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    How do you manage with the different private mailing accounts?

    When I started with the Internet, I opened my first account on & then on wherein I was often busy with the chatting & then finally when was in my first job, one of my colleague introduced me to the As anyone of these was free for no cost, this led to opening of few more accounts which I thought of to be used for individual purposes but than it was found to be a lot more that this becomes daunting task for me to remember & updating of the new communications on each of those but finally I deleted the unnecessary accounts & now continuing with the most used ones.

    Is it the case with you too or else how you been able to manage all those accounts Single-handedly?
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    Its easier in phones as they manage your accounts and passwords efficiently. And you can actually switch users in phones better than in computers. I, right now have 6 active G mail and one Yahoo account running in my phone. They are all in sync with my device. I know I am compromising with my safety but again, convenience before safety. You don't have to remember passwords unless you format your phone.
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    I have one official mail, one personal gmail and yahoo mail account. These are sufficient for me. In fact I use yahoo very rarely. Any important message with attachment I will download and keep it on my computer so that whenever I require that information I can refer it. All matters related to my office will come on official mail only.
    The same three accounts I will maintain on my smart phone as well. Once we open on phone it will save our passwords and all in mails will be alerted. We can see them and decide the course of action to be taken. Many times when I am on move I use my phone for sending mails through data

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    I have only two mail accounts one in gmail and other in yahoo and I am very comfortable with that. It is easy to manage two accounts as one can remember two passwords easily. Only thing is we have to check both the accounts regularly.
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    During the passage of time I have got a few email accounts but only 3 of them are in use. The others are practically dead. Even managing three emails is a big task as hundreds of messages come daily and you have to see the real one of use to us. Most of them are spurious and invite us to trap us in their scheme. It is better not to open the doubtful ones.
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    Like you I started with rediffmail account and had just one account for around 10 years which I just used for searching jobs. But then I opened an account with Gmail and deleted the rediffmail account. Since the last few years, I have just one account because I know it's not easy to manage several accounts. I have seen people who have several accounts and I wonder how do they manage them. Also, what's the use of using multiple accounts unless you don't have an official account at the office which almost everyone has these days. It's not possible for me to keep many accounts because I am not good at memorising the passwords.

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    In the initial days I was not at all experienced or comfortable in the computer and the virtual space, Moreover I was too scared also as many things happen invisible.
    So by mistake and for getting experience, I started about two or three different email addresses. But my usage was very minimal. The one I used was the email ID provided by my ISP. Gradually the other IDs got lapsed themselves by non-use or by my forgetting the ID and password.
    But when my email usage was increasing , my ISP discontinued the email service . So I had to open a new email ID, I was not having much technical knowledge and I could not back up even though the service provider gave the instructions.
    Then I opened one more alternative e mail ID also. as a precaution. Now I have two email IDs. One I am using for most of my dealings and transactions. The other I am using occasionally, specially for one or two uses and keeping as a standby.

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    I have like 3 accounts, one at gmail, other at yahoo and third is on All with different passwords and very different needs really for all that things. My one is even blocked now for like more than 2 years really. So I mainly using my

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