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    Is the definition of “secularism” changed?

    The term "Secular" in itself comprises of, "indifference to, or rejection or exclusion of, religion and religious considerations" but I don't feel that this is the case with my country. For me we have already lost to this identity when the defined policies were biased to some other religions & cultures.

    It's a matter of absolute shame that instead of whatever necessity on the ground level in context to the condition of disadvantaged sections of our society who are still struggling for proper diet & with the other issues, the very political group always pop-up in support of one community for their own agendas of vote bank politics. Our nation has been termed as a secular country but I am surprised of to take a note on this because since the time of our independence a certain political stature has always talked of only a specific sections of this society and therefore if you still feel that we are living in a secular state than pl. have a second thought.

    Or else the definition of "Secularism" must have changed by now.
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    Secularism is the spirit of our nation but unfortunately there are some elements who are not observing this doctrine and dividing the people in the name of cast, creed and religion just to get votes and win the election. These people are responsible for the aberrations brought in the meaning of secularism.
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    Despite what many parties make you believe, our nation has by and large been secular. There have been brutal riots in 84' and 92'. And there are many more in 2000s too. Religious skirmishes occur all around the globe. It's our misfortune that, being a huge diverse nation we are, we are a playground of that many riots and unrest. But according to me we are successfully secular. Its our secularism that has brought us from 47' to now. But lately the government is calling secular people leftists. A certain emphasis is laid upon "protecting" and "conserving" the majority religion. This in itself is not bad or harmful but the hate speeches targetted towards minority is precipitating bad news in Bengal, U.P, Rajasthan and etc. Secularism is what our country needs to achieve development.
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    The definition of secularism has not changed, rather I would say the politicians are not aware of what secularism really means. It's true that even after 72 years of independence there are few classes in our society still marginalised. People are still divided on the basis of caste and religion. Reservation for the disadvantaged section was started with an intention to uplift those sections and still, reservation is prevalent. Actually, it is increasing because many sections are included in the reserved category.

    In any reservation, certain preferences are provided to the intended sections of people and politicians use this preferential treatment as vote bank. They use it efficiently during every election and divide people on the basis of caste, creed and religion with an assurance that certain sections will be provided with some freebies. People in this country became so used to this system that they will align to those political parties looking after the needs of that particular class or caste. Those who want equal treatment for all find this annoying but a significant part of the population still prefer this favourable treatment from the politicians. Instead of spreading the message of equality, politicians indulge in divisive politics and the country remained partially developed.


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    The term secularism was introduced in the Indian constitution by the 42nd amendment. Their are some words in our constitution which are as factors affecting the country and its citizens, if these terms are not handled properly it can lead to turmoil. I think that lack of specification of the defenition of religion makes it convenient for the political parties to manipulate with the secular factor of the constitution without being punished. Communal politics has never favoured India instead it has disfavoured heavily whether it was 1946 riot or others taking place frequently in India. The practical ground level defenition of secularism has been changed

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    The definition of secular is not changed as everyone is insisting on its intended meaning only. The problem is that the people in general and politicians in particular are ignoring the meaning of the word and doing whatever way they want to undervalue it. If our deeds are not in consonance with our speeches than such anomalies and aberrations will arise in the system. Secularism is an ideal condition for taking the care of all the parts of the society and has got a bigger meaning than what is given in a dictionary. Following secularism in its true spirit is the need of the hour and only that can assure all the classes of the society for their existence and well being in the composite system of this great democracy of contemporary times.
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    In India the politicians use this secularism to their convenience rather than its original meaning. They use is this as a tool for getting votes. Actually under the name of secularism initially a concession was given to downtrodden people and reservation system on this basis of caste is brought. No one objected for it. But it is being used even today for their advantage and to get votes they are extending the facility for years together. Even then actual needy people are not getting any benefit but the creepy layer in the same reserved castes are getting benefitted. That is how under the name of secularism politicians and a few are getting benefitted.
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