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    What if today’s top scorers would have to compete with the reservation system?

    How does the reservation system affect top scorers of school and college final exams? To what extent does the reservation system affect their aspiration to land a good government job?

    Recent results of the High school & Intermediate have depicted that the efforts & hard work of the students have paid-off with good results but at the same time a few would be an exception who couldn't do better. What's going on in my mind is that the top scorers among them would likely to aspire for the well reputed job profiles like that of "Public Services Commission" & other high level government jobs. However, they would be destined to compete with all those who, although not having good numbers in their marks sheet, would be having much better advantage over others. I am referring to the reservation system which has made this possible for all of us but at the same time this is how our system works.
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    The reservation for SC/ST as proposed by Dr. B R Ambedkar was for a period of 10 years from 1974. But the Governments not only continued the reservation to SC/ST but also extended the reservation to OBC, and 10% reservation to Economically weaker section. Government should now take a decision to discontinue the reservation.
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    There was a purpose in giving reservation benefit to certain sections of the society in the post independent India and it was successful in its intended purpose to a great extent as it gave equal playing field to some downtrodden communities. Today when we assess the reservation system it has become a powerful tool in the hands of politicians to woo the voters. So whoever tries to remove it will have to face the wrath of these communities. Interesting thing is that those reserved category people who have already reached a comfort zone in terms of financial position are also fighting for their privilege. Probably a mistake happened at the time of applying this reservation system that the financial filter was not put therein. Now it is too late as it is a highly political matter to talk of removing reservation. No one will dare to touch it.
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    The reservation system aims to uplift the backward caste people of society. Dr. B R Ambedkar has introduced the reservation system to equalize the backward people & forward caste people. But now in India, it is still continuing which is becoming a shit for the general category people.

    The reservation system that we are facing today provides around 12% of the seats for Scheduled Castes (SCs),
    7% for Scheduled Tribes (STs) and 27% for Other Backward Classes (OBCs). Only rest 50% of seats for the 'general' category which is again occupied by the minorities.

    Again while giving jobs the reservation system plays a major role according to the area & Zonal system.

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    This is sad that the reservation system in India is responsible for talented people not getting the desired opportunity. No government takes any measure against the reservation system because they know if they do that they will lose the vote bank. It's updating that people after scoring excellent scores in competitive exams don't get a seat whereas the person from the reserved category gets a seat even after scoring very fewer marks. Someone should take some actions and modify the system so that the talent doesn't get wasted.

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    The system of reservations is brought into existence to help the people who are really backward. This is appreciated. But because of some loopholes in the system a family which is benefitted once is again and again getting benefitted and the poor who really deserves the push are not getting benefitted. A collector's son is becoming a collector. But a cobbler's son is remaining a cobbler only. No one bothered for this. Do you believe that even today in remote villages there are people who never know about the benefits they will get through this reservation system.
    This system made many intellectuals to leave the country and settle elsewhere for their livelihood which is a real concern for the country. But no politician will think about this and help the country in retaining them,

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    Everyone is talking of removal of reservation benefit to certain classes of the society. It makes sense also to think like that. At the same time we also know that it is an extremely difficult task and any ruling party will think twice before going for this.
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