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    21st May is observed as Anti Terrorism day - promote peace and non violance

    Anti terrorism day is observed every year on 21st May in order to create an awareness among the younger generations about the ill affects of terrorism and suffering of the people. The act of terrorism will no way resolve any problems or issues. Whereas peace and non-violence will help in resolving the problems.

    Mahatma Gandhi with his non-violence movement secured independence to our Country. When such bigger issues could be resolved through non-violence why not other small issues. I am sure our younger generation will understand this and promote peace and non-violence in the Country.

    Jai hind.
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    Anti-terrorism day, brings in memories of sadness, destruction and loss of lives. More than this, the country and other nations should wake up to the serious issue of the young minds around the world choosing to walk on this path of destruction of themselves and other innocent people. If we can tackle this and counsel potential youngsters and help them to get into the main stream of society then, the anti-terrorism day would have something positive to be proud of.

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    The anti-terrorism day makes us remember the people who suffered a lot and lost their lives because of terrorist activities. Feeling happy when others suffer is cruelty and it should not be a trait to any individual. One should derive pleasure from other's pleasure but, not from their sufferings. All these days many of us used to think that lack of education and money are the reasons behind these terrorist activities. But with the latest happenings in Srilanka, it was proved that we are wrong and even rich people are also a part of these activities.
    The younger generations should be protected from this path. They should not get attracted to these inhuman activities.
    There are many ways to resolve our problems without resorting to terrorism. One should choose such a path and see that the problems will be sorted out peacefully and amicably. No one should forget that we have no right to kill the people.

    always confident

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    Terrorism is very complicated word nowadays. If you start regulating freedom of speech; it drives the dissenting opinion underground and create an environment of terrorism to flourish. If those dissenting voices are getting into a position of influence, then they will silence those who silenced them.

    We need good public forums where people are exposed to different ideas, even some ideas find offensive, need to respond to them in a civilized manner. Silencing them is not the solution.

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    It is a right thing to observe a day like that for increasing the awareness about terrorism and its removal from the world.

    The terrorist activities in the world are a source of continuous worry for the countries which are the main targets of these terrorist outfits. They can emerge from nowhere and disappear or voluntarily die after the evil act of destruction and deaths. Whatever be the reason of people becoming terrorist or their sources in the world they are a threat to the cultured societies. In my understanding the unoccupied youths in the conducive environment of poverty and joblessness are the easy targets for provoking them to become terrorists. The outfits will compensate their sacrifice by paying hefty amounts to their family members. So the crux of problem is in the religious blindness and unoccupied and unemployed youths in that environment and until unless there is a change in that situation, it is difficult to remove terrorists activities from the world.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Terrorism is a menace and its eradication is a must. It has destroyed and dismantled the entire humanity. It has not spared anyone in the world. Almost every country is affected by this menace.
    On this day we should take a pledge to aware people about the menace of terrorism. It's horrendous, it's destructive and it rips apart families and snatched our near and dear ones.
    We can make efforts to encourage people, especially youth to get an education and a progressive and advanced life. Always try to stop our youth falling into the traps of terrorists.
    A prosperous society is for the benefit of humanity. So, mark this day as anti terrorism day to aware people about the hazardous of terrorism.

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    Awareness about terrorism as well as to know how to cope about it, is very essential in todays environment. On this day we should pledge and vow to work effectively against this menace in the society around us. We can take measures to fight it when we know about it in details.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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