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    The derived pleasure from voluntary work.

    There is no limit to the human capabilities and calibre. We can do a lot of things in the 24 hours time allotted in one day. Only thing is there should be a will to do the things. I have observed that in addition to the mandatory and livelihood related work, one can deliver certain things voluntarily which may not add to ones financial gains. These voluntary activities are only to give us satisfaction and unprecedented derived pleasures. Voluntary work gives us a hidden strength and feeling of doing something good for the society. It could be in any form from planting the trees and watering them in your neighbourhood to teaching the orphans and destitute in your spare time. I am giving some of my time in maintaining a small garden by a handful of senior citizens in the vicinity of my residence and it is giving me a great opportunity to interact with some of my age group people as well as doing something positive and fruitful in life.

    Have you ever associated with such volunteer activity in your life? What is your experience out of it? Please share your views and ideas.
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    When w do some voluntary work definitely we derive pleasure. During my high school days in our village one rich man used to conduct get togethers in the village. Everyone used to come and take their food. All the high school students were actively participating in serving food to all the invitees. I also used participate in this. All the students who served food used to eat together as the last batch. We all used to feel this as a pride to participate in that activity.

    He invited Puttaparthi Saiibaba to our village once. He stayed there for two days. Many people came to have the darshan and blessings of Saiibaba. We rendered our services as volunteers there in organising the people in an orderly manner. We were busy for full two days in that activity. Like this we used to participate from our school as volunteers in such programmes many times. We used to enjoy these works as a different activity from our routines.
    But after completing high school studies I couldn't Participate in such activities. Again recently I have participated in a gathering in our village as a volunteer.

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    Any voluntary work that a person does is great and of course, a person after doing voluntary work feels satisfied and peace of mind. And a person wants to do more and more work and gets involved in similar activities.
    But in this materialistic world when people are running only after their own interests, it is difficult to see people doing voluntary work. However, I would salute you for being so active in your voluntary work. But these days when people are not even ready to offer a cup of tea, voluntary work could a herculean task for those people.
    This is great to do this voluntary work and I think we should also get involved in such activities. I would appreciate those who are already involved in any voluntary work and those who aren't involved in any voluntary work should take a pledge to get involved in such activities. Doing such work always give satisfaction and peace of mind.

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    Voluntary work is associated with our likings. We do something voluntarily because we like to do it knowing fully well that nobody is going to pay us anything for that. So, when you like to do something and get a chance to do it without anything in return you will always feel better. Many people are there who run for money all the time. They will never waste a moment and they will never get involved in things where there is no benefit. Maybe greed is the main reason that doesn't allow many people to choose voluntary work.

    I am not involved with any organization providing voluntary service but from my experience as a committee member of my housing complex, I know many people do not like to get involved. There is no momentary involvement in the committee and the members provide only voluntary service, but only a few are interested to take any kind of responsibility. When we approach others to get involved they refuse it by providing various excuses. Only a handful of people are involved in the work for a long time and still doing it. It's the mindset of the people that allows them to do work voluntarily.


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    When we do good things for the welfare of the society or do volunteer work it gives us a feeling of satisfaction and creates positive energy in and around us. Sometimes we have to do certain things for others also as well as for own joy and every task is not done to earn money.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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