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    Have you noticed of this in your Wi-Fi enabled International Debit card?

    Recently when I made a purchase of few groceries in Reliance Fresh, I was shocked & surprised of the fact that the latest Wi-Fi enabled International Debit card doesn't require any PIN or any authorization of yours on a purchase limit of up to of Rs. 2000/-. This means that in case yours Wi-Fi enabled International Debit card gets stolen than this may cost you Rs. 2000/- if not blocked on time. In addition the Bank's official unable to explain about in what ways that this Wi-Fi enabled International Debit card carried with the advanced security features.

    What's your experience with this? Pl. let us inform of the details being required to at this point.
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    Cards with a Wi-Fi symbol on them are called contactless cards. I have been using them for some time now. I think, in India, this technology was initially provided only for Forex cards and later introduced to other cards.

    Yes, there is a risk involved with contactless cards. I guess you just have to be more careful. Report loss of card, immediately.

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    So far I have not used these contactless cards. The details are not known to me. I use debit cards and credit cards which require pin. Without pin they can't be processed.
    We should be always careful when we are using debit cards and credit cards. We can't tell the PIN number to anybody and we should handle on our own.

    always confident

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    It is good that you have raised this post for the awareness of all the people. Last week I had the same experience as I forgot my PIN number (as it was a less frequently used card) and the amount was small and the shopkeeper asked me that whether he can go ahead with wi-fi. Without understanding much about the process I agreed and the payment was made. I was a bit perplexed about such an unsafe process but as the shopkeeper told that for small amounts it is being used, I just forgot it. Today this post has reminded me of the incident and it is true and very essential that we should be very careful in keeping this card well protected and safe with us.
    Knowledge is power.

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    I have seen that mark and icon on a new card I received recently but the fact was not known to me that this new thing is added there. I have not read about it in the newspaper or internet. Probably I missed it. But the bank letter should have mentioned it. It is a serious matter.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    In my experience, contactless transactions are possible only at select stores. Not many vendors, in India, have the contactless payment device to initiate contactless payments at their end. Abroad it is very common because most billing counters are unmanned. Customers go through self-checkout counters and just tap the card to make payment.

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