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    ISCians are not interested in their ISC mails.

    Most ISCians do not open their message box to check their mails. Recently, I had sent a PM to a senior member asking him to correct a serious grammar mistake in his thread, and the member is yet to correct his message. I do not know why the member is not interested to read the messages received by him. I am sure, our members are notified about the receipt of the mail.
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    Why did you say most of the people?

    Few people don't check it. Recently I don't get notification of responses on the threads even after ticking on the checkbox from few days. Maybe that member also may not have received the notification so did not read the message.


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    Earlier, I had sent many such PMs. Only very few have responded to my mail. Hence I said 'Most members". ISCians should make it as a practice to take the cursor to their name appearing in the home page or click on their names in other pages everyday to know the messages and alerts. The number of unread messages appear as 'Messages(1)'. (1) will appear in red colour.

    After posting this thread, I could see the correction carried out by the member.

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    The in-house message facility in ISC is a good facility but we are not using it regularly. I am using it only when I am getting a message and then I am acknowledging it or answering it. Most of the messages I am getting are from the editors. Probably as we are already talking to each other in forum section during discussions and deliberations, we are not requiring the message facility to send messages among us. Anyway it is better to use it for misc purposes like advising a member for something which may look offensive in the open forum etc.
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    oh common if someone is not responding to emails doesn't mean that they are irresponsible. People have other responsibilities in life, they have family & other challenges too.

    Some times they might forget about what they have to do by involving in their busy schedules.


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    As it is an internal mail of ISC, in fact a messaging facility, we are not habitual of using it until we get a message from the admin or editor. So for me its use is limited to that only.
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    Whenever I want to communicate something directly to a member, I am using the ISC message facility.
    The last time I used the message facility was on 3rd April 2019.

    I concur with Umesh #665392:in the statement "Probably as we are already talking to each other in forum section during discussions and deliberations, we are not requiring the message facility to send messages among us."

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    I don't think lack of interest is the cause. Apart from what other members have said, the context, content and the individual is important. For instance, if it is a congratulatory note, wishes, query for assistance on a topic that the other person is well versed with, the reply would be quicker. If on the other hand, the mail sounds like criticism or pointing out a mistake, some would take it constructively, some would feel annoyed (in the way the mail is worded) and ignore it. Some would not reply to emails related to personal information. So, there are many reasons, lack of interest would figure low on the list.

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