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    Summer season is being more difficult to survive day by day?

    Summer season is being more difficult to survive day by day? What are the reasons warm is increasing and kids getting more disease and sickness . Is Air condition and environment changes affecting us or we are being weak day by day?

    Please share your views on this.
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    The climatic change is the symptoms of global warming. The places otherwise supposed to be cool during the summer Is becoming hotter year by year. Bangalore used to be Airconditioned City. But now the temperature is going to some extreme level. The main reason for this is cutting of trees and construction of concrete buildings. There used to be many lakes and gardens in the city. But now most of them have disappeared. If this trend continues our future generation has face the hard times.
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    The abuse of the nature by the mankind is the reason for this temperature increase. Deforestation and concrete jungles construction is another reason for this. Over population and decrease in the water levels are also reasons for this.In olden days all places used to have ponds and lakes. Now they are not there .

    Another big reason is pollution. The air and water are getting polluted completely. The green gases that are being released by all these automobiles and industries are also responsible for this. As mentioned by the author the ACs that are being used by all are also increasing and they are also contributing their part for pollution and global warming.

    If the same trend continues for another three or four years the temperatures will further go up and countries will become like deserts only. The ratio of human beings and trees should be maintained well. India is having very less number of tree per human being when compared to many other countries. We should start planting more and more trees.

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    The summer season is becoming increasingly intolerable and we have to be in the shade or fan or cooler. Global warming is definitely a factor and also as we are becoming habitual of sitting in fan or AC our tolerance is going down day by day. If one does not use AC or cooler continuously, one will not feel so much hot. So, our habits and lifestyle have also to do something with this. Due to the climatic changes there is a scientific fear of global temperatures rising by a few degrees which will make the climate more unbearable for humans. That will also lead to the sea level changes which may create more disasters for the coastal towns and human settlements.
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    Due to deforestation and pollution in the atmosphere the climatic changes are bound to happen. With global warming in place the things are going to deteriorate further. Summer time is already an uncomfortable time and one has to be under protection from the sunlight and heat. If the temperatures increase further it will be very difficult to bear the heat.
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    The temperature is increasing because of global warming. The temperature of Earth has increased and the effect is felt all over the world. The trees keep us cool and control pollution. Everywhere the trees are cut to make ways for concrete structures and roads. While development is essential, there must be a balance in the environment. The ecosystem has changed because of the pollution and it seems there is no easy way out. People are not so careful about controlling pollution and still in many places, there is rampant use of plastic bags. People do not mind to litter the small water bodies and this has a compounding effect. Let's be more watchful and guide others about the importance of a pollution free world. It may not be possible to end pollution, but we can try to decrease it in many ways. If we can do this, after some time the good effects may be felt.

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    I understand the author's consent when he mentions in his post whether we are becoming weak day by day. I ask this question to myself every time when summertime becomes intolerable. I sometimes don't understand whether it is the temperature increase that is causing so much trouble during the season or our degrading inner power and strength that is causing us to constantly complain about it. It is not the only summer, but it is for winters too. Every year we can hear people complaining in every season. Irrespective of whether it is summers or winters, people say that they have never seen this kind of cruelty in the past.

    Thus, I conclude it is not just global warming and high temperatures that are making this summer season intolerable but also lack of our tolerance and inner power that is adding to the trouble.

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    I think more use of Air condition is dangerous and its increasing global warming in the world. We all need to use fan and need to rope more trees to make environment green. Havan prayer are also useful to make environment healthy. Old days was so good I think we need to maintain Indian culture and avoid western culture.
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    While AC is meant to provide comfort to the end users but the end result may be extremely fatal because of numerous side effects associated with its Continious usage the chief being the respiratory problems, weak immunity, suspetibility to frequent cough and cold etc. The remedy lies in following the natural laws including maintenance of greenaries in the areas we leave encouraging people for growing more plantation, arresting pollution wherever possible. The effluents emitting from the chimneys are also the main cause of temperature surge in addition to injecting poisonous gases causing heavy tolls on the lives of the people.
    It is not late enough to resort to healthy practices so that we could take remedial steps in arresting the temperature - escalation in some reasonable ways.

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    Summer is increasing and we are not able to tolerate it. The reason being the deforestation and the pollution which is happening because of the increasing number of vehicle which emits carbon monoxide and various other harmful gases. It's very tough for us to survive without air coolers and ACs which are ultimately making us weaker as they have impacted our adaptability to the climate. These days even in winter people use heaters which shows how weak they have become as they can't live without these devices. Still in villages where ACs are not much available people live, they are stronger than us and can resist the extreme summer and winter unlike us. I remember in our childhood we used to play outside in sun in summers too but these days if you ask the kids they won't like to do so. May be we have given them the luxury and they have become dependent on them.

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    For sure it's so, I am really starving at summer, what I like is like cold autumn and warm winter. I do not believe in bravado about global warming anyway. It's somehow done with something else. Something more behind that movement. As for curent weather - I like it;)

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    I also feel when there was no AC in my room I was able to survive in warm weather also but now AC is in our daily habit so when I go to village in summer season its very difficult to survive . I am thinking to put some cooler fan in village town also to survive well.
    I think cooler is better than AC but we need to maintain cooler and fill water daily which become extra task.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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