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    Lok Sabha Elections - 2019

    The Lok Sabha election, is heading to a close, with the final round of voting to be held today, May 19. The elections will be held in seven phases starting on April 11 and go on till May 19. The results will be declared on May 23.The general election 2019 will choose the 17th Lok Sabha and determine the next government.

    Here is the complete schedule:
    - The first phase on April 11 - 91 Seats.
    - The Second phase on April 18 - 97 Seats.
    - The Third phase on April 23 - 115 Seats.
    - The Fourth phase on April 29 - 71 Seats.
    - The Fifth phase on May 06 - 51 Seats.
    - The Sixth phase on May 12 - 59 Seats.
    - The Seventh phase on May 19 - 59 Seats.

    In 2014, the Narendra Modi-led BJP swept to power, winning 282 of the 543 seats in Lok Sabha; it crossed the halfway mark of 272. The BJP became the first party to gain majority on its own in three decades. The National Democratic Alliance (NDA), the coalition it leads, won 336 seats. The Congress, which headed the UPA government for two consecutive terms earlier, could manage just 44 seats.

    Some of the Key election Issues :
    -National Security ( Pulwama attack, Rafale Deal, etc)
    -Farmers ( Loan, Suicide, etc.)
    -Unemployment ( New jobs, etc.)
    -Religion ( Sabarimala, Triple Talak, Burqa, Ram Mandir, Bishop Franco, etc.)
    -State wise favor (Flood-Kerala, Bengal, UP- Cow Slaughter,etc.)

    As all will know the result on 23rd May when the counting will start.
    Let's have a healthy chat/say:
    1. Who do you think will/can win this election(Just a prediction).
    2. Why do you think the said party will win.
    3. What is your expectation from the new government?
    4. Who do you think will be a perfect choice for making a PM post.
    5. Any other view/say.

    So guys be quick, as you have only 4 more days to give your valuable comments, as this thread will be closed on 23rd midnight.
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    Hi, I do believe, in all its essence - BJP is going to mark in this election.

    As we all know, the major denominator for the party to win is Mr Modi who have got celebrity status across the country now. Am I saying, just looking at the status of a person, we should be voting ? No. I do agree, as a PM, Mr Modi has seen failure as well in effective implementation of demonetization, GST roll-out or other religious issues but who dare taking decisions which shall impact the living pattern of the country as a whole? And those decisions must have costed his own existence in his next election as well. But on the contrary, majority of the people tend to live the pain as they understood, to see the day of light, you need to travel in the dark.

    And also, BJP's major matra is Hindutva. As India is majority of Hindus, most portion of the traditional background would vote for BJP on religion grounds. I do agree it's wrong, but you cannot change the mindset of the people. And secondly, a major group of Indians, have sympathy over Modi, they say - just 5 years to clean up India is next to impossible as the other party is been given 60 long years, let BJP be given justice of 5 more years. And as you can see, except for the Rafale controversy, BJP has not been booked for any other major scams unlike in past by other parties, And Mr Modi backed by Mr Shah are very good orators and understand the pulse of the mass. One more factor to note is that - Mr Modi lives very simple life or has very less wealth, which garners the sympathy vote at large. Sympathy vote has made many people win in our country.

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    You are submitting good content, by the way. Well done!

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