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    Exit poll is a gossip- Mamta Banerji.

    West Bengal Chief Minister says exits poll is a gossip and she does not trust such surveys. The game plan is to manipulate thousands of EVMs through this gossip.

    Dear Forum members,
    Can anybody explain how exits polls manipulate thousands of EVMs?
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    In politics you can make any statement which can indirectly or directly affect the minds of gullible public or mislead the people. It does not matter whether there is any logic or rational in those statements. It happens in politics like that. Sometimes religion is the excuse or culprit while sometimes it is the poor EVM.

    If nothing works you can go for the theory of the clandestine plots by opponents. So there are many ways to present things in the political fights and every strategy is used there irrespective of its irrationality.

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    A bad pottersman quarrels with his tools. Same thing is happening in West Bengal. For quite some time the state was going under certain rule which was suitable and favourable to a few. Now situation seems to change and it is not acceptable to the outgoing regime. It is human nature not to accept defeat in any case.
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    When the expected results not in their favour blame it on the EVM and the Government. In case the Exit polls predicted more seats for Mamta Bannerjee, can we expect the same statement from her then?. During many of the earlier elections , the Exist polls have predicted results which are nearer to the actual results. The exit poll results are indicator of trend. The statement of Mamata Bannerjee has no meaning. How the exit polls will can manipulate the mandate of the people which is locked inside the EVMs?
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    Exit polls are conducted by various channels on a scientific sampling methodology. The accuracy of the survey depends on the size of the sample and the way of sample picking up. It is a practice in India to conduct these surveys and announce on the last day of polling after completing the poling. Every time many channels do this and the results of these surveys are proved right many times.
    If the results are favourable to them they say they are accurate and if they are not favourable they say it is a waste of time to conduct these exit polls. This time all channels say that NDA is going to get the majority based on the surveys they conducted. This is hard to be digested by the opposition leaders. That is why she has given such a statement.
    There are chances for these results to go wrong. It may not exactly match the actual results. Just an indication only. What is there exactly in the EVM is not known to anyone. All are predictions based on some scientifically conducted surveys.

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    Actually, I don't even get the idea of exit poll. but to be frank, in politics, everything is possible. The one who blame today will be in favor of the same thing tomorrow. So we cannot rely on the response of anyone till the results are out. Why worry as its just a matter of days. Just "Wait & watch".
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    I think, all the Maha –gad- bandhan team leaders can ask for recounting of Exit poles!!

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    This is on the basis of some random samples or random opinions that signifies in the form of expected or estimated forecasting + the type of atmosphere being active on the respective scene is what provide the basis for the Exit poll. Onto fact that being the estimated one this wouldn't live up to on the reality fact check & which means that the actual & final result may deviate.

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    I think the various agencies which gave exit poll results have no comparision at all. In case AP Assembly results, some agencies gave a win for TDP and some for YSRCP. In W.Bengal a sweep for BJP and a defeat for TMC and some others the reverse. So all these results appears to be preapred on a hit and trial method only. Our vice-President Venkaiaha hinted that the exit results may not stand true after the announcement of final results. I think it is impossible to reach such an outstanding number of above 350 for NDA as predicted by some pollsters. My opinion is, NDA may struggle around 200-240.

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