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    Why to bother of about what I preach & what I follow?

    Rationally how would you refer or think of an individual whose actions and preaching continues to vary? Practically if we come in face-to-face with those than in the first hand the initial impression wouldn't be good to any of us but then have we ever have thought of the scenario wherein we too behave in that ways. For sure we can't deny of this but even after this this continues to grow from within & with the time this also gets bigger & bigger.

    My concern is that when we are no different from others than why so much cry of what you do & how you do because ultimately we are on the same level?
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    Many people worry more about other people's actions and words. They try to talk about the other person's behaviour and methods. But they never understand their own faults. When we talk about others we will remember all good ways and means. But when it comes to implementing them by us we will conveniently forget all of them. Many people say something and do differently. They say do what I say but never do what I do. Some people will follow whatever they say to others. They are very sincere and they believe in ethics and morals. Such people are very less but the other type of persons are more.
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    In hindi we have a saying that 'Kathni aur karni mai antar hota hai' which means that there is a difference between what we say and what we act. This is very true and most of the people today are like that only.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Making tall talks and tall claims is very easy. It requires only a good knowledge of the language and a good vocabulary. What is difficult is to convert those things in practice and give the commensurate results. Today all the leaders are making great speeches and oratory is touching new artistic heights but what are the deeds they are able to show to the common public. Are the achievements in line with the great expectations? In most of the cases we are finding that there is no match between what is being told and what is being delivered. The promises are false and hollow. Simply people are being fooled by them.
    Knowledge is power.

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