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    Utilising the summer vacation in a useful manner.

    School students were having summer holidays during April and May. Many parents were trying to find a suitable time pass for their children. Hence, we planned several short term programmes, generally not available in other institutions. It included a clay modelling course, making curios using coconut leaves, training drama acting, learning scientific things through plays, and similar other pass time projects.
    The response was high. For each courses there were around thirty five children. They were very much keen to understand things. In the clay modelling, they were given freedom to make any forms as they please. Result was wonderful. Starting from small house models, house utensils, human figures, animals, etc.were there at the end of two day training. They very happily carried home their own products. This was the case with the training using coconut leaves.
    Whole programmes were organized by a Library here. Last year also such programmes were organized by this library.
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    A nice thread by the author bringing out the crucial factor of engaging the students during their summer break. It is well understood that during this period students will like to have activities full of fun and frolic to refresh their mind which was busy in pure academics during the whole year. The author has already mentioned many ideas to engage them constructively and creatively. In my opinion those students who want to make some extra money during these breaks can even join some small job where they will get the real life experience of working as well as earning themselves some amount of money. The thrill of your first earnings is beyond description. It will teach them the dignity of work also.
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    Summer vacations for the kids should be utilised in a positive way. In the last vacations, my daughter learned western dance and abacus whereas my son learned yoga and abacus. Both the courses were fruitful as they learned well in the institute though I wanted them to learn art and craft or pottery so that they may make beautiful things at home. These days kids are more keen to learn dance so they didn't take the courses which I liked them to participate.

    My daughter is a bit shy but after joining the course she has opened and had to participate in dance competition too in school. But the drawback about the institutes is that they charge very high fees. This time I am planning them to learn pottery lets see what they take.

    In my opinion, every parent should utilise their kids' vacations like that. These courses help kids to gain self-confidence.


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    It is the best utilization of summer vacation. Earlier kids used to play during their holidays. However, nowadays we can hardly see them playing around. They only play on smartphones, watch videos and spend timely lazily. Summer vacation of two months span should be utilized wisely so that kids get to learn something new that helps them in a constructive way.

    All the short-term programs mentioned by the author are the best ways to keep kids interested and happy. A good initiative was taken by the institution. Hope all other institutions can conduct such courses or programs for the kids.

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    A nice idea and useful to the students for spending their vacations in a different way without having usual reading and writing. This type of programme will bring maturity to the students. It will give a chance to bring out their creativity and showcase their talents. We should appreciate the Library which is doing a good service to the students to bring out their talents lying inside by encouraging them to participate in this type of activities.
    Many people spend their time on Smartphones by watching videos or playing some virtual games. They use these phones to chat with their friends or to watch social media. If this is the only spare time activity, the children will get addicted to phones. But encouraging them to participate in this type of activity will give them a different type of exposure and they will do good work. Afterwards, they will show their works to others and feel very happy to hear good words from others.

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    While we hear so much about kids addicted to video games, mobiles and tab based games, this thread breathes in some fresh life in how kids can spend time.

    Great to hear that you and others have taken the initiative to get children to spend the vacation time in a more productive fashion. Even more happy to hear about positive response from the children. A similar concept has also been started in our apartment complex ( must also be happening in other neighbourhoods too). I came across an educative article by Mr. AB Shivakumar on the same topic in ISC
    How to enjoy your holidays and also constructively use it. This would be useful to parents and students.

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    Spending vacation on fruitful activities and enjoying time with some better chores is always encouraging. Spending vacation with kids that too in a better way is always great. This is a precious time for kids and we can encourage kids to do courses that would help them in the future.
    While it is also true kids are more fascinated by video games and other things on the internet so it necessary we give our children a better direction and guide them for better things that would help them in life ahead.
    We can take our children to some picnic spots and industrial places to boost their knowledge about those places or industries.
    So, it is important that we pay heed towards our children and during vacation use this time judiciously.

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    What a wonderful way to enjoy the vacation! Students like to get involved and when they get the chance and guidance equally, they flourish. The library has really found a unique way to keep the students engaged during vacation. Many members have already mentioned in their replies that students keep themselves busy with smart mobile devices to play games when they are not studying. It's true and this is happening because they do not have any other activity. Earlier, there were playgrounds and in the afternoon all of the children in the locality used to go out to play. Playgrounds are decreasing in number and the students also remain very busy with tuition.

    Studying all the time is not the only thing in life, there are different aspects of life that must be taught to the children by their parents and teachers. It's good to know that a library in the locality of the author is organizing such programmes for the students and I feel the schools also should organize such things. Schools and Colleges should be the places to develop a student fully in all respects, it should not be limited only to studies.


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