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    Aadhaar - The need of time, but better implementation required

    Do you think the Aadhaar card requires more features and aspects to be added on to ensure its better implementation? What suggestions would you put forth to the Govt.?

    I know ISC already had a thread " Should we Indians have Aadhaar card or not? - Discuss"

    Many of the working people who have gone to other countries would have the experience where they have a residence permit card, known by different names in different countries, Iqama, Pathaka, Social security, etc. These are linked with everything - Say your bank a/c, Medical Insurance, Driving Licence, Address, Family details, Company, Designation, etc. This, in turn, is very convenient for a person to carry & every detail can be checked by the unique no of your card.

    The Aadhaar Card too was meant to be the same but seems to have been implemented in a wrong way (same as demonetization). The government needs to take steps to implement with more corrective measures for all the citizens of India. This will help to get all the work done with more ease. The Government can make a renewal period of say 5 or ten years, wherein people need to renew their card(online). this will help in keeping a track with the population of the country, every this should be used for voting, which will prevent bogus voting, Income tax payment, etc.

    What more does one think should be added as a feature of Aadhaar card?
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    India is a big country and implementing any scheme for introduction of a composite card is a herculean task. There are already a lot of cards in practice for different tasks like Ration card, Voter card, Driving license, Debit card, Credit card, Health card, Identity card etc but none of them is complete in itself as a nationality identification card. Aadhaar was an ambitious project but seeing its powerfulness some corrupt and bad elements became alert and started creating hindrances in its development. They even went to court to stop its mandatory linkage to bank accounts.

    Frankly speaking there should be a composite card (may be advanced Aadhaar) which should be able to tell the nationality of a person and even a refugee from other country can be mentioned in the card and his original country. Such card should be linked to bank accounts and Income Tax department. This type of governance is required if we really want to catch the bad elements in our system. All other cards should be removed from the system and only one card should be able to identify a person.

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    I do not know what was the purpose behind the Aadhaar card, but the apex court has already said that disclosing of Aadhaar number is not mandatory. The idea of a single card containing all the information is always very good and people are discussing the possibilities of such card in future. Maybe the Aadhaar card can be converted into that one but then the data security is going to be the main issue. Already there are allegations of leakage of information from the server where the Aadhaar data is stored. People are questioning about the storing of biometric information in the Aadhaar database and also issues related to privacy.

    Let the government first spell out a policy regarding the necessity and usefulness of Aadhaar. If a card like the social security card in the USA is planned then strict measures must be there to issue those cards. In our country, anybody can get these Voter id cards or Aadhaar cards by bribing the local political leaders. Almost all of the political parties are concerned about their vote bank and they never mind to issue these cards even to the infiltrators. Strict measures must be employed to stop the misuse and then only we can think of some cards modelled on the social security cards or job cards that are prevalent in other countries.


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    Dear Umesh & Sankalan, Very well noted but some points need to addressed. As Aadhar was introduced in a wrong way(implementation), All the flaws can be looked into & a new & well planned policy can be made by the government to make such a card as all other countries have. It will be easy & well secured. The pain is that it must be done only through Government offices, instead of giving it to third party for collecting data & issuing the card. As we have a Debit / Credit / Atm card, same could be a formate with, Name, DOB, Unique Identification No, Validity of the card can be printed. This will surely help in tracking people , etc.
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    I strongly recommend a permanent Aadhaar card which need not be renewed, or altered or changed. In the event of loss, a duplicate Aadhar card should be issued. It should remain forever from birth to death. It should contain all the information that are required for us and to the government.

    Aadhaar card should be issued immediately after the child's birth from the hospital itself.
    If a person dies, his/her Aadhaar card should be surrendered to the government . This will enable to help the population count (census) of our country.

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    This biometric system was a great initiative from the govt but it could not continue as a fair system as we saw data breach and leakage of information like banking details. This should not have happened. The aadhar card is a great alternative to other different cards and it can be good to make it necessary as an identity, and for other requirements for the ease of people. I liked the aadhar and it was really a nice system to verify the identity of a person.
    There should be some innovation in this system to prevent the breach of information and then it can be implanted properly.

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    Adhaar card is very useful if it's linked with everything but the government has implemented it partially. Actually, it's beneficial if through one card one can have all the details of the person readily. It's very useful for the kids as if they are lost with the fingerprint their address can be known. Similarly in case of an accident one can know the detail of the person.

    But what is bad about the adhaar card is it takes hours for a person to get I made. My kids who are if 12 years now don't have an adhaar card because I am scared of standing in a queue for hours for it. I remember I had to waste one whole day when I got it modified for DOB, phone number and email ID added in it. The government should think about it and should open more adhaar centres to make it comfortable for people if they want to get it corrected or want to have a new card for the kids.


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    There is a need of a composite national identity card which could be the Aadhaar card or any advanced card like that. This will help in bringing the good governance in the country and any mischievous act will be caught at once. That is why some people are against it!
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    An identity card with all the details of the card holder is very useful. This should replace all other cards like PAN Card, Voter ID etc, But the question many people ask is about the privacy of the information and how they are preserved without going into unwanted forces. The issue of cards, amending it or any changes should be done by the individual or by the government department. No private party should get involved in this. The information should not be available with any private parties in their servers. They will misuse the same. Linking the card with a biometric system is a very good development. But unfortunately the information is available with many private parties and they may misuse the same. This aspect is to be looked into and take corrective actions. Then only this concept will be successful.
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