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    I'm moving to a new place

    I'm moving to a new place and don't know where to start. Please, share your experience.
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    Welcome to this site ISC and you have posted your first post in this discussion forum. Your post is too short as you have not given the reasons of your moving from one place to other whether it is due to studies at a new college or joining a job somewhere or any other reason so that we could give our suggestions in a more meaningful way. Anyway as you are moving to a new place there are some basic things which are to be taken care. The first and foremost is a safe place to live like a hostel or paying guest accommodation etc. Next comes the arrangement for food. You may be able to cook yourself but in the beginning you have to depend on a in-house canteen or a tiffin service. Another important thing is find out if you have a near or distant relative who can help you in times of emergency like medical problem etc. What are your financial sources in the new place. Have you equipped yourself with a bank ATM card or thing like that so that you can get cash whenever needed? The last but the most important thing is do not be friendly with strangers in a new place until you know some of the local people like shopkeepers, the milkman, the tiffin service person and other utility people who can tell you the credentials of a particular person in the locality.
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    Firstly, I congratulate you for moving to the new place. I can understand that it's not easy to change a place as one has to adjust as per the new place and it becomes more difficult when one has kids who are studying in the school.

    I also changed the place but that was in Delhi itself and is nearby my old house but still, I miss that bonding with the neighbours there which will take years to develop here at the new place.

    For you, I would suggest not to worry much. Firstly try to know about the place and important places like shops, doctor's clinic, school etc so that you may not get troubled when you need them. With time you will adjust to the new place.


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    It is good to know that you are moving to a new place for a better position and I wish you will have a good time in this new position and excel in your career. I wish you all the best.
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    Moving to a new place is always full of uncertainties, apprehensions and challenges. At one side we are leaving the comforts and awareness of the present place and another side is full of unknown factors. Sometimes our apprehensions do not come true and after reaching the new place we find that it is better than the earlier. It is positive aspect if we do not have fear of a new place and only think good and positive things about that. Still we are not sure of that.

    It happened with me when long back after my marriage, I had to move to a far off place with my husband and I had so many things in my mind but when we reached there the neighbours and other colleagues gave us such a warm welcome that I forget everything and all my apprehensions went away in that new atmosphere. We were there for a long time and while leaving that place I was so resistive and sad as I was so much attached to it.

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