of April 2019. All the entries were really creative and I enjoyed to read them.
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    Congratulations to the winner and members who have received special prizes for TOW contest of the month. An interesting topic invited good write-up from the members.

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    Congratulations to the winner and also to my co-winners of the special award for an interesting contest. Thank you to ISC for my award. I took some time to think about the topic but nothing came to my mind. Suddenly, the Rudaali factor struck my mind and then I could shape my article with a concrete thought.

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    Congratulation to all the winners for this award. It was a great contest with salt and pepper thread. I congratulate winners for their balanced and valuable contribution; I wish they keep posting valuable content on the forum and give members a fair dose of their knowledge and valuable information.

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    This time the topic was slightly different and we had to extend the table top salt and pepper to our imagination canvass. Overall it was a good experience to participate in that. I congratulate all the winners of this TOW contest for their outstanding entries.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Congratulations to all the winners of the TOW, the topic was unique and many thoughtful entries were presented. Wishing the very best for future awards.

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    Hearty congratulations to all the winners of this topic-based TOW contest and a word of appreciation to all the participants! All the entries were unique and had that Salt and Pepper touch in each of them.
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    Thanks to the jury panel for considering my entry to be award-worthy. Congratulations to Sankalan Bhattacharya for the winning thread and to the co-winners of the special prize as well!
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    Congratulations to all the winners & all the participants of the contest. All had their own way of presenting the "Salt & Pepper". It was indeed a good read.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    Hearty congratulations to thread of the eeek winner and all special prize winners for the month of April 2019 on the topic - salt and pepper.

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