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    Why women are more interested in outings, tours and travels as compared to men?

    Most of the people like outings and tours for a change and if not many times in a year, at least once when it is the vacation time for the children. Of course children will be awaiting for that time of great excitement and fun.

    I have an observation that in general women are more interested in going out to different places for sightseeing and fun as compared to the men. Many men also like it but they will not be interested to go out as frequently as their counterpart woman.

    What do you think the reason behind this? Is it a natural trait in them? Please feel free to mention if my observation is not correct. Kindly share your views on this.
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    This may be a fact few years back. Now met too plan outings frequently. Earlier days most of the women were housewives. Husbands use to travel and tour different places as part of their work assignments. Therefore men was not showing much interest in outings. Women naturally bored sitting at home will be more interested in outings.
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    The perception could vary when someone reaches from pre-marital stage to a married life. Usually its the male who went outside for a living while the woman needs to play the role of a house wife. During this time the man being outside throughout he may be looking for a rest when returned but on the other hand the case of housewife would be just opposite to it who used to sit inside but when given the option then would be interested to go outside for a change.

    The life of pre-marital stage would be different in comparison to the above when both are free from the responsibilities of a family and therefore this doesn't seems to be that the outings, tours and travels are limited to any particular sex but would more be depending upon the situation & how far the circumstances allow.

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    The interest in travelling is not dependent on the gender. Different people will have different likes and dislikes.
    In olden day's majority of ladies are confined themselves to house and they will be busy in their domestic works. So once in a while for a change they were showing interest to go out. But gents we're spending more time outside. They think it is better to spend sometime in the house.
    But these days ladies are also equally going out and doing jobs. They may be busy in both house activity as well as office activity. Such ladies also try to take rest whenever some chance comes to the.
    All depends on the individual's interest and liking. In my house my both the sons and their wives are interested to go out whenever they get time. My wife seconds them. I feel better to spend time together in the house.

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    Men are from Mars while women are from Venus. They can have different perceptions towards outing. Though we can not generalize but I think women are more fun loving and like to go out often.
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    Generally our attitude is the governing guide in respect of our hobbies. In the year way back to 1960, ladies remained mainly confined to house activities and on bare occasions, they joined their husbands for outings or they participated in any social gatherings along with their husbands but with the progress of time and due to expansion of educational oppurtunities of ladies, there has been marked changed in the attitudes of ladies. They like to undertake numerous jobs fitting to them irrespective of domestic or or a job related to a outside place.
    In a way, it has eased the burden of the husbands with such relocations of jobs. We hope it will further improve with the spread of education within the lady - circle.

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    It's their nature

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