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    A unique replacement

    Pets at times act in funny ways and these funny acts are reported to us by our friends and relatives. We also see many funny pet videos on Youtube. Some are funny and have merits in them and some are hilarious. Pets appreciate their keepers in various ways and through various acts. I remember my uncle's pet cat brought him a number of dead cockroaches and kept them at his feet after he fed the cat its favourite dinner made of fish and rice. Another pet cat of my friend brought her a brand new slipper from somewhere after she reprimanded her cat for chewing and destroying a shoe. There are many such things happening all around us. Recently I found a video on Youtube where it is described how a pet cat of an Indonesian man brought him a snake because he scolded the cat for chewing and tearing apart his earphone. The cat must have felt guilty and thought a snake would be the ideal replacement for a torn earphone. Members, do you have any such experience where your pet did some funny and meritorious acts?
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    Pets have their strange ways of acting and behaving and it attracts a lot of attention when they do it. The author has given some good examples of the reactions of the pets to our actions which the author has mentioned as replacement.

    I have some experience regarding this as I had a cat which also behaved in funny ways. Whenever it killed a prey anywhere it used to drag it and bring to the house and present it to us as if telling us that as if it has done some remarkable job.

    Once it killed a long thin snake and took it in her mouth from one side and then dragged it to the house and left on the floor and came to us probably asking some reward. These pets have really their own strange ways to behave.

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    My Sister has no children. She and her husband only stay in a big house. So they brought two dogs. They treat them as their own children. Whenever we go to her house with my granddaughter, my brother in law will ask my granddaughter to sit in his lap. The moment she sits there, the two dogs will rush and try to climb on him. They feel that their boss is taking care of somebody else by forgetting them. This is really the feeling of ownness and belongingness. Every time we go there it happens.
    We were having two tortoises in our house. We used to take care of them very nicely. But whenever we go on tour feeding them was a problem. So oneday we have left them in a big water pond near our house. On that, we felt very sad as we got accustomed to them and leaving them gave us some pain.

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