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    An issue-less election

    The campaigning for the 2019 Lok Sabha polls are now well and truly over. Perhaps BJP would win yet again. Perhaps Congress would increase its number of seats. But one thing that doesn't change is that the campaigning this time was almost wholely devoid of 'issues'.
    Back in 2014, we were showered with positive promises of development. This time the party in power tried to dig up the stories of a former PM (who, by the way was assassinated almost 30 years ago). They tried to claim the credit for air strikes for which the only organization which deserves any credit is the Air Force. Most shamefully, one of their candidates praised Godse's 'patriotism' and the party failed to act against that person.
    According to the CSDS-Lokniti survey (the results of which were published in 'The Hindu' today), the Congress failed to popularise issues like Rafael and NYAY. Faults in the Congress campaign and BJP's chest-thumping for Balakot would probably ensure a second term for Mr. Modi.
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    In this election the parties are busy in alleging and counter alleging and finding faults with each other and searching the weaknesses of the other party. In this game of fighting the real issues and agenda goes to the background. This is not a healthy sign but it has happened this time in a big way. The opposition parties have reached the desperation stage as they are seeing less chances for their survival in the coming times. In this desperation they are taking many wrong steps. This is slowly turning in an avalanche of wrong doings and creating a bottleneck in the political development of the country.
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    Absolutely campaigning by all parties was not good. They all tried to accuse each other instead of showing commitments for the future and the works in the past. In Indian maybe politics has become like this only where everyone tries to show others down and try to get the sympathy of the voters. No party deserves to win the elections they just make comparisons with the past government and don't make commitments what they will do if their government is made.

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    Very unfortunate. No one is asking for a positive vote. No one concentrated on the manifesto. No one gave a list of their last promises and what is the present status. All the way blame game only. No BJP candidate talked about demonetization. Nobody talked about job creation. One party blames the other party. They depend more on the mistakes of others rather than their deeds. Congress talked about giving money to people. BJP talked about Surgical strike.
    The candidate selection for each constituency is based on some peculiar aspects like caste and religion by all parties. They know that people will give importance to these factors more than their qualities. That is why they do it. As long as these systems prevail and people will never look for the merits of the candidate the same type of selection and the same type of propaganda will only continue.

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    It is unfortunate that the real issue/ agenda of the election was lost but can say was well played by the parties. They all started blaming each other just to show their concern for the country than their power. They welled their part very well & we as audience just kept looking & praising. The election should be focused just as to why we need to elect them as our canciture for the said post but we all forgot this or say they made us think in their way.
    They blamed each other by bring all the points about attacks, religion, flood, caste, progress of 60 years, etc but we forgot ask them what are they going to bring instead of the lost hours. We need to learn from other countries as when every they have election, they have , meet your candidate - wherein we can ask or they will provide us all possible ways, how development can be made instead of just criticizing others and adding to their vote bank.

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    It seems the main sufferer here is the progress of this country. Nobody talked about their developmental agenda or rather shall I say they do not have any agenda this time? The elections nowadays have become freebie oriented and the more freebies one can announce the better result it can expect. All of the parties are busy finding fault of the other and people also cheer for them based on their preferences. One thing I am really surprised about the campaigns is the number of people attending the meetings and rallies. It's really a serious matter that a large number of people all over the country find it meaningful to attend meetings rather than working. Do these people really do not have anything to do or they are paid to attend meetings? As long as people cheer for the activities of the politicians this blame game will grow further.

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