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    Is editing permitted after the result declaration?

    Today when I was going through my write-up on the topic 'Salt and Pepper', I noticed a small grammatical mistake in one sentence. Now, the result is announced so, may I correct the mistake? Is it allowed or not?

    Your reply will help me to know the ISC rules better.
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    Generally these entries will be locked by the editors so that there should not be any confusion arising due to post submission corrections. Once the results are announced very few people will be going through it. So even if you correct it from the traffic point of view there is nothing significant there. Academically speaking if you still want to correct it then permission to unlock it will be required by requesting to ISC and you might have to add a note that this was a later correction and nothing to do with the entry as it is.
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    Thank you, Umesh Sir. I want to edit for my self-satisfaction and suppose I share with my loved ones then I would prefer that they get to read the correct version. There is an edit button on the said post so thought that if there is a provision to correct it then I may do so. Thank you once again for your reply.

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    No correction is possible to a locked thread. If you feel that the mistake is grave and would affect your self conscious, you may request ISC to unlock the thread for a while to carryout correction. It is upto ISC to decide whether a correction is necessary or not.
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    You can always edit our post but once the thread is locked you cannot edit anything there. I have done it many times because of many times I have found that I have done a mistake so correct them accordingly.

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    A request to the ISC,
    1. The thread should be allowed to be corrected.
    Once the result is out, the thread/ post is useful note for others to read.
    2. If one find a mistake and need to be corrected, the ISC moderator should allow the same as this will encourage the writer & also provide reader a neat & better post.

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