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    Can we survive without friends?

    Are friendships so vital as to form a basis for our survival? Share your views on whether or not friends are so important that you just cannot survive without them.

    Humans are generally gregarious by nature and require companions or friends. At every age people search their friends of same age group. It is said that good friends are a lifetime treasures and source of joy.

    Are friends so important in our life? Can we survive without them? What are your views on that. Please share and give your comments.
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    We are social animals and it is imperative that we require company. There are very few people who are self centred and can survive without friends. Psychologists say that to have a life without friends or companion can lead to psychological disorders as the person will always be alone, aloof and talking to himself only. Company or friend is required to break the monotony and share ones ideas with each other. I strongly feel that they are required. Of course it is up to the individual as how much time one wants to pass with them. Those who are very busy can give little time as compared to the less occupied people. One important thing is that the company should be good as the bad company will affect the growth of a person adversely hence one should be careful in selection of friends. It is also true that good friends are a joy forever.
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    Yes, friends are essential to have in life. It's very difficult to survive without them for any person. It's also true that to find true friends in life is very difficult. At every stage of life, a person needs someone with whom he can share his feelings which he may not be able to do it with any family member. Some people don't have friends in life such people actually lack qualities like doing trust in someone and don't have the nature of caring people. These people think that they may live without friends but at some stage, they realise that they should have them in their life as they feel loneliness later on in life.

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    I personally feel the concept of true friends has changed to an appreciable extent. In the good old school and college days, we had people who were the true band of friends, you could drop into their houses unannounced, sit for lunch uninvited, hang out near the compounds/neighbor, trust them in our houses, etc. They would be there to help us with social or minor family/monetary related issues.

    Over the years, I've seen that the shape/form of a friend has changed, it would more like colleagues whom we work or interact with, regular contacts in our social circles or in our locality/apartments. There are good people but some of them become friends for extracting a favor or childcare etc. Some gain our confidence and misuse/abuse the liberty given to them.

    So, yes, friends are important, while friends are not mandatory for survival in the literal sense, they enrich our lives and help us be a normal social human being.

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    Alright, yes! we can live without friends.

    I do agree human beings are social animals and they do need to mingle with other beings to be in existence and is natural. But we should also note that, friendship is just one of the platforms where you get social and others include your family, your relatives, your bosses, that stranger you meet every now and then at Banks, Government offices, your court etc. And thus, friendship can anyways be compensated by all these sub-wings.

    Why do I say so? You must have seen more orphans living without family but they have got the compensation in the form of society and friends. If you can live without family and relatives, you very much can without friends as well. And it is quite challenging to get friendship for introverts wherein to them family, relations and society comes at easy disposal. And few people wouldn't prefer having friends as they would be lot of goal-oriented and find pleasure in their own company. Not having friends, doesn't deem you to be bad at interaction skills, it just mean you enjoy your own company and you do not want anybody to take you for granted.

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    Everyone has their own limits. A family is more important than others. One can survive without any but for life lived, we need everyone. In our life, Friends plays a very important role.
    - They are our best review.
    - Make everything look ease
    - Make us stand in difficulty.
    - Our best support
    - Makes every moment enjoyable.
    - At times, Makes us relax
    - Shows our importance.

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    I do not think humans are gregarious by nature. Most people are sociable or expected to be so. Only a few are gregarious in nature, and not everyone likes being around them.

    It is good to have friends, but I do not think that our survival depends on them.

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    Yes, we can. After all, friendship is not essential to survive. We cannot survive without food or water, but companionship depends on the nature of the person. A company of another person enhances the experience of life for those who enjoy the company. Friendship has benefits too and it's impossible to handle life absolutely alone. In every job, we require some assistance from others. Even if we are taking the assistance of machines, we require human intervention if the machine becomes faulty. As a social being, we form an association with others and thus become a friend of another one. With the increase of association, the number of friends also can increase. So, I would say friendship may not be essential for survival but friendship helps us in many ways to lead a life as a social being.

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    With age people less and less need some friends really. But in the same time this needs grows only higher cause you have only something like boss, competitors and coleguaes and something like that. And your wife/husband and that's it really. Need is present.

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    It is not necessary that we should have friends for our survival. Survival is different and friendship is different. We require air for our survival. We require food for our survival. We require water for our survival. Without any one of these three, our survival is not possible. We can survive without friends.
    But we are all social beings. We require the help of others in times of emergency or we may have to help others when they are in difficulty. That way everybody requires friends. Olden days people used to say that we should have four people known to us to carry our dead body to the burial ground.
    A true friend is rare these days. All friendships are materialistic. If I help you how will you help me? This concept is increasing. A true friend will help his friend by knowing his requirement in times of need.

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    In today's selfish world, it is almost impossible to find true friendship. If we have found one, it is important we cherish that relationship throughout our lives. If we have true friends, life becomes easy as we can share and care to our heart's desire. If we don't have one, still, life continues.

    It is not at all true that we cannot survive or live without our friends. It is not at all true that those who do not have friends are lonely and sad. I know people who interact very less with others and hardly have any friends. They are doing okay and they are not depressed or anything just because they don't cherish friendships in their lives. Thus, I feel that friends or no friends, life continues.

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    Friendship has become as an essential part of life. Especially children has great influence on friends. Identifying a true friend is a time taking process. He should stand like a pillar in times of need. Having friends is fine , at the same time one should create space for family too. Family should be given first priority to friendship. Spending more number of hours with friends ignoring family responsibility leads to weak bond with family. There should be a thin line between friendship and family. Both should be properly balanced. We find many people in the society who fall into bad company of friendship. we should be aware of such parameters where youngsters learn the value of friendship.

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