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    Many of us are still children!

    The mother shouted at the child, "Why are you beating him"? The child replied, "He beat me first and so I have to beat him in return". The angry mother intervened to stop the fighting children. She tried to make him understand that beating hurts, but the child remained firm in his logic about why the other one has beaten him first.

    Or take the case when the father rebuked the child for scoring poor marks. The child quickly retorted that his friend has scored even lower. These are all childish affairs and many of us have experienced this during our childhood. In all these cases, the children have to be handled properly so that they can understand what is right and acceptable and what is not. There are many children who are revengeful. Well, why blame the child there are more adults who employ revengeful tactics in different situations in life.

    Justifying wrongdoing by giving an example of another wrongdoing by the other person is another tactic of revenge. Actually, we see this justification from the people around us and the politicians all the time. Whether it's their disruptive activities or abuse of power, they will try to justify them by comparing it with the wrongdoings of the oppositions. It seems many of us are still children while trying to justify our wrongdoings.
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    There are many reasons why people take revenge but the main reason being their ego is hurt and they want to teach a lesson to the person for what he or she did.

    It's understandable that kids do that as they are kids but when the adults do that then it's wrong. It's easy to compare with the people worse than us but not easy to compare ourself with people better than us. I never compare myself with others I have my own standards fixed and I compare myself with them why should I compare myself with others. This is also what I teach my kids.

    It's normal when a kid hits another kid then the later one will always hit in revenge but what I do is scold the later one that why didn't he complain to his mother. He should not answer the slap with a slap as that would increase the dispute only and will never resolve the issue.

    Comparing ourself with the wrongdoers will never help but will always deteriorate our image and character so we should avoid doing it to hide our mistakes.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    We always compare and justify with wrong things. Very rarely compare ourselves with right things and admit we are wrong. This is what is happening in present day politics. Everyone is making a statement that you have done a mistake so what's wrong in my making such mistakes. What moral right you have in questioning me?. So a mistake by another repeated by someone needs to be accepted as right. This is the sad state of affairs. These politicians cannot be changed.

    As far as children are concerned we should be more careful. They are our future generation. We should be honest with them and set an example to them. They learn from us whether good or bad. In my opinion parents should be blamed for the present state of affairs. We are failing in installing discipline and morality among children. We cannot expect them to learn after they are grown up.

    "If you don't understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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    But to live trough this many things and be dealed with it it's also important in forming good adult anyway. I clearly see this as something which you will value later in your life. All your things are going from childhood and it's really cool it went trough this way.

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    There is a child hidden in every adult! Though it does not permit an adult to behave like a child. During the growing up phase a child learns many things and slowly and gradually sheds its childish behaviour for the well behaved mannerisms of a young adult. The parents always aspire for that and feel pride in that change.

    Unfortunately this does not last long as the child finds that the world is very cruel and selfish and at every step there are powers to undermine him. He becomes rebellious and starts his childhood tricks to combat with the situation. So a grown up man using all the tricks of a childhood will try to not only revenge but start offending also as it is rightly said that offence is the best defence. So, yes I agree that many of us are still children.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Really many of us are having child mentality. We never ask our child why he got less marks. But we say so and so has got so many marks and why you got less marks. The point of comparing themselves with others will be taught by the elders only. The children tries to defend their actions by comparing themselves with some friends of them. This system of comparing ourselves with others and trying to compete with them is only causing unnecessary problems to us in our lives. The ego of us to be on the top always forever in all the aspects is causing unnecessary worries to us.
    As grown up people also we will not come out of this childish mentality They will always try to get their desires fulfilled and they will try to defend their actions by showing some silly reason.

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    Though all are not like that but some grown up people behave like the children. It might be intentional but it is not pardonable. The things for which we are banging our children how can we showcase that type of behaviour to others.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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