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    Kid supports his sleeping mom in a crowded train

    Internet is flooded with videos that momentarily capture our attention. Apart from these clips, there are videos which capture our attention. A young kid supporting his sleeping mother on a crowded train is one such video. Captured by a fellow train commuter, the video was shared on Twitter by People's Daily, China on May 15. This video has got approximately 33k views and has left people saying this guy a good guy.

    It's very rare to see such kids these days. I appreciate the love and care for his mother, not every kid does the same. What do you say about this kid? Don't you think he is a mature kid?

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    Basically Child learns from mother. How mother fondly takes care of him. Naturally child has reciprocated. This is one of the incidences which has been recorded. There may be many which has not come to our notice. Definitely every mother would have had different experiences about their child.
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    Lovely to see such caring children, I saw the video, he looks like a small boy who is stretching to reach the hand strap to steady himself, he's just a normal child who like most children of his age loves their parents. Interestingly. while checking on the internet one can see a video of a teenager form India hitting his mother with a broom stick.

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    Being the videos uploaded brings us to a different world & few among them provides us a sigh of relief that we still got the beautiful things around & the current substance may relate with the same topic.

    I am referring this in a general context because in the meantime I am still not aware of the subjected video but for sure have been evident of related incidences around of which I also submitted a thread. It was like a child being instructed by his mother to wait for the use of toilet till the train gets moving was really a motivational to many of us. Wherein even the grown-ups are negotiate with these not taking seriously & not thinking of the implications the smaller kids are trained to get smarter & to become true like a gentleman. Throughout this what I evident of was that the child didn't argued any but agreed to what his mother insisted for instantly.

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    It is good that the kid is reciprocating the love and affection of her mother and giving her full support in the times of need. In our hindu mythology and culture it is well illustrated that when our parents need the help and support we must provide it to them. It is our duty and not only the return of the love and affection they gave to us when we were children. The whole Indian literature is full of such things in written by the scholars and saints who have given their words of wisdom to us to follow in our life. These are based on the natural axioms which incidentally the Chinese boy is also depicting in this video. There is nothing bigger than serving your parents. It is said that even worshipping God is secondary when it comes to serve your parents especially in their old age.
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    We should appreciate the boy who has shown a good concern towards his mother and taken care of her. Such children are very much required these days. There are a few people who never thinks about their parents and tries to humiliate them. I came to know about an incident in which he killed his father by beating him on his chest. The father is above 80 years and the son is about 50 years. When we hear Such incidents we will lose our heart.
    The parents are Gods whom we are able to see. They took care of us and helped us to get settled in our lives. So it is our duty to take care of them and see that they will spend their old age happily with us instead of spending their olden days in old age homes.

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    Any video in the net which depicts fine human sentiments and subtle feelings generally gets attention of the people and occasionally becomes virul also. It also shows that public at large have respect for these things.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    While I appreciate the kid, I dont appreciate the author's efforts to copy and paste the exact information available on the net. The author could have modified the message with different words and posted here.
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