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    If health is wealth then why many of us neglect it?

    It is said and true also that health is wealth. It is one of the most important thing in our life and in absence of good health our faculties are reduced to nothingness and we can not do any thing in our life and become dependent on family members or other people. Very well knowing that it is so important many of us (including me) indulge in practices which are adverse and detrimental to health. Some examples are straining our eyes in smart phone for long hours without taking intermittent breaks, taking junk food in roadside eateries, going to sleep late in the night, not exercising or walking, do not adhere to food timings and related disciplines in life etc.

    Why it is so that even after knowing the importance of good habits and healthy lifestyle we are not able to follow it? Can you give your valuable comments on this? Please share your views.
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    It is true that we all know that health is wealth. Still, we continue living an unhealthy lifestyle and carry out things which exert adverse effects on our health. We do it willingly. We are not ignorant of the adverse effects. We know everything well but still, we chose not to follow a healthy lifestyle.

    The reason for not giving up on these habits is we don't want to be extreme on ourselves. We enjoy living unhealthy and thus we chose unhealthy lifestyle over a healthy one. Sometimes we try to break these habits and replace bad habits with good ones. Only some of us change and others within no time give up and come back to the point from where they started. Bad habits alure us and thus we cannot give up on them. Giving up what we like needs lots of discipline and will power. If we are ready to go extreme and hard on ourselves then nothing can stop us.

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    In today's fast life when we remain too busy at work we aren't able to look after our health. If you ask me I have been very careless towards myself. I have a job where I have to work in shift and sometimes in the second shift I reach home at 2 am in the night whereas the shift ends at 10 pm so don't have a particular and fixed time for dinner. I know it's important to have fixed timing for the meals but still, I am not able to do it. Moreover, I don't get the time to exercise or walks as I get tired when I return home from the office. Being a diabetic patient both these things are essential to control blood sugar level. After knowing the importance of these things I am not able to have a disciplined routine and I blame it to myself as it's my duty to manage time for the things. There are lots of people like me who live a lifestyle like me which is absolutely wrong and we should try to change it at any cost and I am trying to change myself too.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    Let me try to answer this complex question, with my theories –

    I think people lack discipline. They choose to make poor lifestyle choices, despite being aware of all the pros and cons, because they lack discipline. A healthy lifestyle demands a certain amount of discipline. You need to be regular with your walks and workouts and sleep and you need to watch what you eat, and all of these demand discipline.

    Another habit that is missing in most people is self-control. They cannot resist that piece of chocolate cake or plate of hot pakoras. They do not stop at one bite, even when they know the effects that these foods can have on their body.

    Believing that they are healthy, is also what keeps people from following a healthy regime. They do not realise that their lifestyle contributes to their health and ill-health. And that a healthy regime is essential to maintain good health. Lifestyle diseases set in slowly; poor lifestyle choices affect the bodies mechanism for fighting disease. Health issues can be avoided and controlled by living healthily.

    It cannot happen to me, is another belief that leads people to ignore their health. People believe that they are young and healthy, forgetting that their body is actually ageing each day. The realisation comes a little too late, by then diseases would have taken root.

    No time – people are too busy making actual wealth and enjoying that wealth, but make no time to secure their health.

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    If the health is not good, what is the use of having a lot of wealth. You can't enjoy your life. You can't do the activities you want to do. When we are all well we will not understand the importance of health. We will not take proper precautions to maintain good health. We will eat whatever we want, we will not have timely sleep and we conveniently forget all the points regarding health and once we get some problem, then we start repenting.
    Good eating habits and exercise to the body will be helpful for us in maintaining good health. Many people will not bother about their health and get over strained to earn more and more money. In that pursuit they will stuck with heath problems. They have to suffer and they may have to spend all the money what they earned for getting cured.
    Sometimes our health problems will make the family members also to suffer. They have to attend to us and they have to spend time doing service to us.

    always confident

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    Because of the reason that whatever we act & eat, we are not doing it consciously. This means that we are least bothered of the implications involved of our own actions.

    For example, although we are aware of the side effects of "white flour" but still this forms the major part of our diet & likewise we are instructed to walk 100 steps after having a lunch, dinner or break-fast but most of us still not seems serious about it. But in the first hand we are not even chewing enough in order to improve the digestion. These all we are doing every time unconsciously & this is what creating a negative impacts on our body & mind.

    Or else we can say that we have so much of intense schedule that we have no time to think on the healthy lifestyle etc.

    Interesting but a bitter truth.

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    As some other members have also pointed out I also strongly believe that lack of self control and lack of discipline is the sole reason for this unnecessary indulgence in bad habits leading to adverse effect on health.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I don't like to eat outside food. I always prefer to have homemade food only. Occasionally, when my family insist on to go to a restaurant, I go otherwise I don't.

    Once in a while, if we go out for lunch or dinner it feels good as we have a taste change. Also, we don't cook any vegetarian food at home to order it from outside. I strictly avoid roadside food because they are not hygienic and use low quality of ingredients. They don't use good quality of oils. That's why we should avoid it. These days people like Chinese food but that's also is not good for our health we should avoid it.

    I have seen a few people who cannot resist outside food due to the taste but they forget taste is not the only thing one should prefer, they should always eat healthy food to avoid diseases. No doubt we get bored with the same food every day so once in a while it's okay but should have a habit of eating only junk food


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    Health is wealth we all know but only some people are health conscious. They will not eat junk food or eateries from the roadside or when they eat they make sure everything is fine with the food. Most of the people have a lifestyle that has adverse effects on health. Usually, it is seen among all people that smartphones are excessively being used therefore, straining our eyes badly. People know the effects of excessive use of phones yet are not making judicious use of it. We eat junk food which also is bad for health but who cares, everyone likes it despite knowing what it is for health. Exercise is important for staying fit and healthy but does anyone mind getting up a bit early in the morning to reinvigorate and revitalize ones health boost energy with the early rays of the sun.
    This is because people like a comfortable life and don't want to restrain themselves to exercise.
    If a person wants to stay fit, bad habits have to be left out. Eat healthy, regular exercise and staying away from junk food is important things to consider. And of course, protecting our eyes and minimising the use of smartphone which is the main problem for straining eyes.

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