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    2019 Lok Sabha Elections India results - live reports and discussions

    This thread is now open for discussions on the results of the 2019 Elections. You can discuss the wins and losses of parties and individual candidates and other aspects in this one single thread. Please maintain the forum decorum and desist from making personal remarks about candidates and each other.
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    Sabhash Modi and BJP.
    BJP leads in 300+ constituencies. The counting of votes is in favour of BJP forming the government in the Centre.

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    This is after such a long time in Indian history that the same party has won the LS poll with majority seats. Its not the win of BJP but the Indian people. The kind of seats they have got, can't be able to achieve only with majority people in India. It means that from all the corner, from all the cast and religion has voted for Mr. Modi. Finally, it is a great news for Indian democracy that people are voting on the basis of the development of the country and not merely giving their vote on cast & religion. The India is changing and so the people's thinking. The Indian people are smarter now and they know whom to vote and whom to discard.

    It is win of Indian democracy.

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    Very well done. BJP. It is winning more seats than 2014, I think. The party voted to power by all people irrespective of their caste, creed or religion. Another factor which helped Modiji to win is social media. Many facts which are not being published or telecasted were posted in social media and many people understood what are the actual happenings around. They voted for development. They told the politicians that they are ready to sacrifice their personal interests and they are ready to suffer to some extent for the sake of the country. Excellent. The results went beyond exit polls expectations.
    Now it is the leaders who won to show their sincerity and see that the confidence the people shown in them by the people will never go futile. They should work for the development of the country and see that India will become a developed country.

    always confident

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    This was really a very interesting election in the history of India so far. It is very difficult to come in power after a term especially when the whole of the opposition is desperately against and doing all out effort to degrade the ruling regime. So, under this tough condition BJP could do so good groundwork with the help of its workers and now come out with spectacular flying colours approaching victory.
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    Every person in the Country should respect the verdict of people. People have accepted the leadership of Sri. Narendra Modi and given him another term to serve the Country. We heartily congratulate Sri. Narendra Modi and all the winning candidates.

    We hope that the new Government at the center will come up with new policies towards people centric initiatives and work for the development of the Country.

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    Congratulation to all those who won in Parliament elections, as well as in assembly elections. I like to congratulate Mr. Modi's team for winning Parliament elections, Mr.Jagan (YSRCP), Mr.Naveen Patnaik who won creditably in their assembly elections. In Modi's second term rule I am expecting BJP members to avoid degrading old term leaders like Bapuji, Pandit Nehru, Indira Gandhi, etc. I don't like to see Mr.Modi talk about the old history of Congress for his inconveniences of his rule or to score marks from people. I also expect Mr.Modi not to involve in election politics or local politics all the five years as it demeans the post he is heading.

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    I always knew bjp is gonna win these elections. Congress has to realize minority appeasement won't work any longer. Current indian population are more knowledgeable then ever and can't tolerate petty politics. They want a strong, robust and fearless pm. Mr. Narendra Modi has these qualities. That's why he won. Rahul Gandhi was always so scared he campaigned from waynad in kerela knowing well that he has no chance in the north. But it won't have had harmed his interests had he atleast tried campaigning from north. Bjp and co. are fearless. Opposition described them aa chowkidars so all bjp ministers started calling themesleves Chowkidars. This is called confidence on self. They said that as chowkidars they protect this country from external aggression. The result the chowkidar jab instead turned around the opposition. I think bjp will rule for the next 50 years unless a new party or Congress comes with a new manifesto or aim so to challenge bjp. A dynamic leader like modi will always be loved by all of india even by a poor farmer who has lost his harvest because he knows the pm promises to secure the borders for everyone and stand up against foreign aggression like Pakistan. So according to me these are the reasons BJP won today the 2019 may elections.

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    This was interesting. I knew BJP will win the elections. Actually, this is not a victory of the party but of the people of India. It reflects how much people like Mr Modi and why not after several years we have got a prime minister like him who works for people and the most important thing is that he is not corrupt as he is not involved in any kind of scam or a scandal. It's a celebration time and we should celebrate our victory. I pity people who still voted congress or others because may be they still did not recognise whom to vote and who can make our country a developed country.

    I am relieved that Congress didn't win because Rahul Gandhi an immature person would have been the PM then. I appreciate LK Advani, Bajpai and other senior leaders of BJP who had helped BJP to come so far and won with the majority. Adwani would have been so happy to see BJP winning the elections again.


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    – Abraham Lincoln

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    Hearty congratulations to Shri Modi and team for retaining the power at the center with an absolute majority! We also need to recognize and appreciate the role played by Shri Amit Shah in playing the cards so well so as to ensure that his party wins the election. Whatever may have been the strategy adopted and executed, the BJP has been able to maintain the confidence of the people and that is what actually matters during elections. The Congress and the regional parties must introspect and take corrective measures at the earliest so that they do not stand to experience such a heavy loss again.
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    Finally, BJP improved its numbers from 2014 Lok Sabha. Even in Telangana where the TRS is in its peak won 4 MP seats. BJP candidate won over Kavitha the daughter of KCR. She is a sitting member and now she lost. 4 out of 17 MP seats is a very good figure. Interestibgly Congress won 3 MP seats in Telangana. Is it an indication that people are understanding the real personality of KCR.

    But in AP BJP couldn't get a single seat even. But his rival Babu lost the elections miserably. I think BJP will be very happy about that. In Karnataka, BJP won majority seats. I think slowly the assembly will also come into the hands of BJP.

    Tamilnadu is a failure. AIADMK is not able to get the support of the public. But DMK made a good performance.
    I feel slowly in South also BJP will make some progress in the coming days.

    always confident

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    After this grand victory, now it is time to change the unpopular, faction-ridden and minority State Governments of Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh. Their days are numbered.

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    In Kerala, United Democratic Front (UDF) has won 19 out of 20 seats. I congratulate the Kerala leadership of the Congress Party. The bold decision taken by the Kerala leadership against the Central leadership of INC in the Sabarimala Temple Issue, paid them well. If they towed the Central leadership's line, the result would have been something else. That was a winning strategy.

    The grand old Party, the Indian National Congress has failed miserably in this election. They should introspect. First, they should free themselves from the name "dynasty"party.The culture of obeisance and sycophancy never work for long in national politics.

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    The BJP winning this election is not played any card by BJP or Shah, it is the Government bundles of scheme which has helped the people in entire community. Where the Congress and opposition kept abusing him for each and everything without having a single proof, the BJP has believed in their work.

    The quantities of seats, mind you more than 2014, is the prove that Indian people are changing for betterment. They exactly know who will work for them and who will take them granted! This election result is the proof of Indian unity. Only Hindu votes (as the opposition claim) could not bring such huge win. people from all the community have given the clear mandate to Mr. Modi. The early this is understand by the opposition and Modi hater is better for the country. Its not my words, but the result of this election.

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    Anjana, if the stupendous victory of the BJP is simply due to the bundle of schemes (announced), one should give it a thought as to why the Southern states (except Karnataka where the infighting between the allies of the ruling front had brought in the disaster) and Punjab stood apart.
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    What is unfortunate is that there is no opposition which can create confidence in the voters that they are a better alternative. It is not just that the ruling party had savvy, knowledgeable strategists right throughout. There was a total lack of skills in the opposition parties, in leadership, in the organization, in analysis, even in motivating people to come out and cast their vote. The ruling party had all this and, unlike the opposition, was not complacent either. They did not simply sit back and assume they would win. They worked towards winning, even more so than five years ago.

    Looking ahead, if the Congress and other parties need to put up a modicum of an acceptable alternative, they need to, first of all, appoint people with really strong leadership and organizational skills and who exude confidence, in themselves and in others. Losing out on Lok Sabha seats in the States where the Assembly elections were in their favour just shows how bad it was.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    My congratulations to Mr Modi and his team for winning this election with a thumping majority. The people of this country have reposed faith in the leadership capabilities of Mr Modi and we all look forward to the second innings of the NDA. The popular mandate of the people must be respected and I am sure the new government will devise plans for the development of the entire country. The opposition may criticize every step of the government, maybe just for the sake of being the opposition, but the criticism should be taken positively by the government in power for further development.

    We have witnessed the campaign of the opposition as well as the BJP and there is no harm in saying that the tone of the campaign was absolutely a negative one. Though it's a different story altogether, I wish the government must take initiative to cleanse politics. Earlier, the apex court asked the government to make necessary changes in the system so that it can effectively curb the criminalization of politics. It's a must and the need of the hour. If this reform is not thought of immediately, democracy will be the lone sufferer in the long run.


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    Saji Ganesh, exactly this is what I am wondering for? May be even if they have got benefited but do not want to leave their old opinion and want to walk with the entire nation! The scheme what has come from BJP government not seeing the state or religion, it is for entire nations. It is up to those people and up to their decision whether they want to come together or not. It is also notable that there are 17 states where congress could not get their single seats. Just because these states could not voted for BJP, you can't insult rest of the states and the people who voted for a democratic India. In fact it is for the state to think what is there which keeping them away from other state!

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    Hearty congratulations to my leader Mr Narendra Damodardas Modi!

    A proud moment for India and Indians as BJP/NDA stood as the only non-Congress party who is ruling the Central Government for a second term consecutively.

    Let’s have bullet points as to what made NDA clean sweep the election –
    1. It is 90% ‘Modi – Shah’ show as the duo have occupied untold celebrity status in India and the word Modi has positive vibe and he is our pride at the global front.
    2. You believe it or not, none of the opposition party could able to bring in the leader who could possibly face Modi in and out.
    3. Mr Modi is a born orator and he knows how to go with the religious sentiment of the Indians. His tour to Kedarnath just a day before UP election is a perfect example.
    4. His airstrike followed by Pulwama attack made Indians go gaga with NaMo leadership.
    5. Mr Modi has won many accolades, honor and Civilian awards across different nations.
    6. His Chai wala image and how humbly he reciprocates it to his advantage, same like how he made Chowkidar jibe by opposition dance to his tune is spectacular.
    7. Mr Modi is most endured. He never got influenced by provocative remarks of the opposition. That is a trait only great leaders can imbibe.
    8. Indians want a single party to rule at center.
    9. Mr Modi’s simple life and how he never focused on building wealth, won hearts.
    10. Mr Modi’s earth-shattering decisions involving sudden demonetization call, GST roll out, installation of Statue of Unity which is the emblem of importance entrusted to a great freedom fighter apart from Mahatma Gandhi; took nation by shock and showed Mr Modi as a game changer.
    11. Hindutva – no words to express how shrewdly he portrayed this aspect and won majority of Indians heart.

    Get up and dance guys! Its Modi again!

    [Edited, personal taunts removed.]

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    a Lion would never eat Grass!"

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    Great post!
    Thank you!

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    Thanks Neeraj!

    And few points as to why Kerala doesn't gets embraced to NDA -

    1. Kerala is a state which sticks to ideologies more than the persons/party. The socialist ideologies of Congress and CPIM goes well with Keralites.
    2. Kerala is almost developed in almost many aspects which BJP promises to instill at other states like - education, employment, infrastructure etc. The result? 'You can't impress me with bribing what I have already'!
    3. Kerala is Muslim-Christian majority. Intentionally, not elaborating this.
    4. Kerala has 20 Lok Sabha seats to offer which is less of a share at national level; NDA do not want to invest time in changing the manifesto at the cost of 350 common manifesto states.
    5. Their local media degrades NDA and makes fun of them at chances.

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    How Mr Chandra Babu Naidu, the super dynamic administrator, sometime we call him as our Country's future CEO, lost in AP is still a mystery for many, like me.
    The man, who single handedly transformed Hyderabad into a smart hi-tech city, always administering through teleconferencing, thinking of making Indian cities like Shanghai and Singapore, cannot be a looser.

    Dear friends, what happened to him? How he lost ? What were the undercurrents? I hope he will bounce back.

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    Let me take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Modi and BJP on the massive victory.

    At the same time disappointed that people choose a terror accused candidate and rejected a candidate who promised education for their kids. Well, we now live in New India!

    Mr. Naveen, would you like to explain what you mean by "Kerala is Muslim-Christian majority. Intentionally, not elaborating this."

    A simple google search would say that Kerala is dominated by Hindus by 54% (2018 records), Muslims and Christians combined population is less than 50%.

    As I congratulate, BJP on their massive victory, I would also like to congratulate Election Commissioner for their playing their role so perfectly.

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    Its democratic India, when Kanhaya Kumar can appear in Election with his own crowd of supporter why not Pragya. I am not supporting her neither I support her some statements. But, we should be fair enough to all when pointing finger at one person. And India voters are not as much foolish as we think of our own mindset. As far as Election Commissioner playing their part is concern, they were playing their role even when the congress win the assembly election Rajasthan, Madyapradesh and punjab.

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    Kanhaiya Kumar was not terror accused!
    Pragya said that Godse was "DeshBhakt"
    Tej Bahadur nomination was rejected. it's very clear that Smriti Irani had lied in her affidavit! What did our Election Commission do?

    Indian Voters have chosen Pragya and there is nothing more to say about the Indian voters!

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    Hi Neethu, voter turnout ratio in Kerala this time for Lok Sabha election is 77.67%; A slight increment of 4% Hindus over other religions prevailing in Kerala demography would still be lesser to get you elected on Hindu grounds and moreover out of 54% Hindu's, many would turn their hands down for NDA due to other points being mentioned in my response. As this is sensitive topic, let's end this here,

    And on citation of terror accused candidate winning :- as you only have mentioned, the candidate is terror accused but not convicted. There are many accused candidates who participated and won the election this time and in past. Also. EC and Apex court would have denied nomination if it is hurting the code of conduct as defined
    by statute. And even, we should respect people's mandate who would decide well before electing, Thanks..

    "Whatever may be the situation of the forest,
    a Lion would never eat Grass!"

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    Yes, as said by Neethu, I also got disappointed that people choose a terror accused candidate who insulted our Father of the Nation by appreciating Nathuram Godse as a patriot. In this contest, some BJP leaders remarked such so many Gandhi's are there in India and our Gandhi as Pakistan Gandhi. In this context, even Mr.Modi told that he never excuses Pragya Thakur and other BJP leaders who spoke ill about Bapuji. Do we have to see what firm action that BJP take on these people? Another disappointment in this election is, that the EC is showing some partiality while executing its powers in implementing MCC. This intention clearly came out when Mr.Ashok Lavsa indicated that his statutory proposals were not implemented by the majority rule with 3-panel members.
    Anjana, from all parties so many candidates who are facing criminal charges, have contested these elections. So our present government should bring such amendments to the constitution such that no candidates facing serious criminal charges should not be allowed to contest in the elections, candidates who won on one party ticket should not jump over to another party (with no option of changing) to topple an elected government.

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    Well, Kanhaya Kumar is not less accused than her! it is different that people those support him try to make their own space in politics. if we keep searching what the different leader said what, we may never end the debate. Because just to defend something, if I keep searching who said what, I may find many statement and comment which may not look good to post here. so lets no go with leaders tongue. But yes this is democracy, every individual has their own way to look differently in a situation.

    As far as Smiriti Irani is concern what I know is she has corrected her educational qualification in this current LS polls affidavit for what she was trolled in 2014. As far as I know and got the news, people has not voted Pragya but for PM modi. Even if Pragya was not there anyone would have won.

    I can only conclude saying this that everyone have their own way to defend what they say or do. But for people who do not like Modi, has to wait another 5 year and work harder to bring someone more better person than him.

    Ramakrishna ji, I agree with you 100 percent, there has to be a law so that peoplewho has criminal case can not appear for election. But the thing is this happening since very long even when there was no BJP. I don't know why then the Government did not look for the future of India is concern to debate. However, I am sure it will change with time. Today people have come up from cast and religion and voted, tomorrow the same voters will reject such leader.

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    Hold on -

    Anjana, Kanhaiya is not terror accused and nowhere in level with her! Let's make that straight, there is a notion among the BJP supporters that whoever criticized the government is anti-national, but please understand that's not the case. Please don't even compare Kanhaiya with Pragya!

    Naveen are you saying that if a person is accused of some petty reason is equal to the person accused of terrorism?

    She is not acquitted or declared innocent of charges leveled against her. Her speeches clearly indicate what is her ideology.

    A terror accused representing the people of India in the Parliament?

    Anjana, you are saying that People voted for Modi and not Pragya. Please understand this was not a presidential election, if that was the case, Modi should have contested all the seats. Your sentence also means that even if the candidate was terrorist, people would have voted for them!

    Don't you see a problem over there, we vote for MP's and the MP's would select the PM.

    On what grounds are people supporting a terror accused?

    Smriti Irani, gave wrong information in the affidavit, what action was taken against her? She lied in the affidavit, can you try lying while applying for some government job, if found guilty, its a punishable offense. Here it is proved that she gave wrong information, and yet no action.

    If indeed, PM stands against terrorism as made in his speeches, he should remove Pragya.

    If the government is working only to get Hindu's vote, this is no longer a Democratic country Mr. Naveen.

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    Anyways, people have given their verdict and their choices are clear. It's a disappointment that even the most learned people fall for the propaganda and fail to see what's going and where our country is heading.

    My take in this election is

    Pragya won even when she said Godse is DeshBhakt
    Maneka Gandhi threatened the Muslims - She won
    Sakshi Maharaj controversy statement - will curse, if you won't vote - He won

    People who genuinely, brought changes and reforms, believed in secularism, lost. That's a huge disappointment, and we have no choice rather than accept the verdict of the people.

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    Please don't even compare Kanhya Kumar with Pragya! So, you mean you can say - Bharat tere tukre honge is not a serious offence? Do you support that? I am not comparing anyone but setting example as how the opinion just get change according to their own political opinion. What Pragya has accusation it is not proven. It may be the plan of previous Government to make a Hindu terrorist so that they can openly say that Hindu too are terrorist. How can we avoid the other part of the story of Pragya? Do you have any solid proof that can say that Pragya is terrorist? But there are several videos which has confirm that what actually Kanhaya kumar has said. And we justify to say that he is not guilty? What kind of politics is this that can see with only one eye?

    I am sure if she has found guilty she will be punished for that why we insult the voters who voted her. What kind of politics is this that opposition only cry of EC taking biased decision when they lose the election. when they won it is democracy winning and when they lose its EC who made them lost.

    Actually, the truth is if we are not getting a strong opposition, it the fault of their own action. You can't blame entire country and voters just because your own opinion does not match with it.

    This government has done for 125 crore people and not for any particular community. It is very disappoint to see that one state of people can't see the change but try to force their own opinion to the entire country.

    But, I am not lost like congress supporter has lost their faith. People in this country will do better regardless of their cast and religion. Just because BJP is in the centre the secularism is in danger is nothing but personal frustration. They have ruled the country in last five years better than the previous government.

    If Secularism is lost, they would not have got such huge margin of seats! They got more than what they got in 2014. It is a clear proof that not only Hindu but other community people too have voted them for their good work. If you kept your eye close in this important matter, mean you are just trying to avoid to see it! You just try to oppose it for the sake because you do not like BJP.

    At list now, people should accept the defeat, and try to find their own fault so that they can save this country from Mr Modi. isn't it?

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    The final result of BJP has been quite impressive and is ndicative that people of this country are truely obliged with the jobs undertaken by the party. In villages, people have seen the success of Ujjawala- gas Yojna, Prime - minister Housing Accomodation and the medical coverage of the poors. These were not the mere talk but the efforts were made to percolate the benifits to the needy. Such exercises speak of sincerity of the government.
    People were not misguided with the irresponsible comments of the opponents and they analysed the performance of the party while casting votes. In that way we can say electorates have displayed maturity while casting votes.
    While doing the excellent jobs, leaders of this party should exercise enough caution while passing derogatory comments against Mahatma Gandhi and other notable leaders for which people still have highest regards.

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    Hi Neethu, a theft is a theft - if you steal pencil or platinum.
    A mistake is a mistake if it is trivial or grave.
    And accused means a charge against a person which is not proved yet. And moreover NIA has issued clean chit in favor of her. So let us not be judgmental on the personality of the candidate unless we are crystal clear.

    And if you have series of mistakes/errs committed by NDA alone; here for others as well.

    SP party sexist comment over Jayaprada
    Congress president contempt against Apex Court citing Supreme Court agreed - Chowkidaar chor hain
    A celebrity creating communal issue by citing - the first terrorist of free India is a Hindu
    UPA coined the word Hindu terror
    SP party again stating we want Ali but not Anarkali

    So, no one is free from err. People are the ultimate judges to write or revise the mandate. Let's respect!

    "Whatever may be the situation of the forest,
    a Lion would never eat Grass!"

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    Let me humbly say a few words on the controversial 'Deshbhakt' comment by Sadhvi Pragya. There are many questions which can't be answered in one line. Detailed explanations are required. This was one such question which was answered by Sadhvi Pragya. She tried to answer it in one-line. So, there has been so much hue and cry.

    Godse was not a terrorist. He was a common man and a staunch believer in Hinduism. He was astounded by the level of violence before, during and immediately after the partition. The killing and other inhuman torture on Hindus and Sikhs deeply pained him. He felt that Gandhiji had the power to stop the killing of Hindus, but he did not try to help the hapless Hindu people. Further, Gandhiji advocated grant of Rs. 55 crore to the Pakistani Government.

    This infuriated Nathuram Godse and like some other people like Madanlal Pahwa, he tried to assassinate Gandhiji and became successful in his second attempt.

    Godse was not a terrorist. He did not preach any ideology with the help of terror. He was a misguided man. He got his punishment for the assassination of Gandhiji. He was hanged to death.

    (There are many authentic books with documentary evidence on this issue. The readers can go through at least one: Freedom at Midnight by Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins)

    But it is not possible to explain the complex issue in simple 'yes' or 'no'. Sadhvi Pragya tried to do this. This was her fault.

    And Sadhvi Pragya, along with Swami Aseemanand and Lt. Col. Srikant Prasad Purohit was arrested under draconian law only to prove that Hindus can also be terrorists after the terrible 26/11 incident and various other terror attacks during the weak MMS regime.

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    Duplication deleted.
    "Whatever may be the situation of the forest,
    a Lion would never eat Grass!"

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    I am quitting this discussion only to say that "few" people opinion does not change the meaning of "secularism" and can change the better future of this country. some people are since last 5 years keep voicing out against Modi and its Government. What is more proof can we get from it that India is still secular country where we can have democratic right to voice out our opinion. If such people want to walk with entire nation it is well and good and if not, "India is still secular" and one can have their own space.

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    Duplication deleted.
    "Whatever may be the situation of the forest,
    a Lion would never eat Grass!"

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    I agree with Seema. Everyone has freedom of speech in our country. The way they had looked at the things must have been different than how we perceived. Nonetheless, whenever you are seeking reference of a national leader who is imbibed as a cult figure globally, you need to be more vigilant when you are in public.

    Anyhow, she immediately apologized in front of the whole nation for the remark she made unlike other celebrities who induced communal violence in society by attributing terrorism towards religion (to garner minority votes or minority sentiment) than to that individual.

    "Whatever may be the situation of the forest,
    a Lion would never eat Grass!"

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    As of now, when I saw this discussion and entered to post my response, it is not a live report, but a post result discussion. So the curiosity factor is gone.It is only a postmortem report according to individual interpretation.

    From the above responses till now, irrespective of whether I concur or not, I am impressed by the logical presentation of views by Anjana and Naveen Ramamurthy. Naveen definitely stands high with his down to earth analysis and interpretation. I expect to see him more in the GDs in ISC forum in diverse topics also.
    Anjana need not quit is desperation. Is it your aim to 'convince and change' the other members discussing the matter. It should not be. But if we present our views in a convincing manner -logically and factually correct way-even those with different views may agree. Similarly we also should be ready to accept opposing views if that has valid points and facts. That is how improve and progress.

    Not going much deeper dissection, I just want to concur with Naveeen's points in #665827. Obviously I too do not want to elaborate on them. But personally I feel that the results in Kerala and also in other states really satisfies me. I feel this is what is really needed st this juncture. Though having MPs from the party ruling at centre would have been a favourable thing for Kerala, I am convinced that the voters had given the verdict considering all the factors and wanted to give a shock treatment and jolt to every party. Voters wanted 'political parties that they should not take them for granted.

    By the current election results Indian voters had once more established that
    " You can foll all for sometime, some for all time, but not all for all time".

    Those who learned from this can have prosperous future. Otherwise the voter will show them their place and teach them their lessons.

  • #665862

    Your response makes sense to me.

    I am just recollecting my childhood memory and am searching the "Freedom at Midnight" by Dominique Lapiere/Larry Collins in my old collections!

    Thank You!

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    Some members have given very logical and good information and it has enriched our understanding of many things. People will differ in agreeing whether the country is becoming more secular or less secular. There are many factors which make us to believe in certain ideologies and it does not mean that our ideology is better than others. In the aftermath of election results many politicians and leaders are talking and behaving in a relatively graceful manner and the phase of accusation and allegation seems to be over which gives a feeling that most of the allegations were done to mislead the voters. Now the country is in hands of an honest and hard working person and if the citizens cooperate him in his good tasks and plans he may get good success and the results might be good for the country as a whole. One thing which we should not forget is however honest and hard working the leader may be the machinery below is same. It is not changed and that will be a big challenge to bring those people in a proper groove.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Taking one point from Seema's post and trying to expose the hypocrisy in our people.

    Gandhiji is really revered and respected. He is our Mahatma, Father of our nation.. We consider it sacrilege anyone disrespecting him. Hence we just cannot excuse the person who ,killed him whatever may be the reason post the act.

    Not just Gandhiji, but we cannot bear or excuse anyone who takes lives of other innocent people.

    Is not a Prime Minister too our respected and loved leader? Is he not the face of our country outside ? But those who oppose tooth and nail Sadhvi for sympathising with Godse's thinking are themselves doing same sacrilege and crime when they argue for and clamour for making free those convicted and jailed for murdering one of our beloved Prime Minister. It is more ironic and sad when the sympathising bandwagon includes a few of his own family members too.

    Are we not hypocritical? Why not we stick to the same stand in every case?

    No. our 'vocal' intelligentsia has this unique trait. When the murderer belongs to some particular ideology and kills many innocent people just to propagate their ideology, these 'intelligentsia' clamour for 'their' civil liberties.and ask for humane treatment. They justify the cold blooded killings as elimination of the class enemy and fight against establishment. But the same liberty is not allowed to any others. Because these section of 'intelligentsia and media' is vocal and able to penetrate and brainwash , able to indoctrinate and people are kept under a spell.

    But for we ordinary human beings a murder is a murder and it cannot be pardoned when the victim is innocent and has not physically harmed the perpetrator or any other human being. We cannot excuse that. The murderer should be brought before law and the maximum punishment given.

    However there cannot be any double standard, any selective support or opposing in such matters.
    If Sadhvi is wrong on this, so are those section who justify political murders, justifying murdering innocent policemen and govt officials, those who cry for freeing of the -court convicted -cold blooded murderers of our former PM.

    (I pray God, let humans have the good sense not to take other lives whatever be the reason or ideology,)

  • #665928
    After the BJP's landslide victory the scenario is changed significantly and the so called secular forces are afraid what will happen to them if BJP proves to be more secular then the earlier regime. Another worry being raised in many circles is that without a strong opposition the democracy can not function properly. We took such a long time in realising that today opposition is weak. Same opposition was fighting a few months back in abusive and aggressive ways appearing as strong as ever. These changes in our country are going to yield interesting results in the coming future and analysts and scholars will get a lot of material for their discussions and deliberations.
    Knowledge is power.

  • #665930
    Umesh, I don't think anyone needs to be worried about the BJP becoming more secular than the earlier regime. The core strategy of the BJP is Hindutva and we ( at least the so-called liberals or secularists) are all well aware of the same.

    Getting back to the discussion, I, as a voter, think that more than the victory of the NDA, the election results is actually the failure of the opposition. They should have shown the maturity to realize the long term strategy of the BJP in keeping Shri Modi as their brand. They should have realized that it would be difficult to shatter the image of Modi that has been crafted and publicised in such a manner that everything the central government does was just due to the intelligence and vision of a single man. In such a scenario, their strategy should have been to highlight the flaws in the administration by the Modi govt. They should have considered the typical problems in each region separately and should have tried to cash in on them. If the BJP was adept in changing colours like a chameleon according to the crowd they were addressing, the opposition failed in reading the pulse of the general public. Their calculation that they could change the voter's mood by trying to disgrace Modi, since irrespective of who the candidate was, the vote was sought in the name of this single man, appears to have boomeranged. There were so many issues that the opposition could have taken advantage of but they did (seemingly) go wrong. Let us hope the opposition wakes up now to at least prove their mettle as a strong opposition despite their numbers so that the people start thinking that we do still have some choice left.

    'Chickens don't praise their own soup'. - Martinican

  • #665941
    Hi Saji,

    Just because BJP/NDA did not field any non-hindu candidate in this Lok Sabha election does not mean they are not secular or anti-minority or the case may be. In fact, they have framed many policies for the betterment of the minority. This includes 'Triple Talaaq' - who else would have dared challenge the very belief of a religion for the welfare of the muslim women who were been exploited all these days? And also,BJP had a scheme where muslim girls would be compensated with allowance once they complete their graduation - it is an indirect pull for the minority lot to study well. And they had many schemes and institutions built around minority welfare - Ministry of minority affairs, Maulana Azad National Fellowship, Padho Pardesh, Nai udaan, NMDFC etc.

    And also there were many leaders in BJP earlier from Muslim community like Syed Shahnawaz Hussain, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Najma Heptulla etc who toiled for the party progression.

    I would go one step ahead and say, the winning of BJP in UP (which is minority dominated state) at a massive level is also due to many minority brothers residing there voted for Modi this time; as they saw light of the day in the eyes of Modi rather deemed to be a victim to other parties, who considered minority as their vote bank.

    I do agree, BJP is established on the basis of Hindutva, but it never alienated other religions while introducing social welfare schemes. And Indians love secularism which is evident from the fact that 27 MPs elected this time are from Muslim religion alone. And this is the country which mourned for the sad demise of Mr APJ Abdul Kalaam and still worship him in our heart to date.

    And also, we do not want any opposition party to grow as Indians are well educated to decide 'what is right' and 'what is not' and the media and communication have developed to such an extent that, we know the information at the blink of a second. And lastly, UPA had many scams listed in their regime like - Bofors scam, 2G spectrum scam, Satyam scam, Common wealth games scam, Coal scam, Chopper scam, Tatra truck scam, Adarsh scam and the list goes on. And as listed by UPA, NDA too had scams in Modi regime like - Rafael scam, Rafael scam, Rafael scam, Rafael scam and Rafael scam against which Supreme Court had already given clean chit to Modi!


    "Whatever may be the situation of the forest,
    a Lion would never eat Grass!"

  • #665952
    There seems to be a silence like after a storm in the post-election India. Suddenly all the excitement has vanished and a calm and relaxed situation is appearing as if everything is done and achieved. Actually, it is the beginning of activities for the next 5 years for the progress of society and taking our country to the top positions in the world in every respect. The job is tough and the path is difficult and the new governing body of cabinet Ministers will have to work on a 24/7 basis. It is a long journey and today it is only the beginning.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • #665957
    Everything positive happened this time in the elections. But still, I am not able to understand why Andhra People rejected Chandra Babu Naidu. As far as I know, CBN tried his best to bring the state to the first places in many aspects. But state people rejected him. Not only in Lok Sabha elections but also in the state assembly elections also.
    As expected in the centre BJP has come to power with thumping majority. All big leaders of the party are back into Parliament. Big leaders of other parties lost the elections. It is good to note that this time more females are elected as MPs. More than 80% of the MPs are rich and having crores of rupees. More than 40% of the MPs are having pending cases against them in the court. Now by using the power and money they have they may come out of all those cases easily. Is it that muscle power and money are playing an important role in the politics of our country?

    always confident

  • #665971
    Naveen, the Review Petitions in the Rafael deal case are still pending before the Hon'ble Supreme Court. It is too early to jump into conclusions. And let us not forget Mallya, Nirav Modi and the likes. The special status being provided to the Ambanis may also be kept in mind. One may ask for proof; I would say we need to wait. Brilliant crimes leave very less to be caught easily! Sadly, the opposition failed to bring up such issues that would have helped at least in creating confusion among the voters.
    'Chickens don't praise their own soup'. - Martinican

  • #665982
    Seriously, I am back here because of the last response of our LE Saji Ganesh.
    "Sadly, the opposition failed to bring up such issues that would have helped at least in creating confusion among the voters."
    Let me put up some facts and statics. The opposition Congress (In fact they have not even a tag of "opposition", yet if we mentioned them opposition, it is just the respect of the old party.) came in this election with the agenda to "confuse" people and cut the votes (as some of the congress prime leaders has openly spoke during the election campaign). Thankfully and for the betterment of the country the voters did not waste their votes at least this time. They knew that if they confuse and waste their vote, what we will get the "Handicap Government" which instead of doing development of the country, they will develop themselves.

    One more fact and statics is that the current Government have won 41 seats at least which comes in minorities areas. Also, the votes share of the minorities has only increased and that is why they have got so much seats. Why this election is an eye opener to many that people from every communities has faith in this Government. And, it has not come in one month or one year, it is the result of last 5 years work.

    The problem in our country is some people just have created a circle where they do not able to get the news from entire nation. They listen and hear what their small media communities wants to tell them. Had they open their eye and look into all angles, see what is actually happening in this country with their own sense of brain. They will surely happy to see that the country has changed. Voters are smarter now. Gone all those old day when national party use to take their voters as a granted. Now people want development more than the politics of cast and religion.

    It is only to see that how far this Government work to develop the country for 130 crores of people instead of some particular cast or religion. If they achieve their goal, they will get selected again and if they could not able to bring faith, they will be thrown out.

  • #665983
    Response from mobile, hence a short response!

    Now, since Pragya is elected as MP, I wonder what development did people expect while voting for her?

    And, one more, if people have voted for Modi and not for Pragya, by next election it should just one person contesting from all the seats.

  • #665984
    You will be happy to know that In fact this is what has happened in this election. In front of one person Narendra Modi, the entire oppositions has lost their own identities.

  • #665985
    Let me present my take on what has happened in Tamil Nadu. The entire nation needs to understand that Tamilians, as a race that cuts across all castes, creeds, religions, and communities, are very proud of their native language called Tamil, which is much older than Hindi. Though they are not averse to learning Hindi, any attempt by both the previous Congress and the BJP Governments to impose it on them was sought to crushed with all their might. This was the starting point of all trouble. Very intelligent Dravidian parties, the DMK and AIADMK, have given a big shape to this earning for a very unique identity. Contrary to all public perception, an average Tamilian is a very tolerant and loving person. He is open to new ideas and the State is very hospitable indeed.

    Tamilians are very proud of their heritage and any attempt to divert attention to other stupid argument does not carry water. The local BJP leaders have tried to cash in on the "Hindus are very badly treated" message that is possibly applicable to some parts of North India, but not Tamil Nadu. People here live in peace. People brave floods, droughts and so on and take to alternate sources of employment. To give one simple example, the huge real estate boom in Chennai has drawn labor from the fields, where the water supply is not so good. Such labor work in Chennai and get back to their villages, in and around a one hundred kilometer radii of the metro city. A similar boom in real estate elsewhere in Coimbatore, Salem, Tiruchirapalli, Madurai, Tirunelveli and so on, has contributed to their survival. The huge network of buses taking people everywhere is a big plus.

    It is in the aforesaid context that the BJP sought to destroy every single source of employment and livelihood. The hydrocarbon extraction in acres of fertile land, the NEET tangle, the Sterlite firing and so on, were examples of a very insensitive BJP. Tamilians put on the air, huge balloons with the "Go back Modi" message in bold letters whenever he visited the State. The BJP is not doing any favor to Tamil Nadu. The citizens of Tamil Nadu, who pay taxes have every right to demand Central Government projects to Tamil Nadu. The BJP's record of addressing the developmental concerns of Tamil Nadu, without destruction of the environment, is a very big zero.

    The reason why it has been defeated so badly in Tamil Nadu. Its alliance partner, the AIADMK is the worst cancer for corruption in the country. Each and every Minister in the ruling AIADMK has swindled Rs3000 crores and money flowed in all directions to win even the nine seats to the Assembly in the by-polls. Yet, the BJP went along with the AIADMK and met its Waterloo.

    Unless the BJP does something solid in Tamil Nadu, it cannot win even a single seat here.

  • #665986
    Mr. Sivakumar, As far as I know, in Tamil Nadu, there are only 2 major political party. DMK and AIADMK. Indeed, the Tamil people are such a nice and decent people as far as I know because my husband has lived their and so did I for sometimes. BJP were never a strong party over there, it is the 2 major party who keep switching their Government in each 5 years. So, the major development is done or not done by these two party only. It is the people of Tamilnadu who has to look into these matter. The centre Government, whoever it is just will help.

    Now coming to "Hindi"language which you said had forced out to people to learn. It is just a personal acceptance which are given political agenda to gain votes. It is not that Tamilnadu people do not know Hindi or can't speak and as far I have come across with the people, they try to speak Hindi even if as little as they know. Also, there are many north Indian, Hindi speaking people who have settled there do not shy to learn Tamil, in fact they speak it with pride that they have learn some extra language. So, these are just personal thinking and we better should not make it as political agenda.

  • #665987
    What we all expected has happened. Despite united efforts of the opposition politicians, anti-nationals, pseudo-liberals and pseudo-seculars to defame Modi-led BJP, the common people of the country have not fallen in the devilish trap set by these rootless people. BJP-led NDA has won the Lok Sabha election. The performance of BJP in the entire North-East, West Bengal, Gujarat, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Maharashtra, Chattishgarh, Assam and Goa is spectacular.

    The performance of BJP and NDA in Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala is not good. These frontiers would be won in the next phase.

    'Nayak nahin; Khalnayak hoon main' (I am not the hero; I am the villain)

  • #665992
    First thing first, Tamil Nadu is anti-hindi (hindi language) and they have die hard respect for their own tamil language. They see north Indian parties as hindi supporters and thus, unless BJP has regional leaders or resounding tamil celebrity in their party and show the mass that he is going to be their CM and all power and rights would be bestowed to him, they cannot mark their presence there.

    Secondly, BJP is the tree, Mr Modi is the root and all other candidates are the fruits. How strong the base and root is, much sweeter are the fruits. Indians may refer Mr Modi, but ultimately they would refer the candidature before voting. Please respect mandate and stop being sarcastic.

    And if everyone could have voted the candidates referring to Mr Modi, why on earth many MPs who won now used to win in Atal-ji's and Advani's regime as well?

    And those arguing, why Indians would not elect Oxford/Havard University graduates contested in this election; pls note, paper is different from form. It doesn't mean if you are good in academics, you are good in leadership. Leadership is a trait being developed over a period of time at the realm of frequent exposure to people, observations and external forces. It requires courage to take decisions when you are representing a constituency, state or nation. Many IAS officers are at the mercy of local politicians for the mere fact that – they are threatened easily and they do not want to risk themselves. So as these so called scholars, over a period of time, they mingle with the flow and do not raise their voice or go under depression. May be one or two exceptions but majority, would be as I mentioned.

    People voted Pragya, may be since Mr Digvijay Singh did not prove himself as a leader and was a reason behind Madhya Pradesh's sluggish growth in the economy and he is the one behind coining the word – Hindu Terror and gave ideology of RSS behind 26/11 attacks! And also Pragya is outspoken, a woman and suffered physical torture to the core.

    "Whatever may be the situation of the forest,
    a Lion would never eat Grass!"

  • #666065
    I have already summed up my views in the above responses and I hope I have the right to believe that my findings are not wrong.

    It was an election which projected Shri Modi as the brand ambassador and the strategy was masterminded by Mr Shah. In addition to what I have already stated, I would like to add one important point that I missed out earlier. And that is, the way the BJP has gradually succeeded in projecting Shri Rahul Gandhi in a very bad light. Calling him names and losing no opportunity to pounce on him through different media, the BJP strategy of tarnishing the image of Rahul to some extent did find a lot of takers in the Northern belt where the BJP had already built a foundation on you all know what. The people who could not be influenced by such cheap strategies did not fall for it though.

    So, religious feelings, hatred of other religions, propaganda that Hinduism is under threat and projecting themselves (read himself) as the saviours of Hinduism coupled with taking advantage of the picture they had already created by publicizing that the opposition was disintegrated (true to some extent and it is no doubt, their fault) and does not have a strong leader, the BJP led by Modi and Shah Pvt Ltd did play their cards well and won the elections.

    Since the new government is all set to occupy the office this Thursday, I don't think there is any point in continuing this discussion. Let us hope that the opposition opens its eyes to the game played by the BJP and seriously think and make plans for the future.

    Let us also hope that the new government under the patronage of Shri Modi will rise up to the expectations of the people and administer India as one Nation. I wish Shri Modi and the team all the very best!

    'Chickens don't praise their own soup'. - Martinican

  • #666067
    BJP may have projected Rahul Gandhi in a bad light, but he was not the only one. Weren't a lot of people in the fray indulging in such poor-spirited activities against each other? And Rahul Gandhi, too, did try showing Narendra Modi in a poor light, isn't it? Should he not have focused more on issues and gaining the confidence of the people, show that there was a better option than the BJP forming the next Government, rather than focusing only on Narendra Modi the individual? Eventually, it all just backfired on him and BJP came up trumps.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

  • #666078
    Hi Saji, I understood - you had concluded your stand, yet quick bullet points on few of the aspects you highlighted.

    1. BJP did not need to put special effort to tarnish the image of Mr Rahul Gandhi as the way he acted, showed himself as amateur and was indigestible to Indians to assume him as a lading stature of India. And his lesser knowledge on the matters of national interest & importance cornered him from Indians' heart. You can see few YouTube videos of him addressing public queries to justify my stance.
    2. UPA's biggest incentive to attract Indians this time during the campaign was his 'Nyay scheme' which they failed to show it realistic in actual sense as the concept itself was way too exaggerated. It was a total disconnect.
    3. And an individual cannot attribute few Indians to the category of influenced by BJP's cheap strategy. Every religion has its own beliefs and few stringently religious people always set their religion on top priority over others. It is their right and their take. Nobody can question unless it is hurting the right of others. The concept of Universal man may be true and acceptable to you and me but not all the fingers are same.
    4. And lastly, Modi is a brand and he is a Marketing genius. That is not illegal or immoral. Communication has made what we were since 60 years (sarcasm intended) and what we are now.


    "Whatever may be the situation of the forest,
    a Lion would never eat Grass!"

  • #666088
    Mr. Saji Ganesh
    "BJP strategy of tarnishing the image of Rahul to some extent did find a lot of takers in the Northern belt where the BJP had already built a foundation on you all know what. The people who could not be influenced by such cheap strategies did not fall for it though.

    With your above statement, do you mean that only the southern people have brain to understand what is wrong and what is not?

    It does not matter what is your personal opinion, does not matter in which political party you belong too, it does not matter anything because the election is done and result has come. Just because the result does not come as per your own opinion, you can't blame the northern state people. Remember that it is not South but the Northern state that decide the PM. They has elected the Nehru/Indira and Rajeev Gandhi too. Then these northern state people were brilliant now they are not because they have changed their stand, their thinking. What kind of opinion is this?

    As a citizen of India you have your rights but that does not allow you to point finger on the people who does not match with your opinion.

  • #666089
    Ms. Anjana, we in Tamil Nadu, are never against Hindi, but only against its imposition. If we settle in the North of India, we will happily learn to read and write and speak Hindi. Am afraid you are not aware of the numerous attempts made on so many occasions when Hindi was sought to be imposed on us. Yes, we do like to speak the language if needed. We do not like someone forcing us to speak that language in Tamil Nadu. Please do understand this sensitive issue. We have every right to make Tamil compulsory everywhere. It is our blood. It is our spirit. Our identity.

    Hindi was the starting point of growth of the DMK and AIDMK. The precise point is that BJP did nothing to develop the State. In fact, we are totally against any project that destroys our agriculture. We do not want such projects at all. We welcome anyone and everyone to Tamil Nadu. But our self-respect will always be intact.

  • #666090
    Well, Shivakumar Sir, Your statements and opinion seems to be deep personal with hatred feelings. I have gone through your old thread as well (though I would not like to mentioned it here but this is needed) where I found how much you have hatred feeling for Hindi people and its language. Instead of looking at your fault, you are blaming others.

    I don't believe that anyone can force you to learn any language. It is just purely political and nothing else. We should not hate people just on the basis of political and geographical differences.

  • #666091
    Hi Mr Sivakumar, nicely put by you here. Not only Tamil Nadu, but also we Kannadigas are against Hindi imposition and it is for the good of us. We would wish to respect our culture, language and heritage and do not want to see any other supplementary aspect overshadow the same. Hindi is just a language, may be many may speak it, but it is just like any other language to communicate so as other languages. Please do not expect any special status at least from South Indian states please.

    Secondly, South India and North India terminology came into existence for the smoother and hassle free reference at global and geographical front only. It will never divide us as Indians. Nevertheless, the prominence of North India in deciding the PM is just because, 1/3 of the Loksabha seats come from just 7 states - UP/Bihar/Madhya Pradesh/Rajasthan/Uttarakhand/Jharkand/ Chattisgarh. No spectacular phenomenon here to boast about. In spite of homogeneity, South Indian originated Mr PV Narasimha Rao and Mr HD Deve Gowda did serve India as PMs in the past. Let's please stick onto the subject matter of the debate please.

    "Whatever may be the situation of the forest,
    a Lion would never eat Grass!"

  • #666100
    Vandana ma'am, agreed that Rahul Gandhi also tried to pay back with the same coin by calling Modi names but don't you think there was a concerted effort on the part of the BJP to tarnish the image of Rahul? I think there is a difference between effort and concerted effort. They used all available resources to create an impact and I personally feel that they succeeded in doing so. Naveen is also requested to note this point.

    Again Naveen, if every religion has its own belief and the believers have the right to set their religion on priority over others, why should there be any interference at all? And why should there be differentiation? Why should someone try to dominate and impose? Modi is no doubt a marketing genius. His idea is simply to sell his product and in doing so he does not have to be bothered about any ethics, leave aside morality and legality.

    Anjana, I never said that only the people from the South have brains. What I meant to say was that due to the extremely religious mentality of the majority of the people in the Northern belt, the Hindutva slogan could easily
    be popularised among them. In addition to that, the BJP was also successful in scripting, presenting and publicizing negative stories related to other religions that helped in creating a religious divide among the masses.
    Why can't I point a finger, when others can do so? Vote for the BJP and you are a nationalist and you are on the enemy side if you don't. If I can be called a liberal and anti-national if I don't support the Hindutva movement, why can't I call those who are blindly in support of the same as extremists? If you have the right, let me also enjoy the same right.

    There were, no doubt, flaws in the way the opposition went to the people seeking votes and they could not assess the poll strategy of the BJP properly (maybe lack of marketing expertise), but to say that the BJP has won solely due to the development activities taken up by Modi would be a travesty.

    'Chickens don't praise their own soup'. - Martinican

  • #666106
    Saji Ganesh,

    I never said I am only the nationalism or I am the only patriotic person but I never tried to showcase northern state as a brilliant and so called educated. It was you who have brought the state differences "north" and "south". You can enjoy your rights but not in the name of North and South. Saying this, you are only creating vast gap between Indian states. This what I have asked you not to point fingers.

    And this is what these so called liberals continue doing this. The have in fact never be a happy people who will feel proud to see that India is changing. The first time Indian voters have come out of their "cast" and "religious" politics, they can't see positivity in it. In fact I call them the blind who wants and support only dynasty rules. This is the second time people of India have neglected the dynasty rules and it will definitely hard to digest.

    Whether you are liberal or anti Hindutva, it is your personal opinion but you can't force other to think like the way you think. You be whatever you are and try to change this country from your own way, for that you can't complain that "North" is done and "south is done this!

    Now whatever you call, whether tactic or politics, they have won and It is not only the BJP party who does it. Your party too have done this, it is different that they could not win the faith of the people. For that you have no rights to blame the voters, do you?

    As far as Rahul Gandhi is concern, his weak point is in his entire history of political career, he never looked strong and confidence. What he had done for the country is another subject to debate, what he has the experience, is also a debate to discuss. Whatever his interview came into public, it was never an image of a confidence man. The fact is he is never interested in politics, it is the people of congress who has forced him to do it. Even now, and after the result, he wanted to resign but the party keep forcing him. A person, who is not interested in politics, who have nothing to offer for the country, what people will understand about him? And why people will vote for him?

    Even when in 2014 BJP government came in to centre, the entire opposition and liberals said that country is in danger! What danger have we seen in last 5 years? At least this 5 years are far better than previous 10 years when a Silent PM was there and each and everyday a new scam used to come up.

    The country has seen those 10 years and understand everything. Now, it is the oppositions and their supporter has to think how they can come up and win peoples faith. Try to analyse thing which gone wrong because now after this they can not win the election with "cast" and "religion" factor.

    I am surprise with the opinion of some people, just because they belong to state who has the "tag" of most educated state, they think they are the only brainy people in India others are fool. Please live in reality.

  • #666110
    Hi Saji,

    I am not here to dig out the hatred one have developed against Mr Modi in their mind. But for me and whoever have voted him, he is the epitome of leadership and an icon of perfection.

    I can tell you only this - majority matters. Lok sabha result says - BJP is better as per 56% (353/542) of the Indian population and Congress is better as per 17% (91/542) of the Indian population. That is the mandate. Period.

    And we have a famous saying in Marketing - "you can fool everyone at once, you can fool one at all times but you cannot fool everyone all the times". You cannot make Mr Modi win all the times and say people got influenced; please, we ain't that dumb. Let's respect everyone's freedom of choice and expression.

    And a kind request, pls do not harm the character or moral ethics of a person of high altitude in Indian Government in open forum. Thanks..

    "Whatever may be the situation of the forest,
    a Lion would never eat Grass!"

  • #666112
    Moving on from the results, I am concerned about the health of the opposition party. Should we be concerned about the Opposition party at the center?

    The BJP has proved once more that it is a force to reckon and is well set for the second term with Mr. Modi at the helm. In many respects, many felt that it was an unfair contest between the young Mr.Rahul Gandhi and seasoned leader Mr.Modi.

    Now after the results, we have had a spate of resignations, including reports that Mr.Rahul Gandhi also wants to resign from the post of leader of Congress Party. Even with the crucial elections staring at them, we could see cracks in the so called united opposition.

    The key question is will India have a strong opposition at the center. A responsible opposition and it's leader are equally important to question the decisions, policies etc of the ruling government. This would ensure that the people get what they truly deserve and also to regin in the ruling party to perform better because a strong opposition party is watching the party in power.

    Looking at what is happening, it sounds that we may not have a desirable opposition party, we would have to wait and watch.

  • #666129
    I am not a particular party supporter. I am just a simple citizen who is a bit enthusiastic about elections. Considering that BJP managed to secure 303 seats out of 542, I am happy that at least the country cannot be dominated by powerful countries like China. Like last year when the Narendra Modi Government invited SAARC countries for the swearing in ceremony, this year too Modi ji has invited BIMSTEC nations (Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation), Mauritius and Kyrgyzstan for the swearing-in ceremony of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Council of Ministers on May 30.
    In 2014, Modi administration invited SAARC leaders for the oath-taking but after terror attacks from Pakistan, SAARC summit which is to be held in Pakistan has not taken place. Pakistan was isolated after Pathankot and Uri attacks. This, experts believe is a move to strengthen the alternative grouping.
    In a statement, MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said, "Government of India has invited the leaders of the BIMSTEC member states for the swearing-in ceremony. This is in line with government's focus on its 'Neighbourhood First' policy."
    Since the dominance of China's Road and Belt Initiative has been increasing considerably in the region, it is the right time for India to have a government with good neighbourhood policies.
    Rest, hope for the best!

  • #666133
    Opposition lost it. They played victim card themselves. The very factor which dug the grave for the opposition is their interest over dynasty politics.

    Many leaders like Kamal Nath, P Chindambaram, Ashok Gehlot, Deve Gowda, Yadavs and who not. They wanted to establish the bright future for their sons and fell into the pit of hatred from people and party.

    And the show stopper of the opposition victim card is none other than Mr RaGa from the Gandhi dynasty. As it was very evident that, RaGa is a weaker candidate against giant Mr Modi, the trade mark party of the nation had many other options in their own party to tackle the Modi wave. But the greediness over power and control made them blind and face such a decimation and humiliation from the whole of the country.

    It is not that Mr Modi is asking for the autocracy over democracy, but opposition is making it too easy or they are vandalizing out in front of Modi Tsunami!

    "Whatever may be the situation of the forest,
    a Lion would never eat Grass!"

  • #666134
    Naveen, it is true that Shri Rahul Gandhi is not as experienced as Shri Modi when it comes to politics. Having been the Chief Minister of Gujarat for almost fifteen years and having spent most of his life in the political arena, Modi does know the game of politics better. And with a shrewd and trusted (?) Lieutenant like Amit Shah by his side, Modi did have the edge.

    The infighting within the party and the efforts by some stalwarts to establish their heirs within the party and at the national level could not be effectively tackled by Rahul. Now, he must realize the mistakes and come up strongly to build up his party and create a strong base once again. It may not be easy with the BJP curators having prepared the pitch as per their convenience but it is not impossible.

    Naveen, you say that Modi is not asking for autocracy, but is it not almost already so? It is just about Modi only. And you say that the opposition is making the transition easier, what about his own party men who have pledged their individuality?

    And #666110, where did I say anything that would harm the character of anyone. That is not my cup of tea. Moral ethics is something closely related and I don't think there is anything wrong in bringing it up especially when the same was not a point brought up by me.

    Anjana, I fail to understand your urge to make it a point that I have differentiated between the North and the South. Please do not try to put words into my mouth and stop interpreting things to your liking and convenience. As a new member (as you keep reiterating), you might not have realized that your arguments somehow reminds me of a senior member who is almost on the same footing. And about that tag which you mentioned, let us avoid such references, please.

    'Chickens don't praise their own soup'. - Martinican

  • #666148
    Mr. Saji Ganesh stated: ".......there was a concerted effort on the part of the BJP to tarnish the image of Rahul?" In this connection, I am only asking whether any concerted effort is needed to expose this immature 50-year-old adolescent?
    'Nayak nahin; Khalnayak hoon main' (I am not the hero; I am the villain)

  • #666149
    "Naveen, it is true that Shri Rahul Gandhi is not as experienced as Shri Modi when it comes to politics. "----------Why? I think Shri Gandhi has been an MP since 2004. Moreover, isn't politics in his blood as announced by some sycophants?
    'Nayak nahin; Khalnayak hoon main' (I am not the hero; I am the villain)

  • #666155
    Partha, a concerted effort with a specific intention does make a difference. And, I am not a sycophant and do not know to whom you are referring to. I am of the opinion that we need to accept the fact that Rahul is not an expert as Modi in playing the political game with all its undercurrents and tactics. Politics is a field where straightforwardness doesn't yield the expected results most of the time; one has to be shrewd and cunning and must be able to adapt as per the requirements of a situation.
    'Chickens don't praise their own soup'. - Martinican

  • #666156
    I am referring to the parasite leaders of Congress as sycophants. At the time of Rahul Gandhi's entry into politics, they used to say that politics is in his blood.

    I did not mean you as sycophant, Mr. Ganesh.

    'Nayak nahin; Khalnayak hoon main' (I am not the hero; I am the villain)

  • #666162
    Intelligent Indians have selected Modi to go for a second term. During his next tenure of 5 years, Modi should do well to win the hearts of all Indians, especially the Indians living in the south. I am sure, Modi will go for a third term and fourth term too. Congress is a sunken ship and there is no chance for surfacing. During BJP's rule, there was no corruption or scandal during the last five years and hope for the same in the future too.

    Long live Modi and BJP.

    @ I started my first response to this thread with the word 'Sabhash' prior to the declaration of the results. And I now end my response with a big "SABASH"to Modi and BJP.

    No life without Sun

  • #666167
    Mr. Saji Ganesh, please do not be hyper. we are here discussing what is allowed to as per our own opinion, am I correct? I am just countering your argument which should be taken sportingly! Yes, I may be the new member, but at the same time you should reply like a senior to me, after all if we have to look to someone it will be the senior lead editor like you in this educational site. So, instead of getting anger, please lead us with example. There is nothing personal we are debating relax. Now, it is between you and me lets be it in why to bring old member which has give you so much trouble in the past!

    Here, I have not interpreted as per my own convenience, I have just replied to counter what you had uttered! Didn't you say that Northern part of people did not understand the politics but South did and that is why they have not voted for BJP so be it Mr. Saji, I personally feel it is a good sign for our democracy that people still live with their own opinion or identity. However, that does not make you to blame north state voters? And you do not have right too just because your opinion are different from northern state.

    We are here to discuss and debate, there is no need to bring North or South voters to compare it with their own brain of understanding. What North has felt they did, what South has felt they did. Earlier, the northern people have ample of faith in the Congress and now don't. The reason is simple that they did not work for the people and gain their faith and votes. The latest example of the seat Amethi. The congress has lost their strongest seat. Does it mean people are fool in Amethi?

    Actually, People want to change in the system, which is happening slowly. But for those the system works for them, obviously do not want to change it!

    Mr. Ganesh, your statement - " Please do not try to put words into my mouth and stop interpreting things to your liking and convenience. As a new member (as you keep reiterating), you might not have realized that your arguments somehow reminds me of a senior member who is almost on the same footing. "

    Read it again, if it is require for me to state in this discussion?

  • #666170
    Anjana, nothing new. I am just quite amused by your imagination that I am angry at your reactions. Sorry, that is not the case. If you were just countering my arguments, I too was doing the same only. I don't think we need to be bothered about seniority or levels when we are taking part in a discussion. And the statement of mine to which you have referred to is not out of context because you were indeed trying to interpret what I said in a wrong way.

    Now that the new government under the patronage of Shri Modi would be swearing in tomorrow, I, as a responsible citizen of India, wish him and his team all the very best. I am winding up with the hope that the nation as a whole will stand to benefit from the new government's policies.

    'Chickens don't praise their own soup'. - Martinican

  • #666172
    One of the reasons of Congress Party's disaster in Karnataka, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and MP is that they couldn't implement Farm loan waiver scheme as they promised, due to imposition of Model Code of Conduct by EC. All governments virtually stopped working for three months. This poll duration may be shortened in future.

  • #666175
    Saji Ganesh, I feel if you have your opinion, I too have my own. But if you are not angry or upset, why you have stated unnecessarily? India is democratic country and so this site should be too. The other's response too needed to be heard.

  • #666177
    Hi Neeraj, when it comes to Karnataka regarding the decimation of Congress, more than non-alignment of farm loan waiver, below factors contributed in larger degree,

    1. Anti-incumbency votes
    2. Kanndigas are unhappy with the coalition Government between JDS & Congress existed here,
    3. Sympathy votes to BJP as injustice caused to them in 2018 assembly elections where, they miss majority very slightly.
    4. Modi wave; wherever he had campaigned during the election, BJP came as a triumphant.
    5. Mr Modi just joined his voice asking people to vote for Ms Sumalatha, an Independent candidate from Mandya constituency contesting against the son of current CM! Guess what? She won with a margin of whopping 1.25L votes.
    6. Many Congress MLAs are dissatisfied with their High Command over the CM seat being offered to JDS leader; they sense this shall shun the Government in the long run.

    Wait for the coalition government to dissolve very soon and Yeddi's BJP forming the Government in the state as the support BJP garnered post LS elections is more than massive.

    "Whatever may be the situation of the forest,
    a Lion would never eat Grass!"

  • #666180
    Congress Party is in trouble everywhere. Particularly in Karnataka and MP.

    Why no trouble shooter available for them?
    I think, they should call back Mr Pranab Mukherji.

  • #666186
    The actual problem in Congress is their Dynasty love. Secondly, not preparing for second level leaders. Because of the Dynasty love, they do not allow other leader to come into limelight. It was never a drought in leadership but the chief only has to be from Gandhi family is the main problem. Like Pranab babu, he was truly a material of PM, but what has happened to him is world known story.

    Now they have young leader like Jyotiraditya Scindia, Sachin Pilot but they never get what actually they deserved. Congress have always taken their voters for granted and the result shown in Amethi. They played the game of minority but when the people started understanding the game, they sidelined from them.

    Now, they do not have cast voters neither minorities votes for what they have ruled this country for such long time. Now, at least they should show their honest face instead of abusing the Government. They have to win the faith of the voters and above all they have to accept the defeat.

    A strong opposition is required to build a strong nation for that they have to get up again. They have to honest with their work and win votes.

  • #666195
    The reason for the utter failure of Congress is its false election promises like Nyay. Rs. 6000 per month and Rs. 72000 per year and Rs. 3,60,000 for 5 years is beyond the imagination of the public. People have studied well about Nyay and thought that it can only be Anyay not Nyay. Voters have understood well about the immature politician RAGA.

    People have witnessed the courageous and bold steps taken by Modi government in dealing with our neighbours. People want bold BJP and not Coward congress.

    No life without Sun

  • #666238
    Ms Anjana,am afraid you have got me totally wrong. Am never against Hindi people. We become angry only when Hindi is imposed on us. We have seen some people from the Hindi belt coming to our place and literally demanding that we speak to them only in that language. Yes, you are correct. Everyone out here tries to accommodate innocent people and we do try to help people who do not know English. Attiitudes are changing slowly and Hindi is bring accepted in Chennai in a big way. Please note that the largest enrolment for the Hindi classes through the Hindi Prachar Sabha is only from Tamil Nadu. I do not know if I have clarified the position. Let me tell you another fact. Those who have lived in other parts like New Delhi are even getting married to Punjabi girls or boys and so on. Please note that we are helping everyone to grow. Through some NGOs, am helping two Hindi families get additional income by giving some special training to the women, so that they can that skill to earn extra money at Vellore. The man is employee in a hotel and another in a construction site. Am doing my bit to help several people.

  • #666246
    Let us congratulate Narendra Modi on his glorious victory. Let us hope that the Saffron Sun never sets in India. Let us also hope that the brilliant light of this Saffron Sun reaches every part of the world and people from all over the world embrace the Saffron Sun.

    Let us make India the Number One country of the world.

    'Nayak nahin; Khalnayak hoon main' (I am not the hero; I am the villain)

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