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    Smartphone guidance on various features and services

    Like on previous occasions, I am seeking guidance from you all via the forum regarding the features and services of my smartphone (Redmi 4). As before, I have a number of queries but, as such, these are not suitable for the AE section since these are just general queries. I will ask one question at a time and hope members will provide the necessary advice and suggestions.

    The first query is related to the images of the various features that appear on the home screen (the icons). On my phone, these all appear neatly in rows and only WhatsApp and a couple of others are accessible with one left swipe. On my aunt's phone (Redmi 5), recently, all the icons seemed to have run around here and there! They are spread all over. For example, the grey icon with the gear symbol for settings is at the top, above the search box. The icon of Whats App and a couple of other icons are on the lower half of the screen, with spaces in-between. The contact icon is available only after one swipe left, as also the Notes. The Gallery of the photos is accessible after two swipes. I tried to push the Settings icon down and re-locate the Contact icon to the home screen with a few others. However, nothing is happening. How do I re-locate the icons of features which my aunt uses frequently to just one screen, namely the main Home Screen? The ones she requires the most are: Settings, Gallery, Google Photos, Contact, WhatsApp, SMS.
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    Just hold the icon of the app that needs to be placed on the home screen and drag it to the left. The icon of the app will move and get placed on the home screen.

    All apps can be shifted on to the home, even the ones that are not showing up. You can move the Whatsapp icon to the home screen, in the same manner.

    The haphazard display of icons on the home screen can be corrected easily. Hold the icon and move it to where you want it on the home screen.

    I am using a Google Pixel 2xl and these methods work for me. In fact, I have followed the same procedures on all the phones that I have owned.

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    Thanks for the advice. I tried it on my own phone just now and was able to shift WhatsApp to the home screen after shifting one of the other less-used icons to the back (later) screen to make space for it. I don't know why it did not work, though, with my aunt's phone when I met her yesterday. I will check again.

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    My next query -

    As per the advice which was given in an earlier thread, I had installed TrueCaller to block unwanted calls. However, I am confused about whether I should also use it for blocking SMS. Will it block messages that I would want to receive from a service provider but from whom I do not want to take useless calls?

    For example, a marketing call from Vodafone gets blocked, but I do wish to get SMS alerts about a Bill to be paid, though, at the same time, I do not want to know about a supposedly useful Vodafone App or a supposedly wonderful monthly plan. Is there any way to specify the types of messages I would want to receive but not those I do not want from the same person/service provider?

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    As Juana Madam has already well explained, we are also shifting the icons by pressing them and simultaneously moving to left or right depending upon which screen you want to place them. This works well with every phone. In case if it is not working on a particular model then one can check the various sub menus under the settings whether there is something of the kind mode of screen touch - one touch or continuous press or press and move etc. If it is so it can be selected in the desired mode. I saw that in some old model and it is only my guess whether it is being again introduced in some new phones. There is a golden rule with smartphones that when nothing works go the menus under the settings and explore them threadbare.
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    As far as I know, we can use the true caller to know the identity of the caller and fake calls and marketing calls will be identified as the true caller shows the details of such calls in red colour. If we don't want to receive calls from those numbers we have to send a message to the service provider. They will do the needful. While doing that you can inform them about SMS alerts also. We have to inform them separately for each number. Instead of that, it is better not to answer such calls once they are identified as fake calls through the true caller.
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    There is no way to pick and choose the contents to be blocked from the same number. Suppose, if you block the calls from a particular number, say 98****23**, you will neither receive calls from that number nor messages. The message from that number may be there in the spam box inside the Message icon. If you do not want to receive marketing calls or messages from any marketing agencies, the best way is to activate the Do Not Disturb services provided by the service provider. For that, you have to type a message START 0 and send it to 1909. You will receive a message from the service provider confirming the receipt of DND request and the specific time within which the service will be fully activated. I think it may take around seven days by the service provider to complete the process to register your number in the list.

    You can also specify in the DND request about what type of messages you want to receive. For example, if you wish to receive messages regarding health-related products only then type START 4 and send it to 1909. If you wish to receive messages related to education type START 2 and send to 1909. Each category has a specific number. You will get more details on the website:

    By sending START 0 to 1909 you are blocking promotional messages of all the categories.


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    My observation is that companies use bulk SMS services for text messages and some kind of automated service for voice messages, and the numbers are not the same. Calls come from a number, while text messages have an alphanumerical identity. That has been my observation - so in that case, blocking voice calls will not automatically block text messages, from the provider.

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    You should also be able to block calls and messages on your device, without using Truecaller. I think all smartphones come with this added feature. With Truecaller your contact list gets shared with the provider. You may want to use the inbuilt feature if it is available on your phone.

    Open the messages/phone app, tap on the three vertical dots, select settings and blocked contacts. Add or delete numbers to and from the list.

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    I am not well aware of the apps like truecaller but I am saving all the unwanted numbers as fake1, fake2 and so on. I have many such names coming up on the screen when a call comes from such a place. I simply ignore it.
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    There are some five digit spam-like numbers that you get annoying messages from, your service provider. These, as Juana mentioned and observed are worth blocking. Infact truecaller identifies them under spam. So feel free to block these bulk useless messages. They are not linked with your recharge or other sms alerts. Those will not be affected in any manner.
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    This thread has generated very useful and interesting ideas to block a particular number or call or SMS. In todays environment, where a large number of spurious calls are moving from one place to another by unwanted sources, such measures are of great relief. I think mobile companies should incorporate in built apps and features in their mobile devices for combating such nuisances in the digital world.
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    If you are worried that you will miss out on important bill payment alerts then I suggest you register your email ID with the service provider to receive the E-bill, through email.

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    Next query -
    Isn't there a recycle bin on the smartphone, like there is one on the laptop? Although photos get saved automatically in Google photos, let's say I delete some text which I had saved in Notes. Is there a bin where it went and from where I can retrieve and restore it? Same with some text deleted from WhatsApp - does that have any recycle bin?

    [Members are also welcome to submit queries here related to the smartphone if they wish to, and get guidance.]

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    Juana, with reference to your instructions in #665469 - I did that and over there I can see 'Show blocked SMS'. under which is written 'Show blocked SMS in conversations list'. That is in the 'on' position. Is that what you are referring to?

    I have given my email to the service provider and am getting E-bills, but like to get an alert reminder as well.

    Update on 22nd May, 3.15p.m. (since I cannot put in a response after two consecutive ones)-
    Happy to report that I figured out how to block the specific messages. I simply pressed down on the number at the top of the message, which opened to show the number fully and the 'Block' text appeared at the bottom over there. So I have duly blocked a number of the spam messages today. Earlier, I used to hold down the message and check through 'More' if I could block it. I am delighted that I managed something on my own!

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