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    An idea to stop the BJP campaign about dynasty rule in the Congress.

    It is a dream that I had this morning. It was interesting. I had a couple of other "political" dreams too. Why? I don't know. I am not very interested in politics. You all know that because I don't ever comment under posts related to politics. But the elections this time is one of the ugliest I have seen in my life. It's democracy that is losing the 2019 election. As Arnab keeps shouting, "Modi vs who?".

    But there is one thing Rahul Gandhi can do to effectively turn tides to his favor. If he comes out and says that he will never marry to put an end to the so-called "Gandhi" rule on Congress throne, sort of what legendary Bhishma did, he can easily win hearts and votes. Why hasn't he thought about this yet? This is an excellent statement to make that will shut up BJP leaders who have been calling him nasty names. Rahul is the only male heir to Congress throne and him not marrying will end the "Gandhi" name. Of course, we have Priyanka, who might take over his affairs after his term, but that would start a Vadra line. And I don't think Priyanka has a son. So that means the end of dynasty rule in Congress at least in theory. This plan looks amazing on paper to me and here's why. Modi government came to power in 2014 especially thanks to their pointing out that its dynasty rule in Congress for decades and that needs to be stopped. But this kind of a statement from Rahul Gandhi will make him "Faqir" that our present PM is. Our PM keeps saying that he is ready to leave his office any time the people call for it because he's a Faqir with no family (or has renounced his family). Rahul can and should adopt the same strategy. We know from his past interviews that he has no intentions of marriage anyway so we are not seeing him sacrifice or compromise.

    Also for the record and for the information of all, Lok Sabha records show that BJP too has many dynasts. Actually just as many dynasts as Congress. So Rahul will be doing right if he came out and said this. I wish someone suggested him this plan.

    What do you think about this idea that I got in my dream?
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    Yes, it is true. The data set shows since 1999, Congress has 36 dynast parliamentarians and the BJP had 31 dynast parliamentarians. Only Communists have least in such trend. This data set was analysed since 1952. So BJP is fast picking up with Congress party in dynasty. Then what BJP bhakts will argue now?

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    Getting married or not is the personal matter of Rahul Gandhi. Better not get into ones personal life. Now coming to the so-called dynasty politics, the family has contributed a lot to the country starting from Motilal Nehru. Is there any other family which contributed so much to the country? They sacrificed for the country right from the independence struggle and the people of India showed their faith in the family and elected them to lead the country for a long time. The structure of the Congress party is such that, it shows immense faith in the family and stays united under their leadership. The family managed the party successfully. Things may change in the future but not for now.

    The country has prospered well under them. Dynasty propaganda is to divide the party only. Is there any harm if that family holds control over the Congress party? The opponents want to disintegrate the Congress party for their benefit. It is one of the oldest parties in India and is needed for democracy in our country to sustain. We need a strong Government as well as an equally strong opposition party in the country. The Congress party was in power and in the opposition also. They are capable of performing well in both capacities.

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    I fully agree with the view of KVRR with regard to dynasty issue. The members of Nehru family involved in politics of India are democratically elected people only but not came out because of dynasty.

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    Leaders should emerge out capability wise and not the dynasty wise. This is very essential for the healthy democracy. In olden times kings were there and the property was theirs as the whole kingdom was theirs. Today it is not like that and equal opportunities are given to all the citizens of the country. Then why leaders should not be from every part of the country and get a chance to become PM. It should not be restricted to a particular family. It is definitely a bad trend and Indian people have already tolerated it for so long.

    Let us forget about the dynasty and families and now concentrate on the honest and good candidates for becoming PM who can think of the nation as well as the public before their own priorities.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A good idea by the author. Whether he will stick to his promise or not, if he makes that statement now there may be some people who will think of voting to him. There is no doubt that Nehru family is one of the few families who contributed for freedom to the country.
    The dream of Aditya comes true, there may be an end to the dynasty rule. What time you got the dream is important. If it is early morning this will come true shortly.

    always confident

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    The family background and culture influences the children born into a family. The Nehru family is totally involved in the politics of our country. Three Prime Ministers of our country are from that family. It is only natural that the children born into that family take to politics easily and develop themselves into good politicians and leaders. Ours is a democratic country and all the members of this family came into politics and power only because of the acceptance of the people of our country. The family members have an advantage over others because of their family background. One can not blame them for that. The dynasty propaganda is it's opponent's ploy to weaken the Congress party.
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    Very interesting idea floated by the author. Mr Rahul could use it to repair some of the damages done. Anyway as this is an entirely personal matter it is better not to mix it with the election campaign.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    So far as I have observed of the movements than may be the case that officially she has been booked as Priyanka Vadra but on ground & during election campaigning she has been termed as "Priyanka Gandhi" only. I strongly agree that still after so long time of our Independence the surname "Gandhi" is a good means for encashment by the Congress party for votes.

    But the time has already moved on beyond to this giving an indication for the healthy politics in the coming times.

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    I think it's an idea whose time has not come yet. Politicians are shouting so much these days that Aditya somehow became influenced by their activities and started dreaming of politics and politicians. Every political party designs their campaign strategy based on issues which they think will attract people. For some strategies, they may think they are successful based on the election results but nothing is permanent in a political campaign. It becomes relevant for a particular moment and dies down afterwards. Whether it's dynasty politics or not, people have the last say in a democracy.

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    Well Dynasty is not a crime and Gandhi family did lot of sacrifices for India and they gave best prime ministers to India. Because of Gandhi family only India is so much forward and competent or you know the situation of african countries.
    I also wanted to add that worlds half of economy is managed by Dynasty or family background and they did the best work. Plz check the example of Ford and Wallmart etc. So, this kind of post which tells others that dynasty / family should not be there then please go and finish Family / Dynasty rule in all companies from India.

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