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    Is wearing a helmet while driving two-wheelers just to avoid challans?

    It's shame as I have seen some youths who don't prefer wearing a helmet while driving two-wheelers they just wear it because if they don't wear it and if caught by traffic police will be penalised with a heavy fine.

    I was going through the news today and found that a truck lost control and collided with two motorbikes and in the accident, three people got killed on the spot and two are in hospital in ICU. This is the case of PUNE. Had they all worn helmet may be they might not have got killed?

    It's strange why people knowingly do such things and risk their lives? Do you risk your life by not wearing a helmet or seat belt? Do you follow all the traffic rules?
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    Yes, it is quintessential for all to wear helmet to have their soul live longer, but yet youth takes the same for granted, simply for the fact that either they want to show off or they feel inconvenient. And it is also to be blamed on their parent's part for not having enough briefed about the safety standards to their children. And how often many sanskaris prefer wearing helmet when they want to visit a shop just next road or nearby vicinity? Is the danger of accident only exists in main road/high ways?

    And also, the so called film industry is one of the major reasons for cultivating negligence among the youth mass. In order to let hero show the face, they would not be making the front rider and the pillion rider to wear the helmet, under the impression that, the danger of accident had gone for vacation!

    To put it in a nutshell, an understandable soul would never get influenced by the external forces and for them their safety is important as they know the true value of life. And what could happen to those who show off? Well, they too live and have dinner but up there in heaven.

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    Many people think that wearing helmets or seat belts is just a rule and if they don't follow it they will be penalized. They do not think of the security aspect of using these safety precautions. It's really unfortunate that many do not follow safety precautions though they have driving licences. I find people in this country is not at all concerned about safety measures. It is not only related to following traffic rules but also seen in cases related to fire prevention or other safety precautions in a building or market complex. Many people just think these are rules and they can easily get away by breaking them if they pay bribes to the authorities. The law enforcement agencies are quite reluctant to pursue these cases until prodded by the media and they release the lawbreakers after taking bribe rather than penalizing them heavily. Along with the people, law enforcement agencies must be strict to handle any kind of violation and then only people will realize the importance of following the rules.

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    People do not bother for challan or other penalties and feel pride in not adhering to the safety measures. They do not care for their own life and over and above do not care for the life of others. They believe that death will be on the destined day and then why to try to change the destiny as fixed by the almighty. There parents might be worrying for them but they do not bother even for their coming sorrowful times. Who can teach to follow safety measures to these indisciplined people?

    Long back I read one suggestion by a citizen that the bike of such defaulters should be taken by the traffic police and only should be returned after they pay a hefty penalty and a court affidavit that they will not do such indisciplined and public life threatening acts in future. But can we have such strict governance in our country?

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    This begins at home.
    Mother: Beta, Helmet leke jaa o. Nahi tho policewala pakedegaa.
    Wife: Helmet Pahanke Jaao ji. Nahin tho fine dena padegaa.

    No family elder would ever say - "Please wear your helmet to protect your life.'
    All are worried about the police checking only.

    It is the rider who should feel the necessity of wearing helmet to save his life in the event of an unfortunate accident. He should think about his family while riding the two wheeler.

    I sincerely wear a helmet, and I advise others to wear a helmet for safety only.
    I don't offer my two wheeler to someone if they don't wear helmet

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    Not only the Govt but it is also the duty of the parents to teach their children to wear helmets without fail. I fully agree that inculcation of discipline starts from home. We should not blame the traffic police for the things for which we are responsible.
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    A very interesting topic which many of us actually don't mind. I too was one among others who never thought of wearing the helmet/seat belt, till I reached KSA for work. Here , wearing seat belt is compulsory even at site. One needs to ride at 20Kmph at site which is to be followed . Every the road signs, halting before crossing etc. are given utmost importance. doing this, gave me a practice which I follow, even at my native. This has on its own made me realise the importance of using the safety measure for one's own safety than feeling a compulsion. These are actually for your own safety, challan is just a way of make you wear.
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    Last weak one of my relative met with an accident. He was driving a two-wheeler. A car coming in the opposite direction hit him and he met with the accident. Luckily he was wearing a helmet. Otherwise, he might have died on the spot. He is recovering now and he is on the bed. But no problem for his survival. So helmet wearing should be for saving your life but not for not getting a challan. This is a must.
    My sons drive two-wheelers. I never allow them without a helmet and they never go out without having a helmet even though it is a short trip. Like this, everyone should start using a helmet without any hesitation and that will be their life saver.
    But many teenagers will not wear this helmet as they can't show their handsome face to all. For them, this is only to avoid challans and they don't mind paying more to the police so that the challans will not be raised on their names.

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